March 2018
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What a coincidence! Migrant-free Poland safest European country for women

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Poland (along with other East European countries) has been in the news for its absolute refusal to take in any of Merkel’s invading army of multi-cultural-enriching migrants.

By an extremely odd, and to me inexplicable, coincidence Poland has also just been ranked as the safest country in mainland Europe for women.

Every year […]

Sadiq’s shit-hole – is London becoming the ‘crime capital’ of Europe?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Sadiq’s crime-ridden shit-hole

Today’s blog is about London under Mayor Sadiq Khan.

I suspect I have very few readers in London. Why? Because I imagine most of my readers are white, indigenous Brits and because there aren’t too many of those left in Mayor Khan’s multi-cultural paradise. In the 2011 census, white indigenous […]

Greater love for herself hath no woman than she would lay down her daughter for her own progressive liberal views

(weekend blog)

Here’s a jolly little story from Swedistan. I don’t think you’ll see this one reported on the BBC. And I can’t imagine Jon “Fuck the Tories” Snow, Kathy “hysterical lefty” Newman or Krishnan “I loathe Britain” Guru-Whatever from C4 News too enthusiastic about this sorry little tale

Sweden: Feminist Mother Refuses to Report […]

Goodbye Italy!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I wanted to call today’s blog “arriverderci Italia“. But “arriverderci” is a bit like the French “au revoir” – meaning we’ll see you again. If our rulers’ plans for Italy succeed, we won’t see Italy again.

What’s the problem?

The population of Italy is just over 60 million. Eurostat – the EU’s official […]

“Mental health problems” or just morons?

(Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday blog – I’ll start 2018 slowly to give readers time to drift back)

We all know that all races have exactly the same level of intelligence. To think otherwise would be a “thought crime” and to express such a thought would be a “hate crime”.

But almost every time there’s an Izlumic terror attack, […]

This Christmas let’s remember Christians?

Normally at this wonderful time of the year, we at snouts-in-the-trough like to wish our readers a multi-cultural ‘Winterval Holiday’ and a diversity-rich 2018. In the interests of not offending anyone who is not a Christian we, like many schools, businesses and other institutions in the West, have tended to drop the word ‘Christmas’.

But […]

Demographics – turning opportunity into catastrophe?

(Friday/Saturday/Sunday blog)

You’ll all know that most advanced Western countries (including Japan) are facing what alarmists like to call a ‘demographic time bomb’. Actually, all that is happening is that the indigenous populations are not reproducing at replacement rate.

This has two main consequences:

A shrinking economy as older people tend to spend less

Be careful if some ‘new Europeans’ ask you the way to the nearest Burger King

(Thursday/Friday blog)

This 14 second video is apparently from Germany. It appears to show some of Merkel’s migrant millions having a bit of innocent fun.

They start by asking an old man the way to the nearest Burger King. And when he turns to show them, they thank him in the only way they know […]

If Sweden is the future – I don’t want it!

(weekend blog) Throughout the 1960s, 1970s and even into the 1980s Sweden was always held up as one of the world’s most successful countries. Whenever lefties wanted to show us the wonderful future we would have under their rule, they would point to Sweden – almost no poverty, excellent education system, world-class healthcare, virtually no […]

Let them kill Christians! Our rulers don’t care!

(Monday blog)

Obama’s Izlumophilia?

I have previously (June 2016) written about how, under Obama, pitifully few of the Syrian ‘refugees’ allowed into the USA were from the two main persecuted groups Christians and Yazidis.

Christians used to make up about 10% of the Syrian population. Yet between the start of the conflict and May 2016, […]