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Fantastic news! Trump keeps yet another promise!

(Weekend blog) Here’s a story you’ll never see in the mainstream media. Why not? Because the mainstream media is only interested in trying to ridicule democratically-elected US President Donald Trump. All the media want is bad news stories suggesting Trump is either an idiot or a traitor. None of the mainstream media will ever give Trump credit for anything.

As for our rulers, they must really loathe democratically-elected US President Donald Trump. Why? Because Trump is doing something no other political leader ever does – he is trying, as best he can, to fulfill the promises he made during his election campaign.

Trump’s promise

One of Trump’s promises was to do more to protect Christians being persecuted and murdered in Moozerlum countries

Although Christians are one of the most persecuted minorities in the Middle East, the (IMHO) treacherous, West-loathing, self-serving, Moozerlum scumbag Obama made sure that the vast majority of ‘refugees into the USA were Moozerlums.

In 2015, under Hussein Obama, the US accepted 5,435 Moozerlum ‘refugees’ from Syria and only 28 Christians (o.5%) yet Christians used to make up about 10% of the Syrian population.

In the first few months of 2016, of the 2,099 Syrian refugees admitted to the USA, 6 were Christians (0.28%) and 2,043 (97.3%) were Sunni Moozerlums. The remaining 50 were 17 (0.8%) Shi’a, 30 (1.4%) other Moozerlums and 10 (0.47%) were the horrifically persecuted (by Sunni Moozerlums) Yazidis.

Now let’s look at what has happened under President Trump: In Trump’s first 6 months in office (January 21 to June 30) 9,598 Christian refugees arrived in the US compared with 7,250 Moozerlums. Under Obama, Christians were less than 1% of refugees coming to America and Moozerlums were over 98% of new arrivals. Under Trump, Christians made up about 50% of refugees, Moozerlums 38% and around 12% either belonged to other religions or had no religious affiliation:

Moreover, the percentage Christians has been increasing every month under Trump.

Below is a link to a short video in which Trump promises to increase the number of Christian refugees allowed into the USA. It look like President Trump has delivered on yet another of his promises. That will have the Trump-hating, West-loathing, Christian-despising, treacherous, rapemigrant-loving, lefty libtards choking on their ecological yoghurt.


Oh, and before I go, I thought my tight-fisted readers who refuse to support this website by buying any of my books might enjoy these two photos of female newsreaders – one from British Channel 4 News and one from Syrian TV news. Can you spot the difference?

I wonder what this is telling us about the Moozerlumification of our once great country?

Anyway, here’s Trump’s promise – yet another promise he has kept:

When did Russia become our enemy?

As anti-Russia hysteria dominates everything that happens in Washington, ordinary people might wonder why Christian, semi-democratic Russia is always being cast as the villain and our enemy.

Ted Cruz, former Republican presidential hopeful, has claimed: “Russia is a significant adversary. Putin is a KGB thug”. What Trump-hating Mad John McCain believes is unprintable. And for Hillary Clinton running mate Tim Kaine, the revelation that Donald Trump Jr., entertained an offer from the Russians for dirt on Clinton could be considered “treason”.

Treason is giving aid and comfort to an enemy in a time of war. But are we really at war with Russia? Is Russia really our enemy?

If Putin is a “thug”, what about our NATO ally President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey? Or our Arab ally Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi of Egypt? Or our Philippine ally Rodrigo “Death Squad” Duterte? Or our friends who run oil-rich Saudi Arabia?

Were US Cold War allies like the Shah of Iran and Gen. Augusto Pinochet of Chile all Nobel-prize-winning democrats?

Meanwhile in China, China’s lone Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Liu Xiaobo, sentenced to 11 years in prison for championing democracy, died Thursday of liver cancer after Beijing refused to let him travel abroad for treatment. Chinese Communist dictator Xi Jinping and his best chum Korean mass murderer – FatBoy with a bad haircut – make Putin look like Justin Trudeau.

Yet hostility to Russia and hatred of Putin seem to exceed anything some of us remember from the worst days of the Cold War.

Putin’s Russia is called imperialist, though Estonia, next door, which Russia could swallow in one gulp, has been free for 25 years. Russia invaded Georgia. Well, yes, after Georgia invaded the seceded province of South Ossetia and killed Russian peacekeepers. Russia has taken back Crimea from Ukraine. True, but only after a US-backed coup in Kiev replaced the elected pro-Russian regime.

And as for Syria, Russia has intervened to back Bashar Assad in Syria. But only after US insurgent allies collaborated with al-Qaida and ISIS to bring him down. Is Russia not allowed to support an ally, recognized by the U.N., which provides its only naval base on the Med?

The Russophobes claim Russia has meddled in the US election. But you’d need quite a lot of fingers to count the number of countries where the US has forced regime change. And NATO keeps moving its missiles and armed forces ever closer to Russia’s borders in a crazed attempt to provoke Russia and thus paint Russia as our enemy,

This is madness!

Putin is not Pope Francis. But he is not Stalin or Hitler or Mao. In fact Putin has often called on the West to work together with Russia to prevent the Izlumic destruction of Western civilisation.

So, tight-fisted readers, don’t believe the ludicrously false propaganda war against Russia. We all know who our real enemy is. And it’s not Russia in spite of our rulers desperately and dishonestly trying to make out that Russia is a threat.

“No sh-t, Sherlock!”

Yesterday a House of Lords report on the refugee/rapemigrant crisis came to an astonishing conclusion – the UK/EU policy of providing a free luxury ferry service from the Libyan coast to Europe and then giving all the rapemigrants loads of free money, free train tickets to Benefits Britain and anything else they want has not managed to discourage millions of Africans and Arabs and suchlike from wanting to come to destroy Europe.

“No sh-t, Sherlock!”

It took a House of Lords committee months of investigation to reach that conclusion!

It was almost embarrassing yesterday watching the BBC and Channel 4 News and the BBC’s Daily Politics as loads of supposed ‘experts’ and politicians all discussed this extraordinary conclusion while political correctness prevented anybody saying the obvious – if you want to stop the invasion then tow the rapemigrants back to Libya and dump them back on the beach there. That would soon send a message that Europe is closed to violent, illiterate, often-inbred, usually low-IQ, unemployable economic parasites.

For years this website has been showing the obvious – with Africa’s explosive population growth, Europe will soon be swamped if we don’t stop the invasion:

But still our rulers refuse to face reality and continue allowing an invasion that will probably lead to civil war in several Western European countries and the possible destruction of Western civilisation.

I’m getting tired of stating the obvious. So here’s someone much more articulate than me:


The great “Africa needs more money” lie

The invasion and the lies

The invading hordes from Africa continue to pour into Europe at a rate of at least 20,000 a week (over one million a year):

At first we were told that it was our humanitarian duty to ‘rescue’ them from drowning. But slowly we’ve started to realise that our rulers and supposed ‘charities’ have been lying to us and are actually sending an armada of boats to just a few miles from the Libyan coast to ferry the African invaders to Europe as part of our rulers’ and the libtards’ West-loathing policy of erasing national identity and race replacement.

Realising they’ve been lied to, this is making some ordinary voters angry and so our rulers and the libtards have started to change their story. Now our rulers and the libtards are beginning to claim that, as the invaders are supposedly ‘fleeing poverty’, all we need to do to stop the invasion is give more aid money to Africa.

So today, I’d like to briefly test this new story


Here’s a lovely man. He’s South African President, Jacob Zuma. He always looks very happy:

No wonder. Mr Zuma’s salary is a generous $188,000 a year. He’s been President for 8 years thus being paid $1.7m. Nice work if you can get it. But Mr Zuma’s net worth has been estimated to be over $275m, though one report claimed he could be worth up to $13.2bn. I wonder where Mr Zuma’s hundreds of millions (or even billons) came from? Most of Mr Zuma’s family also have hundreds of millions each from lucrative positions in South Africa’s industry.

But while Mr Zuma and his clan become ever richer, South Africa’s economy is collapsing, South Africa’s debt has been reduced to junk status and the chances of civil war are rising.


And here’s Mr Zuma with another happy man. One of Mr Zuma’s best mates, Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe:

While Zuma is busily and enthusiastically destroying South Africa, Mugabe has successfully destroyed Zimbabwe. Although Mugabe is estimated to be worth over $4bn, ordinary Zimbabweans have been reduced to penury under Mugabe’s rule and about one third of the population have fled the country.


But kleptocrats like Zuma and Mugabe are mere beginners compared to some other African leaders. Let’s take Ethiopia. We’re forever being told to give money to charities to provide food and water for Ethiopia’s supposedly ‘starving millions’. How wonderfully humanitarian we are!

But there are a few things the charities ‘forget’ to tell us. Like, for example, the fact that the 10 richest families in Ethiopia are estimated to have wealth of over $22bn. Ooooohh, imagine if these families paid just a little income or wealth tax? Then perhaps Ethiopia’s people wouldn’t need any aid to get food or water?

And then there’s oil-rich Nigeria where an estimated $14.2bn get stolen each year. When Nigeria’s previous leader, Goodluck Jonathan was ‘elected’, the joke was “Goodluck Jonathan, bad luck Nigeria”:

Corruption is such a wonderful thing

The organisation, Transparency International, estimates that each year Africa’s rulers loot three times as much money from their countries as those countries receive in aid and foreign investment. So, if we could just cut African corruption by say a half, that would still give Africa’s crooked rulers many billions while we could stop all aid and Africa’s countries would still be richer.

So, don’t believe our rulers’ and the libtards’ lies. Africa doesn’t need our money. Africa needs its rulers to just reduce the amount of money they’re looting.

And, for any new readers who haven’t seen it, here’s a short (3 minutes) video I made with the help of a reader showing how every day is Christmas for Africa’s rotten rulers:

We shit on your laws! We shit on your police! We shit on you!

As the hordes of ignorant, intolerant, deeply criminal, unemployable invaders from Africa and Arabistan keep being “rescued” (given a free luxury ferry service to Europe) in their tens of thousands every week, here’s short video from one of those who have have been welcomed to Europe by the hug-a-rapemigrant libtards to enrich Western Europe’s culture and contribute to our economy.

This gentleman apparently lives in Germany. His views are quite clear – “We shit on you! We shit on your police! We shit on your laws! You have no balls! Your police have no balls! Your judges have no balls! We can fuck your women! We can do what we want! We’ve come to stay! We’ve already taken Belgium and France! Soon we’ll have taken the whole of Europe!”

Is this video a spoof created to enrage anyone who cares about the preservation of Western civilisation? Or is it real? The best spoofs are so near the truth that you don’t know whether they are spoofs or not. And I suspect this video – spoof or not – is telling us the truths that our rulers are terrified of us finding out.

Anyway, the video is only about 3 minutes. So you can decide for yourselves if this is satire or reality. Or, if the situation in Europe is now so bad, that satire has become reality:

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Of course the Swedes have a sense of humour

You probably always thought of the Swedes being a rather healthy but humourless bunch.

But this Swedish Government website (see link below) shows that the Swedes, well at least the Swedish Government, have an incredibly subtle sense of humour.

We all know that Sweden is being swamped by a flood of violent, ignorant, intolerant, Third-World rape-migrants:

We all know that at least 50 areas in Swedish cities and towns are no-go areas for the police, emergency services and other state functionaries.

We all know that at least 86% of supposed “child-migrants” in Sweden are in their twenties:

(The photo apparently shows three ‘Swedish’ 12-year-olds at a school sports day: ha-ha-ha-ha))

Yet they are allowed to attend schools where they can harrass and bully Swedish boys and molest and rape Swedish girls.

We all know that Sweden is the only Western country that an independent UN study has predicted will have Third-World status within the next 13 years:

And, in spite of all the above, here’s a Swedish Government website seeking to correct “simplistic and occasionally completely inaccurate information about Sweden and Swedish migration policy”. The website even goes as far as to claim that nobody yet knows the motive for the recent truck attack in Stockholm and denies there is any problem with migration and crime at all:


Either the libtard Swedish Government has a wonderful sense of humour or else………….

The great Clooney

And here for your amusement is someone else expressing their admiration for the world’s greatest cloonier – Saint George Clooney himself.

Perhaps there should be an annual “George and Amal Clooney Prize for Hypocrisy”? It could be awarded at a star-studded gala in Hollywood each year attended by other multi-millionaire cloonies like Lily Allen and Gary Lineker and Benedict Cumbershit and Meryl Streep and Madonna and other suchlike self-righteous, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling (IMHO) scumbags and on the award could be inscribed something inspiring like “Stupid plebs – do as we multi-millionaires say, not as we do”:

Do you “clooney”? Are you “a clooney?”

(Weekend blog for the 0.15% of readers who have shown some support by buying my latest book and for the 99.85% of readers who are too tight-fisted to pay just a few quid in support of my work)

This weekend I’d like to add a couple of new words to the English language. One is a verb – “to clooney”. The other is a noun – “a clooney”.

The verb “to clooney” describes when a self-righteous, holier-than-thou, look-at-me-me-me, multi-millionaire hypocrite preaches how ordinary people should behave while making sure he or she is not affected by the results.

The noun – “a clooney” is someone who “cloonies”.

I know that the word “clooney” sounds like an amalgam of “c-nt” and “looney”. But in fact I have created this wonderful new word in honour of that great, big-mouthed, preachy libtard George Clooney and his Yuman Rights lawyer wife with her impeccable lefty, humanitarian credentials.

George Clooney has long demanded that the West take in more ignorant, illiterate, unemployable, violent, parasitical Third-World rape-migrants and the unelected Clooney has been an outspoken critic of democratically-elected US President Donald Trump, telling The Guardian in a March 2016 interview that he believes Trump to be a “xenophobic fascist” and an “opportunist”. He previously described Trump’s immigration policy proposals as “idiotic” and “intolerant”.

But as soon as Saint George found out that his equally libtard wife, the sacred Amal, was pregnant, he reportedly hired former Secret Service agents to assess all his properties and make recommendations for improving security for himself and his coming family.

The result of this was that Clooney has decided to leave his multi-million pound British mansion:

Given the large number of terrorist attacks in Britain, apparently Clooney’s security advised that the UK mansion was not sufficiently secure for the Clooneys.

Instead, Clooney will be moving his family back to the safety of hated Donald Trump’s America. The 56-year-old Oscar-winner will move his newly-expanded family to his mansion (below) in Studio City, California, as it was deemed the most secure, and it’s within minutes of an LAPD station;

In the meantime, the Clooneys will be spending the summer at his Italian estate on Lake Como:

Apparently quite a few migrants have moved into an illegal camp near Mr Clooney’s Italian residence. In fact, the situation has got so bad that the local mayor has introduced a new criminal offence with a €600 fine for anyone going too close to Monsignor Clooney’s luxury, lakeside estate.

I believe that the Clooneys have about eight mansions/estates dotted around the world. But amazingly, in spite of their preaching to us about bringing in more worthless, subhuman, criminal rape-migrants and in spite of them having so many homes, the Clooneys have been clooneying and haven’t yet taken in a single rape-migrant themselves. They’ve left that to ordinary, ignorant, unwashed, pleb scum like us.

And, just to illustrate how a Clooney cloonies, here is a perfect example of a clooney clooneying:

Double and double – that spells trouble

When a number keeps doubling, quite soon even a small number ends up becoming a rather large number.

I’ve shown this when pointing out that it doesn’t matter how much aid we give to Africa because out-of-control population growth will always mean that no country will ever have the resources to feed its people.

The populations of the poorest African countries double every 20 years or so:

But even that massive increase in people is nothing compared to the growth of the Moozerlum populations in many Western countries.

In the UK 2001 census, there were around 1.55 million of our friends from the Religion of Eternal Love and Harmony legally living in Britain. (We’ve no idea how many hundreds of thousands are here illegally). By the 2011 census, just 10 years later, this had almost doubled to around 2.8 million.

So, if we do a simple arithmetical projection that even a libtard should be able to understand, we get the following:

  • 2021 ~ 5.5 million
  • 2031 ~ 10 million
  • 2041 ~ 19 million
  • 2051 – Britain becomes a Moozerlumic state

That’s probably something our rulers and the BBC and Channel 4 News and other talking heads and opinion leaders forgot to tell us?

Of course, the rate of growth could slow down. Although with M*******d being the most popular child’s name in Britain now, there’s little evidence of any decrease in the relentless increase in this section of our population. Or the rate of increase could accelerate as millions of new arrivals to Europe decide to head for Benefits Britain for a life of taxpayer-financed luxury producing umpteen mini-Jihadis with their four or more wives.

So, I’d mark January 2051 in your diary. If you haven’t learnt to recite the Kooran in Arabic by then, you’re going to be in a very persecuted minority. If you’re a woman, you’ll be spending most of your life locked up in your home getting beaten and raped. And if you’re LGBT or whatever else is fashionable by then, you’d better take flying lessons and you’re likely to be thrown off a tall building and then stoned till your body is a shattered bloody mess.

Meanwhile, the invading armies keep pouring into Europe by land and sea eagerly assisted by our rulers and West-loathing, holier-than-thou, hug-a-rapemigrant lefties and supposed charities:

When civil war breaks out in a few European countries, at first the police and armed forces will side with invaders to oppress the indigenous white populations. And things will get bloody. But soon there could be a rebellion as some police and military decide to fight against, rather than for, the invaders and things will get very bloody indeed.

The lefties and libtards will rejoice over the destruction of Western civilisation as we’re dragged back to the Stone Age.

If there are any historians left alive after the inevitable slaughter, they’ll wonder why the West, which had everything, committed suicide.

Meanwhile, here are just a couple of minutes of Trump’s speech in Poland where he dares to pose the question our rulers are desperate to avoid – “does Western civilisation have the will to survive?”

Don’t trust “Parky”! Don’t buy “Parky’s” insurance!

I imagine none of my readers ever watch daytime TV. Hopefully you have better things to do with your time.

My excuse is that I watch while exercising on my rowing machine or elliptical trainer.

If, like me, you do watch even a tiny bit of daytime TV, you’ll have been bombarded by ads from Sun Life Insurance for their “Guaranteed over 50 Plan”.

Sometimes these feature Michael Parkinson in person. Sometimes they feature supposedly ‘ordinary people’ eagerly discussing Sun Life’s “Guaranteed over 50 Plan” and just mentioning they’ve seen the “Parky” ads on TV.

Whichever ad you see, Sun Life’s main way of flogging what is possibly the worst financial product you could ever buy is that Michael “Parky” Parkinson seems to be recommending it.

We all love and trust Michael Parkinson, that great British icon. With his self-deprecating, laid-back interviewing style, Parkinson has been a key feature of our TV for decades.

Financial crap

The Sun Life “Guaranteed over 50 Plan” promises to pay you a fixed sum of money on you death to cover funeral costs or “leave a little something for the grandkids”.

This payment doesn’t go up each year as you pay in more. So the majority of people will get less out than they pay in. Moreover, if you fall ill towards the end of your life (very likely!) and miss just one single monthly payment (quite likely) then you lose everything, the policy is cancelled, Sun Life keep everything and you get zilch even though you may have paid in every month for 20 years or more.

Here’s what Martin Lewis writes about this piece of financial crap

He’s a lovely man, that Parky – just don’t listen to him when it comes to insurance. Michael Parkinson’s caring voice-over makes Axa Sun Life’s Over-50s Plan seem simple, yet for many it’s a seriously bad bet. You wouldn’t buy a lottery ticket if it cost more than the jackpot, but the two million people with these types of policies risk doing just that.

That may come as a surprise, as it’s not what you hear in the sales pitch, which keeps to some deliciously simple concepts. It promises a fixed lump sum when you die – so there’s no investment risk, you always know what your family will get. Nor do you need a medical; anyone can get a plan, no problem (though costs do vary with age when you sign up).

They say this means it’s perfect for funeral planning, to obviate the nagging worry of being a burden to loved ones. And of course, you get a free Parker pen. ‘Nuff said.

Blimey, sign me up…

It’s all sounding pretty marvellous, isn’t it – no surprise these plans are so popular. But before you sprint to get one, read this cut-and-paste from the small print: “Premiums are payable for life, and you could pay more in than is paid out on death.”

The only people who could possibly benefit from the Sun Life “Over 50 Plan” and similar products are those who have a low life expectancy – heavy smokers, the morbidly obese, those who are so stupid they’re likely to remove themselves from the human gene pool or those with a life-threatening illness. But for anyone hoping to live beyond their mid 70s, this financial product is rubbish. They’d be much better off putting the money into buying shares  in a big company like Unilever or Shell or suchlike and automatically reinvesting the dividends into buying more shares.

Parkinson must be a multi-millionaire. So why does he (in my humble opinion) debase himself fronting up an advertising campaign for a (in my humble opinion) crappy insurance company trying to rip off (in my opinion) the over 50s? Hasn’t ‘Parky’ got enough money? What does he need a few hundred thousand or a couple of million more for?

Yet all the suckers (in my opinion) who trust ‘Parky’ and his crappy (in my opinion) insurance company, will probably end up a lot poorer from buying ‘Parky’s’ third rate (in my opinion) insurance policies.

Has Parkinson no sense of shame? Will he do anything for money? Is he just a whore? I don’t know. But I do know what I think.

Here are a few people who don’t really like Sun Life https://insureye.com/Reviews/Life-Insurance-Reviews/45-Sunlife

But, in case you don’t trust me and would rather trust “Parky”, here he is encouraging you to sign up for this wonderful scheme:

Time for some cheer?

Today I’d just like to do a brief “them and us” comparison – just looking at what they contribute to our world versus what we contribute:

Their horror

On my blog yesterday a reader wrote: “Possibly or more likely probably one of the sickest most revolting sights I have ever seen in my entire life”.

If anyone else feels like that, then absolutely do not click on the link immediately below. It leads to things that are much worse than the videos in yesterday’s blog:


Our humour

And here to cheer us all up is probably one of the cleverest YouTube videos about the religion we all desperately want to join (apologies for the two sets of subtitles, one of which seems to have been written by someone with a limited grasp of English):