February 2024
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Just a few words expose the absurdity of open doors immigration

(a short blog today)

With all the heat and noise in the media surrounding the level of immigration forced on us by our Europhiliac leaders, I felt that the following quote exposed the utter absurdity of the open doors immigration policy being forced on us by our EU masters:

“You can have open borders or a welfare state. But you can’t have both”.  

Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman

Case closed? We have to control immigration!


Meanwhile down in the Ukraine, Putin has wrong-footed our useless leaders yet again. The Crimean Parliament have voted to leave the Ukraine and join Russia. Moreover they’re planning a referendum within the next few weeks. That leaves our worthless leaders threatening Russia to deny the democratic rights of the people living in the Crimea. What a farce! Are we really going to economic war with Russia to prevent the Crimeans choosing which country they want to belong to?

This makes Putin the defender of democracy. Obama, Kerry, Cameron and Hague have revealed themselves to be even stupider than anyone thought.

Oh, and here’s a very serious-looking Cameron talking to President O’Bummer about starting the next world war Giggle, giggle

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  • Paris Claims

    I can see them now planning to tell the world that the referendum will be a stitch-up, voting irregularities etc.

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