December 2023
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Things are gettting better and better and …… aaaarrrrrggggghhhh!!!!

As we move towards yet another Osbornomic budget, all the usual idiots are blethering on about how we need tax cuts. After all, these buffoons argue, with the economy growing, our great chancellor can afford to give us back a bit of our money. What planet are these utter twats living on???

Yesterday, I hopefully showed that the only way our masters could make it look like the economy was growing was by fiddling the inflation figures. Today, I’ll try to show how “healthy” our national finances are.

1. Government spending – is still totally out of control and is still heading remorselessly upwards. It was £672.3bn when the Coalition took over in 2010, it will be £728.7bn in 2015. (I know there seems to be a drop in 2013, but suspect when all the figures are in, 2013 will go a bit higher) (click on charts to see more clearly)

gvt spending

2. Government debt in £trn – this is also shooting ever upwards in spite of the supposed “economic growth” which I believe doesn’t exist

national debt pounds

3. Government debt per capita – this is also climbing towards the skies

gvt debt per capita

I’m not an economist. And I realise that there are many very clever economists running the country, writing in the press and appearing in the media. But when I look at the above 3 charts, I fail to see the bright lights of economic recovery that everyone else is celebrating. I apologise for being really really stupid.

5 comments to Things are gettting better and better and …… aaaarrrrrggggghhhh!!!!

  • John Fields

    Bloody hell! It seems we are being ruled by aliens in human disguise.

  • Paris Claims

    Winston Churchill once said “that for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.”

    We have to shift spending away from the state and towards the private sector/individuals.
    We need a massive reduction in government spending and lower taxes, in my view.

  • You’ve confused me with this one, David.

    We do indeed need tax cuts AND spending cuts (they’re not the same thing – your article suggests that they are).

    The government is spending (wasting) far too much of the money they’re taking in taxes.

    The money is better left in the hands of individuals and businesses so that it can be invested for growth rather than thrown into the black holes of government’s own making.

  • John Fields

    What we require must be drastic. Leave the E.U. and stand on our own. Abolish the
    Lords. Cut M.P., numbers to two hundred, stop the Trident programme, cap Civil
    Servants and Local Government top executive salaries. Let the Royal Family pay for
    itself. Child Allowance for the first two. Reduce the number of Local Government
    councillors, and check their expenses. Metropolitan Police plus six Regional Areas,and same for the N.H.S., by abolishing Hospital Trusts. We will still be up sh-t creek, but at
    least we should be heading in the right direction.

  • shortchanged

    Amen to that, John Fields, I nominate you for Prime Minister, David Craig doesn’t seem to be interested.

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