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Hey, Lammy and Warsi and C4 and BBC! Where’s your outrage?

(Thursday blog)

The (IMHO) liberal, progressive, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, attention-seeking elites have been desperately crawling over each other in order to prove who is the most outraged over Boris Johnson’s rather benign but accurate comparison of letter-boxes and burkha babes. Johnson should apologise! Johnson should resign! Johnson should be thrown out of the Tory Party! Johnson should be prosecuted!  Johnson should be hung, drawn and quartered! And so on and so forth.

The winners in this appalling “I’m more outraged than you” competition seem to be MP David Lammy and Baroness Warsi.

But, Lammy and Warsi, what about being outraged over these three guys?

Yesterday in Brighton, the botty-bothering (I hope that’s politically correct) capital of Britain, these three apparent multi-cultural enrichers attacked two gay men and hospitalised them breaking the jaw of one of the shirt-lifters (I hope that’s politically correct). Are Warsi and Lammy and C4 and the BBC outraged over this violent homophobic attack? If so, I must have missed it.

And then we have the Rotherham ‘Asian’ rapists and the Rochdale ‘Asian’ rapists and the Oxford ‘Asian’ rapists and the many other towns’ ‘Asian’ rapists:

Were Warsi and Lammy and C4 and the BBC outraged over 50,000+ white, usually underage British girls being raped and sodomised and beaten and tortured over at least fifteen years? If so, I must have missed it. Were Warsi and Lammy and C4 and the BBC outraged over the fact that not a single policeperson or social worker or anyone else in the Establishment has been held to account for 50,000+ ‘Asian’ rapes of mostly underage white girls? If so, I must have missed it.

Here are some Christians being beheaded for being Christians:

To me this seems a bit more serious than Boris’s letter-box comments. Were Warsi and Lammy and C4 and the BBC outraged over this beheading? If so, I must have missed it.

And here’s a Christian being crucified:

Were Warsi and Lammy and C4 and the BBC outraged over this crucifixion? If so, I must have missed it.

In fact, just two days ago a man in Saudi Arabia (I think he was a Bangladeshi) was executed by crucifixion. Were Warsi and Lammy and C4 and the BBC outraged? If so, I must have missed it.

And, just to remind us of Boris Johnson’s supposed ‘hate crime’, once again here’s a man posting a letter in a letter box:

Rather humorous, I thought. Though, of course, in politically-correct Britain, humour is now a ‘hate crime’.

So, don’t believe the professionally outraged desperately trying to destroy Boris Johnson.

Their selective outrage and hypocrisy are more than nauseating.

And here, from the good old days when humour was permitted, is a short sketch where Harry and Paul meet a burkha beauty:

Scrotland – where the men are women and the women are men?

(Wednesday blog)

We should have known. After all, the signs were there for hundreds of years – Scrottish men dressing up in women’s clothing:

(Still, at least they’re not dressing up as letter-boxes)

And now we’re told that children in Scrotland are set to be told that “your gender is what you decide” from their first year at primary school under draft education guidelines.

Drawn up by the left-liberal Scottish National Party (SNP) government, Education Scotland, and regional National Health Service (NHS) boards, the guidelines will be part of a teaching resource to be used in Relationships, Sexual Health, and Parenthood lessons, which schools must provide as a “core” subject from early years alongside literacy and numeracy.

Teachers will be told to highlight the importance of challenging gender stereotypes in classes under the new guidelines, according to the Scotsman newspaper, which said the changes will come into effect next year.

The newspaper reports that the guidelines instruct teachers to tell children as young as five: “Your sex is what you are told by a doctor when you are born. Most people are told they are a male child (a boy) or a female child (a girl). Your gender is what you decide,” the draft guidelines then assert, adding: “People might think they know your gender because of the clothes you wear or the things you like to do. You are a unique person, you know who you are.”

A spokesman (sorry, I meant ‘spokesperson’) for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, which commissioned the new resource on behalf of a number of other agencies, said it was “still in its early early stages” but “will cover issues that young people themselves have told us are important to them such as consent, healthy relationships, emotions and feelings as well as LGBTI issues”.

The spokesperson added: “It is important that the advice and learning young people receive is relevant to its time and provides them with the knowledge and skills to help keep them safe and make the right decisions for themselves.”

“Scrotland values tolerance, Scrotland values diversity, Scrotland values respect, and above all, Scrotland values love.”
The SNP regularly boasts that Scotland is “leading the world” with regards to LGBT lobby-approved social policy, with first minister Nicola Sturgeon having led the nation’s biggest Pride parade last month.
And here is a picture that Scrottish children will no doubt be shown as part of their sex education:
Is Scrotland actually leading the world in stupidity?

Yet more manufactured lefty supposed “outrage”

(Tuesday blog)

Letter-box scandal – millions outraged!

Here we go again. Lefties screaming and howling with prepubescent outrage over some perfectly innocent remarks made by Boris Johnson.

Commenting on new laws in Denmark about banning the burkha or niquab or whatever multi-cultural enriching  women’s made-in-China Darth Vader outfits are called, Boris Johnson actually spoke out in favour of women being allowed to wear what they wanted and rejected the idea of such laws being implemented in Britain.

You’d have expected the progressive, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling libtards to be pleased. But Boris Johnson’s kowtowing to the Izlumophiliacs wasn’t sufficiently abject for the mouth-frothing, professional offence-takers. Why not? Because in his inimitable style Johnson suggested he couldn’t understand why some women would want to dress up as letter boxes and bank robbers. Cue – massive sense of humour failure, furious howls of protest and incandescent screams of “Izlumophobia” from the usual (IMHO) fascist, free-speech-hating, liberalnazis.

Here’s a man posting a letter in a letter box:

Clearly there is absolutely no resemblance between a letter box and the lady in the Darth Vader outfit. So, why are the UK-loathing, West-hating attention-seeking twats getting so hot under the collar?

In comparison to Boris Johnson’s rather innocuous comments, here’s something written by a well-known New York Times journalist. She called white people “only fit to live underground like groveling goblins” and complained about “dumbass f**king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.”“dumbass f**king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.”

Imagine if dear old Boris, or any other white person had written this kind of stuff about black people or Chinese or even Moozerlums! Imagine if Tommy Robinson had written or said that! Imagine the outcry!! It would be deafening. Imagine the calls for prosecution for waaacciiisssssm!!!!! Yet the New York Times stood by the journalist — because like the rest of the Left, they think racism is perfectly fine as long as it’s against white people.


Still only 0.5% of readers – not, not 5%, but 0.5% – of readers can apparently afford to, or be bothered to, show their support for this blog by buying a copy of my latest book. That’s more than slightly disappointing that 99.5% of readers won’t put their hands in their pockets. Times must be really hard out there. Or else somehow this blog attracts the poorest people in the country. Who knows?

Holidays in Spain? You’d better hurry!

Thinking of taking a holiday in Spain? Then you’d better hurry. Now Italy is turning away the migrant boats and now Spain has a socialist government, the country we once knew as Spain is being handed over to an invading army from Africa.

Of course, I innocently believe that all those arriving are high-IQ, highly-qualified scientists, brain surgeons, nuclear physicists and surgeons. But there are negative, cynical, misanthropic bigots who think that Spain is being invaded by people who might not make any great contribution to that country and that tragically Spain is rushing down the same road to hell as once wonderful, peaceful Sweden:


It has nothing to do with low IQ!

(Monday blog)

Below (until YouTube deletes it) is a one-minute video of a gentleman from Africa – one of Merkel’s magnificent migrant millions – hitting then kicking and stamping on a 73-year-old German woman.

The African gentleman in question will, of course, not be punished as the attack will be put down to mental illness as usual.

But where is the dividing line between mental illness and low IQ?

Using standard definitions, anyone with an IQ of 26-50 is classed as an “imbecile” while someone with an IQ of between 51-70 is classed as a “moron”.

If you believe the results of IQ tests comparing different countries, (which, of course, I don’t as I’m a braindead, progressive, virtue-signalling, holier-than-thou libtard and not a horrible waacccisssst) then you’ll see that the average IQ of many sub-equatorial African countries is in the range of 60 to 70. Ooops!

After over 100 years of IQ testing, the US military will not accept any candidate with an IQ below 84 as they’ve found that anyone with such a low IQ is militarily useless – a threat to other military personnel.

In fact, anyone with an IQ of below 84 is unlikely to be able to perform any useful function in an advanced Western society. Yet, if the comparative IQ tests per country are to be believed (and, of course, they shouldn’t be), then at least three quarters of the wonderful people flooding into Europe from Africa are likely to have an IQ of below 84 and more than half of them will have an IQ in the range of 51-70 which is generally considered to class them as “morons”.

So, are the hordes of invaders who spend their time robbing, raping, drug-dealing, committing other (usually violent) crimes and living off generous benefits rather than working actually suffering from real mental illnesses? Or is what we’re seeing merely a result of most of them having frighteningly low IQs?

I don’t know. But I do know that this is a question none of our mainstream media would ever dare to address as to do so would clearly be waaaccciisssstttt!

University – how, for too many, a dream has become a nightmare!

(weekend blog)

Here’s a link to an article in Saturday’s Daily Mail based on my latest book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON.

So far, around 0.5% (no, that’s not 5%, it’s 0.5%) of readers have shown support for my modest blogging efforts by buying a copy. Hopefully that number will increase? I don’t need the money – but I do believe this is an important story that people need to know about.

So, if you know anyone at Uni or anyone with children either at Uni or thinking of going to Uni, why not buy them a copy?

It’s good news week

(Friday blog)

Some bits of good news this week.

In Sadiq Khan’s violent Mogadishu, which used to be known as ‘London’, apparently a ‘drill rapper’ was stabbed to death on the same street as one of his friends a few months before. No doubt this drill rapper’s family will be telling the press what a wonderful boy he was and how he loved his mum (I wonder if he knew who his father was?) and how he did social work in his spare time (when he wasn’t rapping about shooting and stabbing people?) and dreamed of becoming an architect/brain surgeon/engineer/prime minister (delete as appropriate).

But some people – some horrible cynical, misanthropic people – might have a sneaking suspicion that this drill rapper’s recent departure from this earth has improved the quality of the population in the part of London/Mogadishu where he used to live.

Meanwhile in Bradford, four young men in a BMW died at around 05.00 in the morning a couple of days ago while being followed by an unmarked police car. Given that we haven’t been quickly told that the men were “white” and given that there are very few white people left in lovely Bradford, we can possibly assume that the four young men were in some form or other members of the multi-cultural enriching community. I’ve just seen pictures of the four young men who died and their names – definitely the best kind of multi-cultural enrichers!

The IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) regional director Miranda Biddle said: “This is a most tragic incident and our sympathies are with the family and friends of those who have died”. And once again, I’m sure we’ll be told by the mainstream media that all four were wonderful boys who loved their mums, did social work in their free time (when they weren’t causing havoc for law-abiding citizens?) and dreamed of becoming architects/brain surgeons/engineers/prime ministers (delete as appropriate).

But some people – some horrible cynical, misanthropic people – might have a sneaking suspicion that these four young men’s departure from this earth in their (or someone else’s?) BMW at 05.00 in the morning (when most normal people are in bed getting some rest before another hard day’s work) has improved the quality of the population in whatever part of Bradford they used to live.

And here’s the newly freed Tommy Robinson talking about how he was treated while in prison for daring to point out that most members of Britain’s child rape gangs are from the same ethnic background as our shiny new Home Secretary. In it Tommy Robinson reveals, amongst other things, that he couldn’t open his cell window during the hot weather otherwise prisoners from the multi-cultural-enriching community would hurl excrement through his cell window.

Fortunately Mr Robinson’s lawyers managed to free him by exposing what a sham his imprisonment was otherwise a cynic might be tempted to suspect that our ‘Asian’ Home Secretary was rather hoping that the multi-cultural enriching prisoners would do a ‘Kevin Crehan’ on Tommy Robinson and then the prison authorities would claim that Tommy Robinson’s death was (like Kevin Crehan’s) “unexplained”:


Tough sh*t Sajid Javid, my latest book “THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON” and Cressida D*ck

(Blog for week from 30th July to 5th August)

Tough sh*t Sajid Javid

Wonderful news – British justice has actually been done and Tommy Robinson has been freed. Moreover, the Court of Appeal found that:

* Tommy should not have been put on trial that same day
* Tommy’s lawyer did not have proper time to prepare his case
* the judge in Leeds never clearly presented what Tommy had allegedly done wrong
* the judge did not watch the entire video of Tommy, that supposedly was proof of his contempt
* the judge did not follow the criminal procedure rules
* the sentence was disproportionate; and
* Tommy’s treatment in prison was inappropriate

Basically, the whole court case and sentencing of Enemy of the State, Tommy Robinson, was an Establishment stitch up which broke British law and was more like something we would expect from Mugabe’s Zimbabwe than once great Britain.

Oh dear Sajid Javid. It seems that your cunning plan to silence someone who dared mention the fact that many child rapist gangs are, like yourself, of Pakistani Moozerlum background has backfired. I imagine you and the rest of the Establishment were rather hoping that, like Kevin Crehan, Tommy Robinson would mysteriously die in prison and then soon be forgotten. Well, that didn’t happen. Though no doubt Mr Javid and the Establishment will have a new plan for silencing Mr Robinson.

My latest book

Now comes the big test – how much do readers value my modest contributions to human knowledge?

My latest book “THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON” has just been published. You can buy it on for a mere £7.99 paperback (£2.99 Kindle ebook) by clicking on the “buy at amazon” just under the thumbnail of the front cover to your right.

About 30 years ago, around 770,000 people (1 in 6 school-leavers) attended a university or polytechnic. Now there are over 2.3 million students in Higher Education (about half of school-leavers).

For the last 30 years we’ve been told that ‘the more people go to Uni, the better off we’ll all be’.

But is this true? Has the huge growth in the number of people going to Uni – the Great University Expansion – really been the success the politicians and universities would have us believe?

After all, what’s the point of having a degree if one in every two people has one? And why get a degree if only a small minority of university graduates – on some courses less than 1 in 10 – will find graduate jobs, especially if many graduates leave Uni with debts of up to £60,000?

In “THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON” we expose the truth behind the massive expansion of Britain’s university sector:
• pressure on school-leavers to get to Uni whether they are likely to benefit or not
• schools gaming the system to send as many pupils to Uni as possible
• universities lowering entrance standards to fill up their ever-increasing numbers of courses
• dumbing down of university courses
• falling academic standards as lecturers no longer have time to deal with increasing numbers of students
• universities avoiding failing anyone, however poor their work, as they’ve paid so much for their degrees
• graduates with unrepayable debts which will have to be picked up by taxpayers
• a massive oversupply of graduates compared to available job opportunities
• a university sector that has become huge, bureaucratic and self-serving and which is too often a burden on, rather than a benefit to, the country.

A university degree will be the second most expensive thing most people will now buy. But is it still worth it? Or are today’s students the victims of a massive cynical mis-selling scandal by politicians and universities, that will not get them the graduate jobs they have been promised, but still leave them with a lifetime of debt?

I imagine all my readers will know people at university or planning to go to university. Or else they’ll know families whose children are at or hoping to go to Uni. So, why not buy a copy of “THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON”? You all know someone who really should read it!

Cressida – we love you

And now for something completely different – here’s my personal tribute to the incredible superwoman and big boss of the London Met Police, Cressida Dick, that I wrote and had someone produce for me. Enjoy:


The great political heavyweight – Gary Lineker – educates us unwashed plebs

(weekend blog)

It’s been a busy week for our betters telling us that we made a terrible mistake by voting to leave the EU. There was some bald, wigwearing botty-botherer (is “botty-botherer” politically correct?) popstar, someone else famous (I forget who) and then that great political heavyweight and crisp advertiser – Gary Lineker.

Here’s a wonderful article from the Spectator praising Mr Lineker’s intervention:

“Did Gary Lineker miss the first ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit?

Brendan O’Neill

Gary Lineker is coming to save Britain. From what, I hear you ask? From you. And me. And the rest of the dim-witted electorate who screwed up the nation with our pesky vote to leave the EU.

The football commentator turned crisps advertiser turned spokesman for the weeping Brexitphobic Twitterati has announced that he is backing the campaign for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal. Why? Because the nation is in a ‘mess’, he says, and it’s all down to the fact that ‘politicians seem unable to resolve the problem the people gave them in voting Leave’. Got that? The problem isn’t useless politicians: it’s ordinary people and our catastrophic stupidity. Lineker wants to save Britain from Britons.

Lineker’s transition from the squarest man in football to the darling of liberals who are increasingly horrified by this whole democracy thing has been mad. One minute he’s woodenly describing goals on Match of the Day, the next he’s being held up as the voice of political reason in a nation gone berserk.

The anti-Brexit chattering classes adore him because they think he’s a man of the people. Well, he knows about football, and plebs like football, right? It is testament to their gaping separation from the views and concerns of your average Brit that they think this filthy-rich TV presenter ensconced in his BBC studio and firing off Guardianista tweets every five minutes might be able to make a connection with the public. I hope he does front the ‘People’s Vote’ campaign, alongside Eddie Izzard, with maybe a bit of Benedict Cumberbatch for good measure, because then Leave will win (again) by a country mile.

Lineker’s siding with the People’s Vote campaign in order to help solve ‘the problem’ of 17.4m people’s backing for Brexit is a good time to reflect on just how anti-democratic this stab for a second referendum is. ‘People’s Vote’ is such a cynical, slippery phrase. We had a People’s Vote. Two years ago. A massive one, in which turn-out shot up, sections of society that normally don’t vote came out to vote, and an historic 17.4m people — more people than have ever voted for anything in the entirety of British history — said: ‘Let’s leave the EU.’ It was the living, breathing definition of a People’s Vote, arguably the first meaningful People’s Vote Britain has ever held.

But in the eyes of the second-referendum set, it wasn’t really a People’s Vote. It was an exercise in brainwashing, where lies and slogans on buses and fearful blather about Turks swarming Europe were used to hoodwink the moronic masses into voting out of the EU. Because we are that stupid and gullible. And so we need a second referendum to give the ignoramuses an opportunity to correct their idiocy and give the ‘right’ answer this time. Which of course is that Britain should stay in the EU and ordinary Brits should stop disobeying their betters and know their place: which is at the bottom of the pile, with all the other little people, where our only political role is to vote once every four years and then go home and shut the hell up.

Labour MP David Lammy has praised Lineker as a ‘top man’ and congratulated him for being one of those people ‘prepared to stick their neck out and not pander to the “will of the people” bollocks’. The will-of-the-people bollocks — it’s called democracy, David. You know, the thing that got you into parliament. We should thank Lammy for his unguarded elitism, because it captures what lies in the rotten heart of the argument for a second referendum: a quite nasty outlook that views democracy as bollocks, the will of the people as a myth that must always be put in scare quotes, and the likes of Lineker as heroes because they might help to correct the collective hysteria of the throng whose opinions on the EU we stupidly solicited in June 2016.

‘The problem’ in British politics isn’t people’s desire to leave the EU — it is this haughty, arrogant belief that the people’s desires should be overridden by those who know better. Stick to the football, Gaz — you clearly know more about that than you do about democracy.

Here come the scientists, engineers, doctors and computer programmers who will save ageing Europe

(Friday blog)

Once again, I have to turn to Russian TV to find out what’s really happening in the world. After all, who believes any of the BBC and C4 News progressive, leftist, hug-a-rapefugee, hate-western-civilisation propaganda?

As you probably know, Spain has a newish socialist government. Displaying the expected virtue-signalling stupidity that goes with socialism, the newish Spanish government is talking about taking down the barbed wire surrounding the two Spanish African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

Why would the Spanish socialists want to remove the barbed wire? Because invading African migrants are apparently getting hurt while illegally crossing onto Spanish territory:

A couple of days ago, hundreds of illegal aliens armed with sticks and homemade flamethrowers broke through the border fence in Ceuta, according to the Spanish Civil Guard. Over 100 migrants and 15 border agents were injured in the fight.

“Over 700 sub-Saharans” attempted to storm the border fence, the Civil Guard said in a statement, adding that “at least 602” of them managed to cross the barriers. Volunteers and the local branch of the Red Cross said that 132 invaders sustained injuries, while 11 had to be taken to a local hospital.

Some of them were cut with barbed wire while trying to climb the border fence, and others sustained broken bones. The scuffles also led to 15 border agents receiving injuries. Some agents were burnt as the invaders attacked them with homemade flamethrowers while trying to avoid arrest.

Of course, our rulers tell us that we need these people as Europe’s population is ageing and these highly-educated, hard-working invaders will be a massive benefit to our continent:

Personally, I welcome all these wonderful people to Europe.

But sadly, there are some people who cannot see the benefits of the African invasion. Here’s just one person’s experience: (I have made many changes to this account to avoid any accusations of waaaccciiisssmmmm)

Hi. 11 years ago I moved to a small village in southern Spain near Almeria for the good life after watching the UK become more and more *********, thanks to the massive influx of immigrants from third world countries. 

Spain was lovely and a good place to bring up my kids. But not for long. The plague that was destroying England soon began infecting Spain. Now, the village in which I live in Spain has become 70% migrant.

In my own neighborhood, migrants spit at us. They have attacked my kids more than once. They verbally abuse my wife and they have even tried to kill me, for which we are in court at the moment. More than 30 migrant kids and only one Spanish kid were on the school bus that my children used to ride. I had to take them out of that school because of the constant abuse they were subjected to by the migrants. 

Migrants in my neighborhood live 10 plus to a small house.  The migrant women are always pregnant, averaging 7 kids per family. We have seen them shit in the street in front of their government-funded free housing.

We are terrified to even go out in our own neighborhood because migrants are everywhere.

And we can’t move because no one will buy our house in a neighborhood full of migrant welfare-recipients who don’t own their own homes. Migrants have damaged my car and they throw stones at my dog, and at us.

Migrants have made our life Hell and we fear for our lives daily. Migrants all share social security cards to claim benefits illegally. They drive unlicensed, unregistered cars, and believe they have more rights than anyone else.

They call me “English motherfucker” and threaten my kids regularly. Can I move to America, please?

Anyway, here they come – the scientists, engineers, doctors and computer programmers who will save ageing Europe:

Toronto – the clash between truth and political correctness?

(Thursday blog)

Truth? Oh dear. The truth is beginning to seep out about the murdering Toronto shooter, Faisal Hussain. First, perhaps surprisingly none of his neighbours knew that he had the supposed “psychological problems” his family now claim had plagued him all his life and neighbours described him as a generally “happy” person; second, he had a habit of visiting ISIL websites; third, the statement about his supposed “psychological problems” was drafted for Faisal Hussain’s family by an experienced, professional, award-winning Religion of Peace activist; fourth, when our friend Faisal came face to face with an Indian man, he told him “don’t worry, I’m not going to shoot you” (Faisal only wanted to kill white infidels).

Here’s the inimitable Paul Joseph Watson explaining this potential sh*tstorm better than I can:

As for the UK mainstream media – having told us all about Faisal Hussain’s supposed “psychological problems”, I suspect they’ll decide the story is no longer of any interest – after all, they wouldn’t want us to think the massacre was due to any particular religion, would they?

Political correctness? And here is the (IMHO) totally useless mayor of Toronto trying to reassure the public with all the usual platitudes. He promises to be “relentless” in finding out the causes of the attack. But looking at Paul Joseph Watson’s video, it seems we already know the causes of the attack. Instead, I suspect Toronto’s mayor will be “relentless” in trying to cover up the real causes of the attack.

In this video Toronto’s politically-correct mayor tries to blame a lack of gun control for the massacre rather than mentioning such things as “diversity” and “multi-cultural enrichment”. Crikey, (IMHO) Toronto’s mayor is almost as useless as our very own London mayor Sadiq “terrorist murders are a normal part of life in a big city” Khan.

You should probably only watch a couple of minutes of Toronto mayor’s video otherwise you might risk throwing up at the man’s deluge of vacuous platitudes: