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Latest attempts to smear UKIP backfire spectacularly!

It seems like the latest attempt by the panicking, self-serving establishment to smear UKIP may be backfiring.

I’m sure you know about the UKIP poster campaign. I (probably like millions of other people) haven’t actually seen the posters on billboards anywhere. However, thanks to the attempts by the establishment media to smear UKIP’s posters as being ‘racist’ and ‘ignorant’ and ‘offensive’, I (probably like millions of other people) have seen the UKIP posters on TV and in the press.

But while establishment politicians and their sycophantic journalist lap-dogs howl ‘raaaccciiiisssstttt’, it seems that the British public may not agree with them.

Here are the results of a YouGov survey on whether people thought the UKIP posters are racist and offensive (click to see more clearly) ukip posters1

And here more results on whether people thought the UKIP posters reflected reality and whether people supported the views expressed by the posters:

Ukip poster2

It seems like the majority of people agree with UKIP and not the establishment politicians and their media cronies.

UKIP may only be spending about £1.5m (a very small sum in advertising terms) on their poster campaign. But the attempts by the establishment to smear UKIP have given the party free publicity worth many millions more.

Another own goal by establishment politicians and their sidekicks as they desperately try to defend their positions and privileges against the ‘peasants revolt’ started by UKIP.

(By the way, I did an interview with a journalist the other day and she couldn’t believe that 9 out of 10 people reading this blog were so tight-fisted that they absolutely refused to show just a bit of support by buying a copy of my latest book DON’T BUY IT! I suggested to her that perhaps my readers were all destitute. But she thought there was another reason for readers’ refusal to show any support.)

5 comments to Latest attempts to smear UKIP backfire spectacularly!

  • As an anti-Establishment party, we can expect the kitchen sink to be thrown at us. Well let them chuck as much mud as they like. Mud has a habit of splattering everywhere, that includes over the ones throwing it. Carry on. The voting public is seeing right through this tissue of lies and innuendo. I will admit that UKIP is not perfect, but compared to that bunch in the Lib/Lab/Con, we are like choirboys.

  • Paris Claims

    The bookies have labour as slight favourites over Ukip to win the Euros next may. The conservatives are way out of the betting and the LibDems may as well not bother. However if the comments in most of the newspaper blogs are anything to go by I reckon Ukip could actually do it. Let’s hope so.

  • Hello again. Out this morning in Swansea and met a chap who admitted not bothering to vote for many years, said he would actually join UKIP. What’s more, he said all his friends intended to vote for us also. It’s got to be UKIP by a country mile.

  • Alan Mabey

    P.S I read your blog and have bought your book!The chapters on house purchasing and car buying made my blood boil, cant believe I was taken in by all the patter,never again.Thankyou.

  • Kevin Belsey

    Message for Alan Mabey. Are you the same Alan who has a poster collection at the british council. Are yu related to Phyllis Mabey, she is my fathers sister.

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