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Immigration has been a costly disaster – just do the maths!

It seems as if every few months, some official body or some left-wing supposed think tank issues a report claiming immigration has been a huge benefit for the British economy. The most recent one was from the (IMHO) biased sycophant Robert Chote’s ludicrous £2m a year Office of Budget Responsibility. So, if you’ll bear with me, I’ve done my own back-of-a-fag-packet calculation of the “economic benefits” of our masters’ attempts to drown us with immigrants as they hand over control of our country to their corrupt, wasteful, unelected bosses in Brussels.

About 532,000 people come to the UK each year. Of these, around 209,000 are from the EU and 323,000 are non-EU.

If we take the 209,000 from the EU. About 20% will be unemployed and will cost us about £11,800 each in benefits and public services (just health, education and policing). That’s 41,800 people costing us £493m a year. Of the remaining 167,200, probably around 146,900 (70% of the total) will be doing jobs where they don’t earn enough to pay much in tax, but will be costing about  £1,800 each in services – total cost £264m. Another 10,450 (5%) will be paying about as much in tax as they take in services. And 10,450 will be paying say £5,000 a year each more in taxes than they take in services – £52m contribution. Moreover, those 167,200 working will be forcing at least 33,440 Brits onto the dole, costing us another £500m in benefits and services.

So the total cost of each year’s immigration from the EU is around £1.2bn (click on chart to see more clearly)

cost of immigration

As for the 323,000 non-EU immigrants. About 30% (96,900) will be unemployed costing us about £1.5bn a year in benefits and services. Of the remaining 70% (226,100) about 193,800 (60% of the total) will not be earning enough to pay much tax but will be taking about £1.05bn in services. About 16,150 (5%) will be cost neutral as they’ll be paying as much in tax as they take in services, while the remaining 16,150 may be contributing about £81m more in tax than they take in services. And, of course, the 226,100 working will displace about 45,220 Brits from jobs costing us around £678m.

This brings the cost of non-EU immigrants to £3.1bn a year (click to see chart more clearly)

cost of immigration non EU

So, the total cost of just one year’s immigration must be in the region of £4.3bn. As this tsunami of immigration has been going on for more than 10 years, we’re now paying over £43bn a year for immigrants – a figure that will increase by about £4.3bn a year as the uncontrolled floods of immigrants keep pouring into the country.

And this calculation doesn’t take account of the social costs of seven million new arrivals – crowded hospitals, collapsing health services, increases in crime, schools where most of the children don’t speak English, rising housing prices, overcrowding and so on.

Anyone who claims immigration has been good for Britain is either a liar or a fool or, more usually, both.

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2 comments to Immigration has been a costly disaster – just do the maths!

  • Paris Claims

    Even if it was true i.e. there was some economic benefit to mass immigration, it would be massively outweighed by incalculable costs such as overcrowding, crime, filth and squalor, security costs and a reduction in the quality of life. And then there’s the rise in housing costs, coupled in downward pressure on wages. And they almost certainly don’t buy David’s books.

  • John Fields

    I think that Paris’s last sentence is a gem.

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