February 2019
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Wonderful Trump skewers our useless political pygmies

(Friday blog)

I almost can’t watch the news at the moment. On every channel all we get are sneering, insulting attacks against President Trump. The BBC’s attitude, in particular, shows we need to scrap the TV licence fee and make the BBC subscription only. Then the spoilt, over-paid, overpensioned, lefty, BBC virtue-signallers would find out […]

An apology to President Trump

(weekend blog)

Dear President Trump,

As you prepare to visit Britain, I would like to apologise. On behalf of all politically-aware, patriotic, decent Brits I would like to apologise to you.

I would like to apologise for the flood of abuse you have received from the British mainstream media and supposedly ‘leading’ commentators ever since […]

How civilisations decline and die

(Wednesday blog)

They are NOT ‘do-gooders’

Yesterday I listed some famous (IMHO) progressive libtards – Gary Lineker and Bono and Saint Bob Geldorf and JK Rowling and Lily Allen and George and Amal Clooney and others of their ilk. One reader made a comment about them being “do-gooders”. But the problem is that they are […]

Nobody complained when Obama separated the children

(Monday blog)

All of last week the mainstream media and the European ruling elites continued to spew out their loathing for Trump – this time for separating illegal migrant children from their parents.

As usual, the media and the virtue-signalling, holier-than-thou, progressive, hug-a-rapemigrant libtards forgot to mention the reason children were being separated from their […]

If only Britain had a real leader!

(Friday blog)

Here’s what a real leader looks like.

It’s democratically elected US President Donald Trump at a rally of his supporters a couple of days ago.

Can you imagine Dithering Doris May giving a speech like this? No!

Can you imagine Dithering Doris even daring to give a speech in public? No!

Can you […]

Germany to invade America?

(Tuesday blog)

As democratically-elected US president Donald Trump basks in the world media’s attention in Singapore, I wonder if Nobel Peace Prize-winning has-been, Mr Obama, is sitting in front of his TV screaming with rage because it’s not him who is the centre of attention.

By the way, can anyone remember exactly why Mr ‘all-talk-no-trousers’ […]

Trump kicks ass! Wonderful!

(Monday blog)

How wonderful to see Donald Trump telling the other members of the G7 that they could stick their communique where the sun doesn’t shine:

As the BBC and C4 News report this break with diplomatic convention with horror, they forget to mention that Canada applies a tariff of 270% – […]

Was Assad really responsible for the chemical attack?

(Weekend blog)

I wouldn’t normally go to Russia Today (RT) TV for reliable news. But it is a bit worrying that the video below, predicting a ‘false flag’ chemical attack in Syria, was posted on Youtube on 17 March 2018 – a couple of weeks before the actual attack which has been blamed on Assad […]

Was the Trump memo really a “nothingburger”?

Attached below is the best article I found describing the current spat between Trump and the US Establishment (Democrats, FBI and Department of Justice)

The four key points seem to be:

1. The FBI put together a ‘dodgy dossier’ which would have made our own Tony Blair proud. The dodgy dossier was based on work […]

Major butt hurt for ‘Democrats’ at Trump’s State of the Union speech

(Friday/weekend blog)

I don’t know if readers are fully aware of the utterly disgraceful behaviour of Democrat Members of Congress during Trump’s State of the Union speech a couple of days ago. The Democrats sat in disrespectful sullen silence throughout the speech. On the one occasion one Democrat did try to stand to applaud. But […]