June 2021
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Rebekah Brooks is innocent: Pope is J…………….

As flame-haired beauty Rebekah Brooks angrily declares she is innocent, it’s time for me to speak out too and tell it like it is: David Cameron is a highly respected PM. Eric Pickles suffers from anorexia. You can trust a British surveyor. Our MPs are hard-working, honest and only interested in serving their constituents. You can cut your way to economic growth. Gordon Brown was one of our greatest chancellors. Mervyn king is not an incompetent, overpaid, over-pensioned, self-serving buffoon. The Afghan war is worth fighting. President Karzai is not corrupt. Nicholas Sarkozy is tall. The House of Lords is full of honourable people who would never dream of fiddling their expenses till the day they die. Gordon Brown doubled the NHS budget and all the extra money was well spent. Anthony Blair’s Iraq war dossier was not dodgy. Jose Manuel Barroso is not a pointless, greedy, corrupt Portuguese clown. Ed Miliband is not Mark Serwotka’s whore. George Osborne will lead Britain on the road to economic recovery. The BBC is not biased. We really need 646 MPs. Greece is not bankrupt. Spain is not bankrupt, Italy is not bankrupt. Portugal is not bankrupt. It’s worth saving into a pension fund. HSBC give good customer service. Fred Goodwin has never committed any offence such as misleading shareholders or fraud. The Tories are going to win the next election.

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