July 2024

The best newspaper story of the year so far?

Normally on my blog, I try to do research to bring readers new information that they might not have known about – like, for example, yesterday when I exposed just how many foreigners are allowed to vote in UK elections.

However today, I’m just going to repeat a story I read in the national press yesterday. I apologise if you’ve already read it. But it’s so good, I’ll risk wasting your time by repeating it here.

Incidentally, when I read the story in the Times, I wrote a comment “That’s cheered me up on another cold stormy day”. This was almost immediately deleted by the moderator for not being “politically correct”. So I wrote another comment “If you can’t do, teach. If you can’t teach….bang!” That too was deleted by the Times moderator for not being politically correct. Free speech or censorship?

I hope this cheers you up as much as it did me:

Suicide bombers and teacher blown up at Iraq training camp

An entire class of jihadist recruits learning to make suicide bombs at a camp in Iraq were killed yesterday after their instructor accidentally detonated a car packed with explosive.

The instructor and 21 of his students were killed in the blast at a training camp north of Baghdad run by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, the terror network’s one-time affiliate in Iraq.

Al-Qaeda’s central command broke ties with the group last week amid infighting between rival Islamist rebel groups in Syria. The network had previously ordered the group to return to the battlefield in Iraq, leaving Syria to an already established al-Qaeda offshoot. The blast was the first indication Iraqi security forces had of the presence of an ISIS training camp 60 miles north of Baghdad, tucked away in an orchard in the village of al-Jarama.

The recruits were attending a lesson on making car bombs and explosive belts when a glitch set off one of the devices. Security forces heard the blast and arrested 12 wounded recruits along with another 10 trying to flee.

Authorities searched two houses and a garage, finding seven car bombs, explosive belts and roadside bombs.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the deaths of thousands in a massive suicide bombing campaign that has helped push the sectarian carnage in Iraq back to levels unseen since 2008.

(Incidentally, I’m not sure these guys will get their virgins as they didn’t actually kill anyone, just themselves. Snigger snigger)

2 comments to The best newspaper story of the year so far?

  • Paris Claims

    I have to say when I read the story my first reaction was to hoot with joy and send the link to a few of my non PC pals.
    However, I expect many of the pupils were orphans, dragged off the streets, or simple minded. Maybe some of them were coerced by their parents. I expect we’ll never know. Islam is probably the most evil ideology ever, it rots the brain and destroys countless lives, and yet western governments invite this plague into our homes and bend over backwards to promote and excuse it.
    Have they not learned that if your in a hole, now is the time to stop digging, or is there a real agenda behind it?

  • rob

    Paris: “Have they not learned that if your in a hole, now is the time to stop digging, or is there a real agenda behind it?”

    Theres probably a real agenda to this as the elites in charge may be greedy, corrupt careerists but are not completely stupid.

    Remember over 10 years ago when everyone was wondering why labour wouldn’t do anything about immigration. All was revealed before the last election when it turned out they had a secret plan to rub the nose of the right in diversity, i.e open the floodgates.

    One can only speculate at why they allow the things they do.

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