May 2024

I’m a racist! Yes, I’m a raaaaccciiissst! I don’t want 46,000 people a month moving to Britain

As UKIP launches its poster campaign, anyone who feels that British sovereignty has been surrendered to a corrupt, undemocratic, bureaucratic superstate ruled by unelected komissars is being accused of being a ‘racist’ by the mainstream media

The desperate Daily Torygraph is even claiming “Ukip is worse than the BNP” and this is why (click to see more clearly)


So, I have to confess, having spent time in Brussels writing my book THE GREAT EUROPEAN RIP-OFF and having experienced at first hand the greed, arrogance, venality and kleptocracy of the EU elites:

–  I believe Britain should stay in Europe, but get out of the EU

– I believe Britain should control its own borders

– I believe Britain should decide who can come to Britain and who should be thrown out

– I believe that 46,000 people arriving to live in Britain every month is far too many for a small, crowded island

– I believe that Britain’s welfare state should support those who have contributed or British people who need help, not every piece of benefits-scrounging garbage from anywhere in the world

– I believe that the NHS should be a national health service not an international health service

– I believe that immigrants should adapt to our culture and customs rather than us grovelling to immigrant minorities

– I believe the BBC budget should be cut by 70% and the BBC restricted to making impartial news programmes, dramas and natural history programmes

– I believe we should get out of the European Convention on Human Rights and replace it with a British declaration of Human Responsibilities and Rights, whereby people refusing to accept responsibilities lose their rights

In spite of the fact that I speak several European languages and have lived and worked in Europe most of my life, I am apparently in the eyes of the LibBBCLabCon establishment a narrow-minded, little-Englander racist! If that’s the case, then I’m proud to be a raaaccciiiist!!!!!

4 comments to I’m a racist! Yes, I’m a raaaaccciiissst! I don’t want 46,000 people a month moving to Britain

  • Paris Claims

    You’re in good company, David.
    I understand that Paul was once a Ukip candidate, and I’m not sure why he left, or even if he was booted out. Personally, I think he’d attract more support than he’d lose if he was back in the fold, but I expect we’ll never find out.

  • John Fields

    Paris, I watched Paul Weston and I believe that we should leave the E.U.
    However I strongly believe that the greatest threat to England is the inward rising tide
    of Islam.

  • jblount

    That seems pretty sensible and in line with what I perceive to be the mood of the majority. So, well said.
    Were I you I would keep away from Harrowdown Hill.

  • Brillo

    I don’t get the DT whenever they give us the opportunity to comment on one of their UKIP articles the overwhelming support is for UKIP. It’s about time they took notice of their readership instead of trying to belittle them.

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