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When an invasion is NOT an ‘invasion’

(Monday blog – still cannot move my left hand)

Hungary for freedom?

First the wonderful news – it seems that Hungarian patriot and defender of Western civilisation, Viktor Orban, has won a 3rd election victory by a landslide. How the treacherous, lefty, progressive, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, Izlumophiliac libtards must be choking on their eco-friendly, fairtrade cornflakes this morning. Over the last few days, even the supposedly objective TIMES has been spewing insults and bile at Orban. Yet Orban has managed to beat a concerted campaign of establishment vituperation (funded by Mr Soros?) because the Hungarians were not afraid to vote to preserve their own country.

When an invasion is NOT an ‘invasion’

And now a truly worrying story of the suppression of free speech in France.

French conservative politician Nicholas Dupont-Aignan, who gave his support to anti-mass migration presidential candidate Marine Le Pen last year, has been given a suspended fine of 5,000 euros for speaking about a “migrant invasion”.

Mr. Dupont-Aignan made the comments on January 17, 2017, during his own run for the French presidency before he was knocked out after the first round vote. He had said: “In 2016, the Socialists compensate for the decline in birth rate by the migratory invasion. This is now!” Le Figaro reports.

On Wednesday, a court in Paris found the conservative guilty of provocation to hatred or discrimination with a suspended 5,000 euro fine being handed down. The case was brought to the court by the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Licra) which claimed Dupont-Aignan’s parliamentary immunity should not apply in the case.

Please note that the gentleman said nothing about the ethnicity or the religion of the invaders. Yet he was still found guilty of supposed ‘racism’

When around 156,000 troops took part in the D Day invasion of Normandy, that was apparently an ‘invasion’:

But when over a million possibly often inbred, possibly often low-IQ, possibly often violent, possibly often criminal, possibly often illiterate, possibly often unemployable Third-Worlders flood into Europe every year, according to ‘French justice’ (a wonderful oxymoron) that is definitely NOT an invasion

Meanwhile hundreds (thousands?) of ISIS jihadis are returning to Europe and being welcomed with open arms, free housing and lots of benefits. Yet Marine le Pen is being prosecuted in France for tweeting a photo of an ISIS beheading.

Just more ‘French justice’ I suppose.


(weekend blog)

Can’t type due to a hand injury. So here are some photos taken yesterday of some of the ten fox cubs which have taken up residence in my back garden

Let us all congratulate Khan and Dickless

(Friday blog)

Just heard that there were 5 or 6 more stabbings and 2 shootings yesterday in mayor Sadiq Khan’s and Met boss Cressida Dickless’s diverse, multi-cultural paradise of London.

Perhaps we should congratulate Khan and Dickhead for successfully turning our once great and peaceful capital city into a violent, dangerous, gang-run Third-World sh*t-hole – a ‘British’ version of Mogadishu – and thus showing us what the future of our whole country looks like if we don’t soon get control of our borders and start throwing out sub-human, Third-World, parasitical, criminal scum?

Even before the latest spate of stabbings, acid attacks and murders, London’s crime was spiraling out of control

But I guess this was bound to happen in a city:

  • run by a mayor who spends most of his time on political grandstanding, trying to crush free speech by assigning huge amounts of police time to trawling the Internet in search of supposed ‘hate crimes’ and getting his face into the sycophantic, West-hating, Izlumophiliac mainstream media by continually insulting the democratically-elected president of Britain’s closest ally
  • where the police boss could be suspected by unpleasant, ignorant cynics like myself of owing her job to ‘positive discrimination’, being over-promoted more for being a woman than being competent and repeatedly displaying political correctness above and beyond the call of duty
  • where Third-World ethnically-based criminal gangs are fighting over lucrative territories while our politically-correct police, terrified of being accused of waaccciiiissssmmm, give the invaders free rein to do whatever they want.

Maybe it’s time for (IMHO) useless, progressive, virtue-signalling, politically-correct libtards Mayor Khan and Cressida Dickend to do us all a favour and resign? They’re clearly not up to the job!

More Russian propaganda – former Czech President criticises Europe’s ruling elites

(Thursday blog)

Russian TV station, RT, just keeps on pumping out totally ludicrous propaganda.

Here’s a brief video of an interview from RT with former Czech president, Vaclav Klaus (2003-2013). In it Klaus makes five obviously crazy suggestions:

  • That freedom of speech in Europe is limited to parrotting the views of the progressive, European elites
  • That most supposed ‘refugees’ are just migrants and not real refugees
  • That there is no demographic or economic justification for bringing millions of migrants to Europe
  • That the European elites are bringing in millions of these migrants to fundamentally change European society – to erode national borders and national identities to create a single corrupt, undemocratic, European superstate
  • That the millions of migrants represent a clear threat to European civilisation

Oh dear, how some people clearly go gaga as they get older.

As for me, I say bring in as many often low-IQ, often inbred, often illiterate, often backward, often unemployable, often violent, often misogynist rapefugees as possible. The more we bring in, the more we will all benefit from multi-cultural enrichment. After all, just look at what’s happening in Mayor Sadiq Khan’s multi-cultural paradise of London where over 60% of people are either foreign-born or born to foreign parents. In fact, tomorrow (Friday) I think we should take a brief visit to mayor Khan’s earthly paradise of diversity.

Anyway, here’s Vaclav Klaus with his clearly misguided and out-of-date views:

(Is that OK, PC Plod? Is today’s blog ‘hate-crime-free’?)

Lefties’ deafening silence over ‘British’ rapists

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

Excellent article in the Spectator (Australian edition, I think) about the deafening silence from the lefty, libtards concerning the abuse, rape, torture and prostitution of thousands of white girls by you might be able to guess who.

In fact, I’m eagerly awaiting some comments from our (IMHO) most hypocritical virtue-signallers about the issue. So, Mr Bono and Bob Geldorf and JK Rowling and Emma ‘global-warming’ Thompson and Gary ‘let-in-more-Syrians’ Lineker and Lily ‘hug-a-rapemigrant’ Allen and Kathy ‘scream-and-shout’ Newman and Jon ‘f**k-the-Tories’ Snow come on, tell us about your outrage at the rape, torture and sexual exploitation of probably up to 50,000 vulnerable white girls over the last 10 to 20 years. What do you think about it? Do you think it’s ok? Should the underage white girls just submit to their rapists (vaginal, oral and anal) and torturers (threats, cigarette burns, beatings etc etc) in the interests of preserving multi-cultural harmony as one female Labour MP suggested? Come on, virtue-signallers, tell us your important opinions! Normally you’re all so keen to show us how liberal and progressive and humanitarian you all are.

Oh, silence. It seems our greatest virtue-signallers have nothing to say.

I’m outraged. But I’m not a multi-millionaire, lefty libtard hypocrite living in a well-protected mansion in an exclusive 95% white area of my home town. Moreover, if I were to mention what I suspected to be the religion or the origin of the rapists, I’d probably get prosecuted for a supposed ‘hate crime’. (In fact, I wonder if the article – click on the link below – had to go into the Australian edition of the Spectator because publishing it in Britain would bring Plod knocking at the Spectator’s door? Free speech anyone?)

Meanwhile, most of the rapists (from you might be able to imagine which ethnic and religious group) are allowed to carry on with their favourite hobby without ever being inconvenienced by our utterly useless, politically-correct policepersons and their ultimate boss, Allison Saunders, of the Crown Prosecution Service which only prosecutes indigenous white British people for supposed ‘hate crimes’ and never dares take any action against any hate-filled, bile-spouting, West-loathing, violent multi-cultural enrichers.


Telford and the Left

You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful……….

(Sunday/Monday blog – apologies to those who have already seen this story in the Daily Mail “Femail” section, but it’s so wonderful that I wanted to make sure as many people as possible saw it)

Here’s a picture of contestants in a beauty contest in Birmingham. But can you spot the odd one out?

I’ll give you a clue – you wouldn’t want to bump into her in a dark alley. In fact you wouldn’t want to bump into her at all.

Here she is again – a real stunner. I mean, if she hit you, you’d really be stunned.

It would be ungentlemanly of me to suggest that this good lady was runner-up in the contest due more to political correctness than her nubile, Sylph-like beauty.

Apparently the lovely creature has said she might not take part in the swimwear part of the competition when she moves onto the next stage of the competition – so, at least we’re spared that!

This story of today’s Britain is so ridiculous, I’ll let you read the Daily Mail story yourselves. And, no, this is NOT an April Fools’ story. I wish it was, but I don’t think it is.



Sweden – the demographics of self-destruction?

(Friday/Saturday blog)

Welcome to Sweden (and an excuse for me to show a picture of nubile young girls to brighten up my day):

Sweden has a population of around 10 million people. Only about 20% of these are foreign-born or born to two parents who are.

The 10 overall largest groups of foreign-born people are from:

  1. Finland (153,620)
  2. Iraq (149,418)
  3. Poland (135,129)
  4. Syria (88,704)
  5. Former Yugoslavia (70,637)
  6. Turkey (60,539)
  7. Iran (63,853)
  8. Norway (58,181)
  9. Germany (50,189)
  10. Somalia (47,060)

So, what’s the problem? Why are people always talking about a Third-World takeover of Sweden and Swedes becoming a minority in their own country? After all, according to the above figures, most immigrants into Sweden come from countries like Finland, Poland, Norway and Germany. And they’re not backward, violent, excrement-covered, Third-World shit-holes (at least not yet).

Well, to see the problem, you just have to look a little closer at Sweden’s demographics.

First point is that the migrants from countries like Finland, Poland, Norway and Germany are likely to be of similar intelligence levels to native Swedes, are likely to have moved to Sweden over the last 30 to 40 years and are likely to be in paid work. Those from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Somalia are likely to have been among the most recent arrivals, are likely to have much lower average intelligence than native Swedes and over 90% of them are likely to be living off benefits and crime.

Here are the latest crime figures for Sweden – as you’ll see, crime really started increasing following the 2014-2017 Merkel- and Soros-backed Third-World invasion:

The Swedish government refuses to collect any data about the ethnic background of those found guilty of crimes, so we’re not able to establish any link between rising crime levels and the invasion of often inbred, often low-IQ, often violent, often illiterate, often misogynist, often unemployable Third-World migrants:

But here are some comparative figures for rape across a few countries (all of which have much lower levels of immigration than once peaceful, safe Sweden):

Once again, welcome to Sweden (another excuse for me to include pictures of young Swedish ladies):

The next point is that migrants account for a much higher percentage of people in the younger age groups. The last Swedish census was in 2014. So, just guessing, I estimate that non-Swedes now make up about 45% of the 18 to 30 year age group and 50% of the 0 to 18 year age group. Moreover, the ratio of males to females among the 15-19 year old age range in Sweden is now 115:100 (though, of course, many of those supposedly in the 15-19 year old age range are actually in their 20s and even 30s). The ratio for most Western countries is just 103:100 on average.


Within just a few years, Swedish men of military age will be outnumbered by Third-World men of military age.

And, given that most Swedish men are emasculated, spineless, testicle-free, progressive, libtard cowards and most migrant men have been brought up full of hate towards the West, have a tendency towards violence and want to turn Western countries into the violent, filthy, poverty-stricken, backward, excrement-covered, Third-World shit-holes they’ve come from, we can imagine interesting times ahead for what was once calm, peaceful, safe Sweden.

And here, for those who haven’t seen it, is a United Nations Development Programme chart predicting Sweden’s collapse towards Third-World status while most other countries (with much lower levels of Third-World immigration) continue to develop:

Those naughty “Oxford men”

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

There are so many great stories of multi-cultural enrichment during the last few days that it’s difficult to know which to choose for today’s blog.

  • There’s the 24-year-old German woman who is fighting for her life after being stabbed following an argument with 3 Syrian children aged 17, 14 and 13 –  the delightful progeny of supposed ‘asylum seekers’
  • There’s the Dutch mayor of the Hague who got mugged and robbed in broad daylight in a largely immigrant part of her city and tried to keep the story out of the press. In particular, she claims she didn’t see her attacker despite it being daylight and so she was unable to provide any description
  • There’s the Swedish couple who got murdered in their own home (the female had her throat cut and the man was repeatedly stabbed) by some migrants who were laughing and joking as the police arrested them as they knew they’d probably only get a few months in a luxury Swedish holiday-camp jail before being released once media interest had died down
  • Also in Sweden, there’s the Polish woman who went to live in Sweden in 2007 because she had heard what a nice peaceful and wealthy country it was and was recently raped and beaten up by 2 Arab men. While using her for sex, they also kicked her, hit her repeatedly and grabbed her head and smashed it against a tree trunk as one does during sex
  • There’s the Pakistani court which acquitted twenty individuals from the world’s most peaceful religion suspected of involvement in the lynching and burning alive in a brick kiln a Christian couple accused of blasphemy
  • There’s the 85-year-old French Jewish Holocaust survivor stabbed to death and then set on fire by a neighbour from the religion we all most admire
  • And in the US, the F.B.I. can’t work out why a gentleman from the greatest religion of all drove a burning vehicle full of propane gas cylinders into the gates of Travis Air Force base.

So much happening. So much choice. But I think I’ll stick with the UK.

Here’s a photo of some wonderful members of our society. But can you spot any similarities between Assad Hussain, 37; Moinul Islam, 41; Raheem Ahmed, 40; Kamran Khan, 36; Kameer Iqbal, 39; Alladitta Yousaf, 48; and Khalid Hussain, 38?

The BBC managed to spot a similarity between all these men who have all been convicted of the usual rape, supplying drugs, sexual exploitation of underage white girls etc etc. Yes, the BBC identified that they were all “Oxford men” (even though one of them was actually from Bolton and not Oxford)

But apart from them all supposedly being “Oxford men”, the BBC couldn’t find any other similarities between these fine upstanding citizens. This time the libtard BBC didn’t even resort to their usual trick of slandering all Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Cambodian, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian and Taiwanese men by calling the perpetrators “Asian men”.

However, I suspect I can find another similarity between all these convicted criminals. And no, it’s not that they all have Phd’s from Oxford University. But it is my understanding that, were I to mention this similarity, then I could be arrested and charged with a supposed “hate crime” for ‘inciting racial hatred’ by pointing out the blindingly obvious. So, I’ll have to leave it up to you to see if you can spot any similarities between these scum, apart from them being, according to the BBC, “Oxford men” (even though one is from Bolton).

How low we have sunk when law-abiding people are unable to speak the truth because of fear of arrest by our useless, politically-correct, Izlumophiliac, free-speech-hating, oppressive, neo-fascist police?

It used to be the case that the young despised the police – “the pigs” – and, as one got older and had to live in reality, people realised that the police perform (or at least used to perform) the valuable service of law enforcement. But our police’s deliberate refusal to investigate real crimes such as burglary, muggings and car theft, their policy of allowing rape gangs from a certain section of society to operate freely for decades right across the UK and their desperate attempts to stamp on anyone daring to criticise the liberal elites’ policy of race replacement have made many older people despise our police even more than we used to when I was young.

That’s quite an achievement. Well done Plod!

Australia has fallen! Adios Australia! It was nice knowing you!

(Monday/Tuesday blog and no, this is not about the cricket)

If you were to list the countries that you thought would resist the George-Soros- and UN-sponsored Third-World, multi-cultural-enricher invasion –  Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic etc – you would probably include Australia in that list. After all, Australia started the policy of stopping the migrant boats before they reached Australian territory. (A policy the useless EU should have adopted rather than providing a free luxury ferry service from the Libyan beaches to Italy and then free train tickets to the rest of Europe to every backwards piece of human detritus who fancied a change of scenery)

But that was then and this is now.

Here is a (IMHO) total libtard wanker and traitor to his country, who also happens to be the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, grovelling to some fat, self-satisfied member of the Religion of Tolerance, Technological Progress and Peace as she gloats over Australia’s rapid and supine surrender to the alien invasion armies. Yup, she gloats because she knows Australia is surrendering without a fight and she and her tribe of often inbred, often misogynist, often low-IQ, often violent, often rapist, usually intolerant, often unemployable, often supremacist conquerors have won.

God help Australia, because with quisling garbage like tosser Turnbull in charge, Australia won’t be able to help itself!!!!

(Click on headline below to go to the web page with the short video and then click on play. You may also have to click on the loudspeaker symbol to hear the sound)

OMG! Sending sincere condolences to all our Australian friends

What to do if they have low IQs?

(Saturday/Sunday blog)

Apparently, it’s now illegal for the US military to accept any applicant with an IQ lower than 83.

Why? Because there is absolutely nothing useful someone with an IQ of below 83 can do in today’s military. Though one might suspect that during World Wars One and Two, the US military took just about anyone as they needed loads of cannon fodder.

But if there’s nothing useful someone with an IQ of less than 83 can do in the military, then there’s probably not much that is useful which these wonderful individuals can do in civilian life either – apart from drug-dealing, rape and other crimes.

Now, the big question is: do we believe the results of IQ tests by race when such research was still allowed and before political correctness ended any such inter-racial comparisons? If we do believe the validity of IQ tests by race, then here’s one set of results of average IQs by race (each race would, of course, have a normal bell-curve distribution of IQ levels):

Race IQ
Ashkenazi Jews (studies range from 104 to 115; the IQ of Sephardic Jews is estimated to be the same as Northern Europeans) 110
East Asians (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore) 105
Europeans (Northern and Western Europe is 100; Eastern and Southeastern Europe is 95) 97
American Indians (North and South America) 90
Hispanic-Americans 89
Southeast Asians (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Borneo) 87
Pacific Islanders (Natives of New Zealand, Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia, and Hawaii) 85
African-Americans 85
South Asians (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, the Gulf states, the Near East, and Turkey) 84
North Africans 84
Sub-Saharan Africans 70
Australian Aborigines 62

I am not saying these results are in any way valid. I am not saying that there is any difference between the average IQ of different races. That would be “waaaccciiiisssstttt”. I am merely hypothesising about the situation were such IQ results valid – which, of course they are not.

If the above results were valid (which, of course they are not), then around 10-15% of the US or Northern European population cannot do anything useful in a modern technologically-advanced society. For Southern Europeans this would rise to 15-20% of the population. For North Africans, according to the results above, almost half of people would be incapable of making any positive contribution in terms of work and a career in an advanced modern society……………..and I’ll let you guess what percentage of some other races have something to offer society.

Fortunately, all races have equal intelligence – any fule kno that (as Molesworth or any progressive, virtue-signalling, holier-than-thou libtard would reliably inform us).

After all, anyone who suggested that Chinese tend to be better at badminton and table tennis, while blacks tend to be better at basketball and 100-metre sprints is clearly a stupid, retard, truth-denying racist. I can think of many black world-champion ping-pong players (though I can’t quite remember their names at the moment) and many Chinese 100-metre sprint Olympic gold medalists (though I can’t quite remember their names at the moment)

Therefore everything I’ve written above is just uninformed, unfounded speculation and we have absolutely nothing to fear from 2 to 3 million North Africans and Sub-Saharan Africans flooding into Europe every year. They are all highly intelligent, well-educated and will all get great jobs with wonderful career prospects and benefit all of us through their industrious efforts and all the tax they will pay once they all get these highly-paid jobs which fit their high educational level and high IQ.

Yippeee! Thank you Mrs Merkel and George Soros and Tony Blair!!!!!

Thank you for your contribution to advancing civilisation!!!!