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By 2067, ethnic British will be a minority in Britain

Here’s something I hope readers will find interesting.

I’m sure readers know that fertility rates amongst Britain’s immigrant population are much higher (often more than twice the level) of ethnic British. This means that, if the current rates of immigration continue (and they’ll probably increase as ever more countries join the EU) within 53 years immigrants and their children will be become the majority in Britain and ethnic British will become the minority. The chart below shows ethnic British and ethnic “minorities” as a % of the population from 2001 to 3001 (click on chart to see more clearly)

British minority

It would be nice if our politicians, the Guardianistas and the BBC would discuss this.

(I think the chart says so much, that there’s no need for me to add any more comments)

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4 comments to By 2067, ethnic British will be a minority in Britain

  • Paris Claims

    Surely the last date on the graph should be 2101 rather than 3001?
    I saw some interesting projections for the white population of the world. If we were animals we would be seeing adverts on the TV to prevent our extinction. Not much happens by chance, there does appear to be an agenda. What possible benefits are there to flooding the country with third world immigrants? Many, especially our muslim colonisers, will be welfare dependent, and many have scant regard for our laws, as proven by the ethnic make up of our prison population.

  • David Craig

    Sorry – you’re right. I wrote this at 03.00 but have now corrected it.

  • I think that the English will cease to be the majority in England rather than the British Isles much sooner. The picture is made complex by the East Europeans however people classed as white English are already in the minority in many of the towns and cities. Among people under say twenty five the ratio of non white English is much higher,probably one in three.
    In one of his last television interviews Enoch Powell said that it would lead to a state of civil war.

  • Brillo

    Within 30 years we will have a civil war in this country as the Muslims try to take over our way of life, this will probably be the case in the rest of Europe. Our only option to avoid this situation is bring in birth control now and stop paying immigrants to breed. In any event unless population is reduced worldwide it’s doubtful the planet we last another 150 years. Sorry to be so grim, but all our politicians talk about is growth, well I have news for them, the earth is not growing so we will eventually outgrow it.

    2 liinks worth looking at.



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