May 2024

Magnificent Putin exposes our lying, hypocritical, worthless leaders

I don’t suppose many readers had the time to watch the whole of Vladimir Putin’s speech yesterday. Being unemployed with nothing better to do, I saw the whole thing. My conclusion – Putin was wonderful. He was clear, focused, direct and devastating in the way he used withering sarcasm to expose the hypocrisy of our lying leaders.

Some of the points Putin made:

Crimea belonged to Russia – Crimea has been part of Russia for hundreds of years, apart from the brief period from 1954 to 2014.

Russia being pushed into a corner – The EU made a territory grab too far when it tried to pull the Ukraine away from Russia. Russia would not tolerate NATO tanks on its borders

Important naval base – Russia had its most important naval base in the Crimea and would not accept that base being handed over to NATO. As he said, “I would rather NATO troops came to visit us in the Crimea, than we came to visit them”

Clear referendum result – The referendum to become independent may have been rushed, but the results were so overwhelmingly in favour of independence that there could be no doubt that the Crimeans didn’t want to become part of an EU-controlled Ukraine

West’s hypocrisy over Ukrainian law – The West claims that the Crimea referendum for independence and then joining Russia broke Ukrainian law. However, when Kosovo broke Serbian law when it voted to become independent, the UN (pushed by the West) decided that the right of people to self-determination over-rode any national laws

West’s hypocrisy over international law – The West claims that Russia has broken international law by taking over the Crimea. Putin pointed out that after the West’s illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, it was good that the West finally remembered there was such a thing as international law

Nobody killed – When Putin made his speech, nobody had been killed in the Crimea, unlike the West’s disastrous military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan

Irresponsible statements from our leaders – Given the above points, Putin (correctly in my opinion) accused our leaders of making reckless and irresponsible statements and threats that could damage international relations and economic recovery.


But perhaps the most important message we can take from the Putin speech is the contrast between when Putin speaks and when our own leaders do. With Putin you know he says what he thinks and he’ll do what he says. You can’t really say the same for puffed-up, inane, lying, self-serving, greedy, incompetent muppets like Chameleon, Clogg, Milibrain, Baroness Pig, Kerry and President O’Bummer.

(By the way, Mr Cameron, please note how rapidly a referendum can be organised if a leader really wants one)

3 comments to Magnificent Putin exposes our lying, hypocritical, worthless leaders

  • Paris Claims

    One thing I’ve learned from Putin is if you want a referendum you can get one organised in double quick time. Cameron clearly does not want one on EUSSR membership, and anyone who thinks differently is incapable of logical thought.

  • NG

    Hi David,

    I agree with your opinions regarding the future of Crimea and the way the west has miss-handled this. I went to Kiev a couple of years ago and it reeks of history. And I think most of Slavic Europe lives in the past much more than we do in the West. Russia I am sure remembers the western Ukrainians who collaborated with the Nazi invasion. I listened to the house of commons on Radio 4 this morning debate this and there was only one MP who seemed to offer an alternative view to the prevailing consensus…what happened to independent debate in the house???
    I would hate to live under a Putin rule..but Russians seems to love and need strong rulers and Putin has the country behind him. At least Obama is in the White House now and not Bush!!!

  • shortchanged

    Good article David telling it as it is. Especially reminding Cameron how swiftly a referendum can be organised, now we know he has no intention of having one.
    NG, I agree with most of what you say but perhaps you are not aware of Obama rulng by Presidential Edict, also known as Dictatorship. When you can’t get Congress to vote your way, sign an Exceutive Order.
    As for Putin, maybe he is a benign dictator, but he is certainly a better speaker without the childish bluster of Kelly, Obama Clinton et al. As you say, the People seem to love him, perhaps because he acts for Russian interests. If Cameron did the same, maybe he would enjoy some of the popularty Putin does, instead of being the lap dog of the Washington elite and making us the laughing stock of the world.
    Vote UKIP and lets rule ourselves.

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