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I agree with Tony!

I never thought I’d ever write this. But I agree with the (IMHO) slimy, lying, self-serving, greedy, arrogant, expenses-fiddling, dodgy-dossiering, war criminal Tony Blair.

Here is a bunch/pack/cacophony/herd of total fools (I’m sorry, I don’t know what the collective noun is for more than one fool all saying the same thing):

buffoons russia

They’re all trying desperately to drag us into a completely unnecessary confrontation with Russia over a ghastly, undeveloped country about which most people in the West don’t give a damn and most probably couldn’t find on a map.

Then suddenly up pops Blair, taking a few minutes off from getting rich thanks to the generosity of foreign dictators and multi-national banks. (I won’t show a photo of him as I don’t want to make any readers sick). Blair then says what I, and many others outside the mainstream media, have been saying for a long time, Russia isn’t the problem. We should be putting aside our minor differences with Russian and working with Russia against our common enemy – this lot, our enemies abroad:


 And this lot – our enemies in our own country:


So, although it hurts to write this – “I agree with Tony”

Oh, and to end on a more cheerful note. Here are two important politicians. One is Tory MP Dominic Raab. The other is fictional Tory MP Alan B’Stard (played by Rick Mayall). But can you tell which is which?


4 comments to I agree with Tony!

  • John Fields

    We must have a set of crazy idiots at the top if they cannot visualise the horror of a Third World War. It will make all previous wars look like a walk in the park . They should get
    together and look for a peaceful solution.

  • shortchanged

    Collective fools, noun, Galah, australian parrot like bird with a raucus screech, enough to wake the dead. Renowned for its silly habit of collecting in very large numbers on outback roads, particularly on bends where they are often subject to humongous sized vehicles running them over. Whereupon they collect in the same spot to have the same thing happen again., they seem to have a death wish.
    In addition they are kept by pensioners in large cages where they drive the neighbours potty by the aforementioned screeching, which by some miracle of nature does not seem to effect said pensioners.

  • Brillo

    Spot on again. Thanks so much for not displaying a photo of that big eared grinning idiot and his big mouthed wife.

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