June 2023
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The great British inheritance robbery?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I suspect that millions of pounds a year are being stolen from vulnerable pensioners and that most people in Britain don’t know this is happening.

So, in a change of style from my usual blogs, in this one I’ll tell you about my dear mother

My mother

My mother died a couple of […]

People you don’t want to meet on holiday

(weekend blog)

I don’t have any good stories this weekend. So I’ve ‘borrowed’ and adapted the stuff below from someone else’s blog. I suspect they probably ‘borrowed’ it from some other person’s blog who probably ‘borrowed’ it from yet another blog and so on and so forth. The blogging world is a brutal place.

*Disclaimer; […]

Beware – new PayPal scam

(Friday 2nd blog)

Below is an email I’ve just received. Supposedly it’s from PayPal and it had all the correct PayPal logos. But I know it’s a scam as it was sent to an email account that isn’t connected to my PayPal account. Also the email address this came from didn’t look like a […]

Would you fly in a plane built by our friends from India?

(Tuesday blog)

The world’s most dangerous plane?

You might remember a glorious incident in August 1999. During a visit to an electronics factory in Scotland, Prince Philip saw a messy fuse box and said it looked “as though it was put in by an Indian”. Within hours, Buckingham Palace started grovelling to the politically-correct: “The […]

Selling sh*t to suckers – like your council?

(Wednesday blog)

Some readers will find today’s blog a bit boring. But it’s quite important so I’ll do it anyway.

Offloading sh*t to suckers – Lloyds

One of the best examples of insiders offloading sh*t to suckers came in the 1990s. Insiders in the London Lloyds Insurance Market realised in the late 1980s that they […]

Scumbag of 2019 (so far) Award

(Thursday blog)

Today I’d like to nominate three remarkable individuals for the Scumbag of 2019 (so far) Award.

1. Gillian Beasley – Acting Returning Officer Peterborough City Council

We now know a little more about the recent Peterborough by-election.

For the Parliamentary by-election held on 6 June 2019 there were 13,682 postal votes issued. 9,898 […]

Computer security company tricks to cheat their customers?

(Tuesday blog)

I’m really sick today. So no blog. But I thought I could use today’s forum to warn readers of the tricks computer security companies use to extract the maximum amount of money from their customers

Last year I bought a year’s subscription to Norton Symantec anti-virus programme for about £15. The renewal price […]

Why is chicken so dirt cheap? Why is May such a chicken?

(Thursday blog)

I’m a bit sad today. It seems nobody liked yesterday’s blog about “Jon Snow Syndrome”. I thought it was rather droll. Hey ho, can’t please everyone.

Chickens – everything you ever wanted to know

Anyway, change of subject today. Let’s discuss chickens. There are about 35 billion chickens alive today.

I don’t eat […]

How the Establishment protected the RBS ‘banksters’

(Wednesday blog)

Establishment cover-up?

Some of you may have watched a BBC2 documentary last night – “The bank that almost broke Britain”. In it, a string of politicians and civil servants tried to make us believe that only their courage and decisiveness saved the British economy from a massive collapse in the banking crisis of […]

Tough sh*t Sajid Javid, my latest book “THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON” and Cressida D*ck

(Blog for week from 30th July to 5th August)

Tough sh*t Sajid Javid

Wonderful news – British justice has actually been done and Tommy Robinson has been freed. Moreover, the Court of Appeal found that:

* Tommy should not have been put on trial that same day * Tommy’s lawyer did not have proper time […]