September 2017
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Every day is an “enrichment day”

1. The joys of multi-cultural enrichment

As you all know, here at snouts-in-the-trough our mission is to spread the message about how we should all be celebrating the joys of multi-cultural enrichment

Of course, there will always be ‘isolated incidents’ which cynics will use to suggest enrichment isn’t always great. But we all know that enrichment is the future and we welcome it. Anyway, here are just a few of those ‘isolated incidents’ from the last couple of days that stupid, misguided, bigoted cynics might try to use to criticise the enrichment that we all so desperately want:

London – man arrested outside Buckingham Palace after attacking police with a large knife

Brussels – man shot dead while attacking soldiers with a large knife

Rotterdam – man arrested after being found with a Spanish-registered van full of gas canisters near a rock concert

Amsterdam – also in the Netherlands – a believed to be de-radicalized man spread propaganda for the jihad while working with young people in Amsterdam’s radicalization and polarization department. Bilal L was hired as a youth worker because he was deemed, a spokesperson confirmed, to “know everything about radicalization and could spot and keep young people off the jihad-road.” But instead, he was actually preaching the jihad doctrine to  young people, and had been doing so for several years

London – Egyptian man jailed after murdering a man in Hyde Park. Hani Khalaf, 22, battered 62-year-old carer Jairo Medina to death before trawling through his belongings and stealing his mobile phone. The Egyptian had entered Britain illegally claiming to be from Syria and been arrested and bailed by the police more than 6 times for crimes (mainly robberies) but hadn’t been deported

Germany – a Kurdish refugee found his torturers from ISIL were in the same refugee camp as him. When he reported this to the German authorities they decided not to investigate and not to take any action

London – police will be prioritising investigating crimes against the “vulnerable” (people for whom English is a second language) and deprioritising crimes against native white English speakers

2. Spain – death by incompetence or political correctness?

I think we’ve all been impressed by the speed with which the usually useless Spanish police killed or arrested the multi-cultural enrichers after the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils:

But less attention has been paid to the reaction of police constable Manuel and his mates following the house explosion which preceded the attacks. So, let’s just spend a couple of minutes on that.

A house used by our friends from Morocco exploded. After the explosion, Spanish police found 120 gas canisters at the house. I imagine that in many smaller Spanish towns there’s no gas supply. Instead people use large gas canisters bought from the local garage or supermarket. When a gas canister is used up, they take back the empty one and buy a new full one. The empty one is then returned to the supplier, refilled and used again.

If we assume that a typical large gas canister lasts a typical family a few weeks – say one month – then with 120 gas canisters, the Moroccans living at the house had enough gas for about ten years. That’s quite a lot of gas. Yet despite a CIA warning about an impending attack on Las Ramblas in Barcelona, police constable Manuel and his mates apparently suspected nothing (“I know nothing” as Manuel used to say in Fawlty Towers) when they found ten years of gas stored at just one house used by North Africans.

Of course, we’ll never know why the Spanish police suspected nothing. Was it just old-fashioned incompetence? Or was it because political correctness prevented them even suggesting that misguided multi-cultural enrichers might be about to do something unpleasant in the same way that political correctness caused the British police to look the other way when over 40,000 “white trash” girls were being gang-raped, gang-sodomised, gang-tortured and prostituted for 10 to 15 years?

3. Welcome to Paris

And here, to cheer us all up on this bank holiday weekend is a typical enrichment street scene from City of Love Paris – enjoy:

Welcome to the “new, improved” snouts-in-the-trough

Could readers please take account of the fact that I’m writing in a country which was once a beacon of freedom and democracy. But now Britain has some of the most restrictive censorship laws in the formerly developed (now rapidly un-developing) world.

So, welcome to the “new, improved” snouts-in-the-trough – the website that celebrates the joys of diversity. The website that puts put people’s feelings above the truth. The website that believes lies are the new truth and truth is a lie. The website that believes facts are irrelevant and only libtard prejudices count. The website that supports  every biased report and lie put out by the BBC, C4 News and the Guardian

Just a couple of small things today as I haven’t had time to dig up something more substantial.

An inoffensive cartoon

Here’s cartoon a reader sent me. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone anywhere in any way. After all, this cartoon represents the new reality where all facts are lies and all lies are facts:

Welcome to the New Germany

If you visit a German town, what do you expect to see? Lots of people drinking beer and eating sausages? A bunch of fat men in lederhosen marching along to an oom-pah-pah oom-pah-pah band? Election posters for Angela “Mad Cow” Merkel defaced with whatever the German word is for “traitor”?

Well, here’s a fabulous short video from the New Germany. Oh, I just love the heart-warming multi-cultural enrichment shown in this video and hope we’ll also see lots more similar wonderful scenes of inter-community harmony like this in Britanistan soon:

Some great stories today…….

But as I’ve had to stop blogging due to Britain’s new oppressive libtard censorship laws (see yesterday’s blog) I’ll have to stop.

Is that OK, constable? Or are you still going to arrest me, harass me and try to destroy my life on the instructions of your promotion-hungry chief superintendent as he tries to kiss the ass of his politically-correct superiors?

It’s no longer possible to write a blog under Britain’s new censorship laws

It seems this will be my last blog. With Britain’s draconian new censorship laws, it’s no longer possible to express an opinion without risking a police investigation, police harassment and possible prosecution.

There have been three main stages in the extermination of free speech in Britain:

1. Invention of the “hate crime”

The first step towards the imposition of Britain’s totalitarian-state repression of free speech was the invention of the totally spurious concept of the “hate crime”.

A “hate crime” is defined as an offense motivated by hostility, or that shows hostility, toward the victim’s disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.

So, if I were to dare to suggest that there is one religion that seems to be a teensy weensy bit more disposed towards intolerance and violence than most other religions. Hey presto! I could be accused of committing a “hate crime”. Or if I were to write that “Prince Charles was a lying, self-obsessed, self-absorbed, low-IQ, adulterous drip”, no doubt that would be considered as being “hostile” towards the useless Charles and again I could be investigated, harassed and possibly prosecuted.

2. Anyone can claim someone is offended

We all know that there are many thousands of idiots who spend hours on-line every day looking for something they can claim offends them. Then they can express “outrage” on “social media” and maybe even start a “twitterstorm” or suchlike. But the wonderful (from our rulers’ point of view) thing about the supposed offence of “hate crime” is that a person doesn’t have to be personally offended by the “hate crime”.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) already defines hate crime as ‘any offence which is perceived by the victim, or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice’.

So, if you consider yourself offended by anything I write, or even if you are not offended but you feel someone else somewhere might have been offended, then the police would have to investigate whether I had committed a “hate crime”.

Given that my blog is often critical of the greed and incompetence of our rulers, the corruption and waste of the EU, the takeover of our continent by a resurgent Germany, the takeover of our country by our friends from the most wonderful of all religions and of our rulers’ policy of race replacement, then it becomes rather easy for someone somewhere to claim that they believe that I might have offended someone and am thus guilty of a “hate crime”.

As I wrote yesterday, this definition of a “hate crime” created a ludicrous situation last year when the Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s speech to the Tory party conference was investigated as a ‘hate crime’ after an Oxford academic — who wasn’t even there — complained about what he felt was its anti-immigrant message three months later. (West Midlands police found no evidence of a hate crime but recorded it as a ‘non-crime hate incident’.)

3. Words are now judged as dangerous as physical attacks

Yesterday I wrote about how Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the most senior public prosecutor in England and Wales, has decided in her wisdom that on-line “hate crime” against any person or group is the equivalent of a physical assault. She extended the concept of “hate crime” without needing to get any approval from the Government or Parliament. According to Ms Saunders, police should investigate any “hate crime” and judges should sentence anyone found guilty as if they had committed a physical assault.

Alison Saunders has just issued guidance to police, prosecutors and judges demanding a clampdown on any “hate crimes” on the media. The new policy documents cover different strands of hate crime: racist and religious; disability; and homophobic, biphobic and transphobic.

Conclusion – it’s over

These three legal moves put together now mean that Britain probably has more oppressive censorship laws than most totalitarian countries. How we have allowed this to happen in a country that throughout history has been a champion of democracy and free speech is incredible. Venezuela’s laughable tin-pot dictator Maduro must be looking on in envy at how Britain’s rulers managed to extinguish freedom of speech without any protests or violence.

In this new environment, it’s clearly impossible to write a blog like mine without risking investigation and possible prosecution should anyone anywhere feel that my blog was possibly hostile to someone somewhere even if that supposedly “offended person” was completely unaware of anything I had ever written.

I have already been warned once by my local Plod about writing supposed “hate crimes”. Yet Plod apparently doesn’t have any time or resources to investigate rapes, murders, burglaries, motor theft, acid attacks, knife crime etc etc.

Had my readers been a little more supportive of my blog, I would have risked continuing. But when 98.7% of my readers were so tight-fisted that they refused to buy a copy of my most recent book ( I just asked you to buy it, not to read it), it would be stupid for me to take a personal risk for people who couldn’t give a damn.

So, as they say in the cartoons, “that’s all folks”.

But a British government forcing even blogs like my totally insignificant efforts to close down should serve as a mark of shame for our country and a terrible betrayal of all those who made sacrifices to preserve our freedom and democracy.

The libtards have won!

We cowardly Brits should all hang our heads in shame for allowing this to happen!

Freedom of speech was killed yesterday. All criticism is now a “hate crime”

Killing free speech

Yesterday was a catastrophe for Britain. Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the most senior public prosecutor in England and Wales, has decided in her wisdom that on-line “hate speech” against any person or group is the equivalent of a physical assault. According to Ms Saunders, police should investigate any “hate speech” as a “hate crime” and judges should sentence anyone found guilty as if they had committed a physical assault.

But what is a “hate crime”? Well, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) already defines hate crime as ‘any offence which is perceived by the victim, or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice’. So, if you consider yourself offended by anything I write, or even if you are not offended but you feel someone else might have been offended, then I am automatically guilty of a “hate crime”.

Apparently this definition of a “hate crime” created a ludicrous situation last year when the Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s speech to the Tory party conference was investigated as a ‘hate crime’ after an Oxford academic — who wasn’t even there — complained about what he felt was its anti-immigrant message three months later. (West Midlands police found no evidence of a hate crime but recorded it as a ‘non-crime hate incident’.)

Alison Saunders has issued guidance to police, prosecutors and judges. To give you an idea of subjects that will now be taboo, the new policy documents cover different strands of hate crime: racist and religious; disability; and homophobic, biphobic and transphobic. They also say that victims of biphobic hate crime, aimed at bisexual people, have different needs and experiences compared to those suffering anti-gay and transphobic offences.

So, if I make a comment or joke about say men who like putting their penises into the bottoms of other men and someone complains because either they are offended or they think someone else might be offended, this will be considered by the police, prosecutors and judges to be the same as if I had taken a baseball bat and attacked a couple of homosexual men in the street.

Surely Alison Saunders must be the only person in Britain who cannot see how utterly absurd this policy is?

But I suspect she doesn’t care as the real reason for this policy is to kill free speech once and for all so nobody dares criticise our rulers’ policy of race replacement and nobody dares criticise anyone from a certain religious group who seem to have a slight predilection towards violence.

Killing Kevin Crehan

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog about Kevin Crehan. He was sentenced to one year in prison for putting some bacon on a mosque door handle and shouting some abuse. In December 2016 while in prison Mr Crehan mysteriously died. We were told at the time that he had probably committed suicide, though many people believed he had been murdered by some of our friends from our favourite religion. An autopsy was carried out in January 2017 and then Crehan’s body was hastily cremated thus destroying all evidence about how he died.

In spite of over six months passing since the autopsy, no results have been released. One could suspect that had some white prisoners been suspected of murdering someone from the Religion of Happiness, then there would have been outrage in the media, widespread protests and the autopsy results would have been published within a few days of the death.

Anyway, one of my readers wrote to the prison service asking when we would get any information about how Crehan died. Here’s the bureaucratic crap from the letter he received. Apparently when a white prisoner is possibly murdered by inmates from a certain religious group, it takes at least a year for the prison service to find out what happened:

22 August 2017

Our ref: Reference: FOI 179

Dear Mr B*********,

Subject: Freedom of Information Requests

Thank you for your email of 29 July 2017. Your request has been handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) and information that is held by PPO has been provided. You requested the following information.

Kevin Crehan died in custody on 27/12/2016 and was cremated on 20/01/2017. Why eight months later has no cause of death been released to the press?’

As we have received several requests about the death of Mr Crehan we are providing a response that answers all queries within those requests.

I can confirm the PPO is currently investigating the death of Mr. Crehan. We were notified of his death on 27 December 2016 and began an investigation into the circumstances. This was then suspended on 5 January 2017 because of a related police investigation, and because we did not know the cause of Mr Crehan’s death. Both of these issues are outside our control and do sometimes affect our fatal incident investigations, meaning they are suspended for several months.

In June, we were told that the police investigation had concluded and that we were given the results of post-mortem examinations, which helped us consider how to handle the case. In light of these developments, we unsuspended our investigation on 12 June and set a new target date for our initial report of 5 December 2017. This new date takes into account the period we were unable to work on the case when it was suspended.

There are no delays to the investigation for reasons other than the above and we will meet the new target date we have set unless there are other issues outside of our control.

As we are still investigating Mr Crehan’s death we are not in a position to share our conclusions, but please be advised that we publish all fatal incident investigations on our website when our report is finalised and the inquest has taken place, including our conclusion and recommendations.

We have been asked if we know the cause of Mr Crehan’s death. It is not the PPO’s role to determine this. Our role is to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death and identify lessons the prison can learn. The cause of death is determined by a coroner and jury following an inquest. We have not yet been told had the date of Mr Crehan’s inquest.

You have the right to appeal our response if you think it is incorrect. Details can be found in the ‘How to Appeal’ section attached at the end of this letter.

Yours sincerely

Daniel Crockford

Why I want Britain to stay in the EU

I want to live in a country with a mosque on every corner. I want to hear the joyous call to prayer blare out across our cities and towns five times a day. I want all women to undergo genital mutilation and then to be locked in their homes producing five to ten wonderful, West-hating mini-Jihadis each. And when the women are occasionally allowed out, I want them completely covered up looking like Darth Vader on a bad-hair day. I want most people to marry their first cousins, lowering the IQ level of the population and producing increasing numbers of medically-certified congenital morons.

That’s why I want Britain to stay in the EU!

I want to live in a country completely concreted over to build ever more Third-World slums for the illiterate, parasitic, unemployable millions pouring over our non-existent borders. I want our children to stop learning science and maths and biology and physics and chemistry and computer science and all the things that help human progress. Instead I want them forced to learn only from a book written over a thousand years ago containing what some foolish people might consider were the m*d ramblings of some ********** *********** ***** ******* (censored by PC Plod).

That’s why I want Britain to stay in the EU!

I want our once great Britain to cease to be an independent country with a proud history of bringing democracy and civilisation to the world. Instead I want us to become a small administrative, cash-cow region of a massive European superstate ruled by utterly corrupt, self-serving, hereditary bureaucrats taking their orders from what some people might consider a resurgent Nazi Germany which has finally fulfilled Hitler’s dream of subjugating the whole of Europe:

Hitler and Angela

That’s why I want Britain to stay in the EU!

I want our military and police to use their power against indigenous white British people imposing brutal political correctness, stamping out any free speech and stifling any criticism of those turning our country into a Third-World hell-hole. I want anyone daring to criticise the destruction of our country to be persecuted, to lose their jobs and to be imprisoned for supposed “hate crimes”. I want the white British population to cower in their homes while marauding gangs of unemployed and unemployable young men from ******* ******** ******* (censored by PC Plod) riot and rob and pillage what little is left of our country and, of course, beat up and gang-rape and gang-sodomise and torture any white girls foolish enough to venture out of their homes.

That’s why I want Britain to stay in the EU!

I am a spineless, treacherous coward. I want to betray the millions who died in two world wars protecting our freedoms and democracy. I call them fools. Brave patriots? No, they were just stupid suckers who sacrificed their lives for nothing. I laugh at their ridiculous ideas of honour and courage. I spit on their graves. I don’t want freedom. I don’t want democracy. I don’t want free speech. I am a snivelling, worthless disgrace to all those scientists, explorers, writers, political leaders and military commanders who once made Britain great. I am a worthless nothing and I deserve to see my country over-run by the fabulous, highly-educated, highly-literate, civilised cultural enrichers from the Third World.

That’s why I want Britain to stay in the EU!

Why no photos of dead children from Barcelona?

(weekend blog)


As you probably know, a few people have been stabbed by a man in the Finnish city of Turku and two have died. The attacker was screaming something like “I love my snackbar” during the attack. However, the Finnish police claim that the attacker’s motive is “unknown” and for the moment they’re denying it was a terror attack. No doubt as usual we’ll be told in a few days that the man was “known to the police” and had “psychological problems”.

A tale of two boys

I’m sure you remember the story of Aylan Kurdi. He was a three year old boy whose drowned body was photographed on a beach in Greece and used by the virtue-signallers and politically-correct mainstream media to put pressure on governments to admit millions of violent, illiterate, often inbred, low-IQ, unemployable, parasitic, benefits-scrounging, West-hating refujihadis and rapemigrants. Here are two photos of Aylan Kurdi which were ruthlessly exploited by the ‘rapefugees-welcome’ brigade:

At first we were told that Aylan Kurdi and his family were Syrian refugees. But later we found out that his family had actually been living for about two years in peaceful Turkey. So, when they set off for Europe, they weren’t fleeing war and persecution. They were understandably just heading for a better life in a richer country. And that’s OK. But the lefties and libtards desperately tried to cover up the fact that the boy died because his father was an economic migrant, not a refugee.

Moreover, whereas with British shipwrecks it’s often a case of “women and children first”. With our friends from the world’s greatest religion it’s a case of “every man for himself and sod the women and children”.

Now let’s move on to the recent Barcelona attack. Here’s a photo of what I believe is a young boy mowed down by the ‘van of peace’:

But you won’t see this photo in any mainstream media. You won’t see this photo broadcast around the world. You won’t see the lefties and politically-correct demanding justice for this boy. Why not? Because he was killed by a bunch of refujihadis and it would be Eezlumophobic to publish this photo. Moreover, this photo  might make people understand the threat Merkel’s policy of race replacement by importing millions of refujihadis poses to Western civilisation and that’s something our rulers, the lefties and the libtards want to avoid at all costs.

So the photo of the Barcelona boy will never be shown by the biased mainstream media. The photo of the Barcelona boy will be ignored by the mainstream media.


Meanwhile, here’s a short video from Australia. I don’t know the story. But it appears that the white Australian must have upset one of his “new Australian” neighbours so they “visited” him to discuss the matter.

As I once half-heartedly enquired whether I could move to Australia and was told that I didn’t qualify, I find it mildly amusing to see the kind of people the Australian Government welcomed while telling me to get lost. Enjoy:

You said it mate! Who are we to disagree?

I hope my few remaining readers appreciate that there are at least two difficulties in writing a daily blog:

  • Finding something to write that is not already covered by the mainstream media
  • Writing the truth without getting PC Plod turning up on one’s doorstep threatening to arrest one for supposed “hate crimes”
Meanwhile in Barcelona

Caramba! Ay-ay-ay-ay! Who would have thunk it? Yet another terror attack using a van of peace driven by someone from the religion of peace. And on the same day there was another van of peace or car of peace attack in a seaside resort near Barcelona:

No doubt we’ll be told that the motives for the attacks are “unknown”.

Oh, and a house nearby being used by some Moroccans blew up as they were preparing explosives.

And as the crocodile tears and platitudes pour in from supposed ‘world leaders’, the mainstream media have already started lambasting democratically-elected US President Donald Trump for daring to suggest that the attacks were connected to our favourite religion.

Here are just some of the empty platitudes we’ve come to expect from our useless rulers:

Britain – Prime Minister Theresa May said she was “sickened by the senseless loss of life in Barcelona” following Thursday’s deadly attack. Mrs May condemned the “terrible” assault in the Spanish city which saw a van plough into pedestrians and follows similar attacks in London in recent months. “The UK stands with Spain against terror.”

Germany- In a statement, the office of German Chancellor Angela Merkel said they were thinking of the victims of the “revolting attack” with “profound sadness”.

European Union – European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said: “I send my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims, as well as to Prime Minister Rajoy and the people of Spain. My thoughts are with the people of Barcelona.”

France – President Emmanuel Macron voiced “France’s solidarity” with Spanish citizens following what he called “a tragic attack”. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said: “Parisians are at your side. Barcelona and Paris are cities that share love and tolerance. Our values are much stronger than this heinous and cowardly act of terrorism”.

Netherlands – It was a “cowardly attack against innocent people,” Prime Minister Mark Rutte said in a statement on his Facebook page, calling it a “black day at a place where many people around the world gathered.”

The Vatican – Pathetic Pope Francis’s spokesman said in a statement: “The Pope prays for the victims of this attack and wishes to express his closeness to all the Spanish people, especially the wounded and families of the victims.”

Have you ever heard such empty, meaningless, hypocritical sh*te as these pathetic cowards come up with every time we are slaughtered by those our rulers encourage to come into our countries to kill us?

Arabs’ contribution to mankind

In the light of the latest Moozerlum atrocities, here’a an old (short) video I stumbled across in which an intelligent Arab (yes, some do exist) comments on the many achievements of our Arab friends.

Who are we to disagree with someone who seems to know what he is talking about?

Our cities have already been conquered

I don’t know what they teach in schools nowadays. I imagine things like Gender Fluidity and Global Warming are important parts of the curriculum as well as the crucial Media Studies. And, of course, making sure all children fully appreciate the joys of our favourite religion is also presumably compulsory, especially for white, indigenous Brits:

Moreover, as the A Level results are published today, we hear that our universities are so desperate to fill their courses and get their £9,000+ per student fees that pretty much anyone who managed to almost spell their name correctly will get a place.

When I was at school, one of the compulsory subjects was arithmetic. Though I guess that’s not the case anymore when I saw one parent on the BBC’s “Child Genius” competition yesterday evening repeatedly excitedly shouting that they were “110% committed” to their child winning.

Anyway, here’s some simple arithmetic. I’ve just taken Birmingham as an example. But you’d get the same results whichever ‘British’ city or main town you looked at

Welcome to Birminghamistan

The population of Birmingham is about 970,000, although, given that we have no border controls, the real population is probably considerably higher.

The main ethnic groups in Birmingham are white – 687,406 (70%); Asian – 195,794 (20%); other – 87,000 (10%).

So, no problem. In spite of a large non-British contingent, Birmingham is still apparently around 70% white British.

Now let’s look at the future. Let’s look at birth rates. Let’s assume that around 10% of each ethnic group consists of women of child-bearing age. Let’s further assume that each white woman will have about 1 child, each Asian woman about 4.5 children and each other about 2.5 children.

With these assumptions, over the next 10 to 15 years, there will be 68,740 white children (38%); 88,105 Asian children (49%) and 21,750 children from other (mainly black) backgrounds (12%).

Of course, my figures are just guesswork. So should you take them seriously?

Well, maybe you should. According to a report for the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership in 2013, Asian students formed the single biggest ethnic group in Birmingham’s schools with 13,248 pupils or 44.3% of the school population. White pupils accounted for 31.4% of the school-aged population and black students 13%.

I realise that the situation would be reversed in rural locations. But our cities and major towns are where power lies and where most of our taxpayers’ money goes. Moreover, the idiotic Tories are trying to put more mayors into cities and give them more power and more of our money to spend.

It’s a pity the Tories didn’t look at the demographics of our cities before giving them greater control.

Turkey’s wonderful president Erdogan recently told women from our favourite religion to have five children each to conquer Europe.

He needn’t have bothered – it’s already happening.

Another week of multi-cultural enrichment

Britain’s aircraft carrier farce

Before I launch into today’s blog, I thought it worth mentioning Britain’s wonderful new aircraft carrier – the only aircraft carrier whose deck isn’t cluttered up with untidy aircraft. All the news channels seem to be getting very excited about this great big white elephant and only briefly mention a slightly embarrassing lack of aircraft for the next few years as if this was some kind of surprise.

Well, I hate to be churlish and p*ss on everybody’s parade, but on page 55 of my 2006 book – PLUNDERING THE PUBLIC SECTOR – I predicted that Britain would be getting an aircraft carrier with no aircraft. That was 11 years ago. Yet in those 11 years, the stupid incompetents at the Ministry of Defence have been unable to fix the problem.

And, by the way, (also on page 55) I warned that when the MoD bought the aircraft, the MoD experts forgot to also licence the technology and so would end up having a hopefully advanced plane but without the knowledge how to operate it and repair it.

This week’s multi-cultural enrichment

It’s difficult to choose the best stories of multi-cultural enrichment from around the world. So, here are just a few of so many wonderful tales:


A teenager accused of gang-raping a 14-year-old girl with his school friends in Austria has moved to the UK, prosecutors say. The unidentified boy is one of six youngsters apparently from migrant families who terrorised the girl at the school in Graz – Austria’s second largest city – for months and reportedly raped her at least four times.

On one occasion, the schoolboys allegedly dragged their terrified victim out of the girls’ toilets, stripped her naked and raped her in the canteen.


A trainee nurse, who was hoping to work and support her impoverished family was raped by a fellow student from our favourite religion while working at a local hospital.

When she reported the attack, the victim family was being pressurized by the hospital authorities to bury the case. It seems that on her refusal to make a compromise, she has been removed from the job. All her belongings are lying in her hostel room which the management has put a lock on.


Also in India, a 14-year-old boy was taken by some Moozerlum ‘friends’ after an argument at a shopping mall. The ‘friends’ then phoned the boy’s mother demanding a ransom. During the call she heard her terrified son being beaten and tortured:

When she failed to pay, her son’s body was found dumped near New Delhi Railway Station. Multiple injury marks were found all over his face and the body indicated that he was battered to death, doctors said. However, police remain tight-lipped over the cause of death considering it a “communally sensitive matter”.


Officials said that Ramadan Abdullah was arrested by Johnson City police on May 31 for shoplifting ammunition.

According to the Broome County District Attorney’s Office, when a search warrant was executed on Abdullah’s storage unit in the town of Union, the following items were recovered:

  • Four loaded handguns; Eight assault weapons; 64 high-capacity ammunition feeding devices; One loaded shotgun; Two rifles; Thousands of rounds of ammunition for rifles, pistols and assault weapons, including .50 caliber armor piercing incendiary rounds, numerous firearm parts and flak jackets.

Abdullah was previously arrested when he was found to have enough material to make around 50 bombs but received an unusually light prison sentence..


The libtard lefties – the mainstream media – are once again outraged (as they usually are) about something democratically-elected US President Donald Trump has said. Apparently Trump has dared to suggest that both sides are responsible for the Charlottesville violence. That seems reasonable to me. And I think most people outside the London media bubble would agree. After all, how can you have a mass riot between two factions if only one faction is violent? But for the lefties it is an outrage to suggest that the lefty protesters are ever responsible for violence as lefties are always right.


You have probaby all had the misfortune to see Channel 4’s Cathy Newman. She’s the one who starts screaming at any interviewee who dares say anything she considers ‘politically incorrect’. When criticised recently for calling Moozerlum rape gangs “Asians”, here’s what the (IMHO) self-righteous, virtue-signalling, left, progressive Newman replied:

Yeah, right Cathy. The rapists’ religion had absolutely nothing to do with their actions. All Asians in Britain – Chinese, Thais, Malaysians, Sikhs, Koreans, Hindus – have also raped tens of thousands of white British trash girls over the last 15 years with the full cooperation of the police and social services. Is that what you’re claiming Cathy? Chinese, Thais, Malaysians, Sikhs, Koreans and Hindus are all rapists too?

Faggott-throwing – a new international sport?

I could go on. But you probably get the picture.

Anyway, to cheer us up, here’s the latest video by the genius who gave us the utterly brilliant “Join Islam Now”. Enjoy: