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Is Cherie Blair rather corrupt? Or rather honest?

This a tale of two books. In 2008, my book “SQUANDERED How Gordon Brown is wasting over one trillion pounds of our money” was published. It sold about 15,000 copies and I got an advance from my publisher of about £6,000. So I earned about £0.40 per copy for a book that sold for about £8.99. Not much for all my work.

Not long after, the delectable Cherie Blair (wife of IMHO lying, expenses-thieving war criminal Tony Blair) published her book “SPEAKING FOR MYSELF”. It sold about 33,000 copies and she got an advance of somewhere between £1m and £1.5m. That means the delightful Cherie earned around £30 to £45 per copy even though the book only sold for about £9.99. So the publisher lost around £20 to £35 for every copy of Cherie’s book that was sold. Not a great business deal, perhaps?

So, what could explain the publisher’s extraordinary generosity to the charming Cherie?

There seem to be two possible explanations:

1. Bad business decision Perhaps the publisher mistakenly thought that Cherie was so popular and such a talented scribbler that millions of us would be rushing out to buy her brilliant memoirs and the publisher would make a fortune.

2. Corruption However, for those those who like conspiracy theories, there is a slightly more sinister possible scenario. Gail Rebuck, the boss of the publishing company that was so generous in handing over her shareholders’ money to the saintly Cherie was married to the now deceased Philip Gould. Philip Gould was Tony Blair’s strategy and polling adviser and is widely credited for helping Tony get elected three times. Gould was later ennobled by Blair and became Baron Gould of Brookwood. So, was the massive book advance thrust into the adorable Cherie’s bulging bank account actually a case of ‘you put taxpayers’ money in my pocket and I’ll put shareholders’ money in yours’?

I know not. I leave it up to my dear readers to judge Cherie’s saintliness or otherwise.

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