October 2021
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The ideal future for the EU explained in 2 minutes 43 seconds

Here’s a short (2 min 43 secs) video where Tory MEP, Daniel Hannan, explains with depressing clarity how the EU and Europe should develop in the future

I say “depressing clarity” as what he says is so obviously right. But it will never be allowed to happen because our corrupt, unelected, socialist EU masters will never allow any reduction of their ever-increasing control over us.

And thanks to a reader for this – it’s Farage giving yet another well-deserved bollocking to the arrogant, utterly venal, unelected, implacable enemies of democracy Barroso and Van Rompuy:

And hopefully you’ll all have noticed that in a referendum, the Swiss have just voted to impose restrictions on the number of people moving into Switzerland from the EU (click on pictures to see more clearly)

Maybe they don’t want their orderly, beautiful country to be over-run by hordes of East Europeans and Roma gypsies (click on picture to see more clearly)

One group of supporters of more control of immigration held up a placard saying “No borders – no country”. If you don’t have control of who comes over your borders, then you’re no longer an independent country. I think we’d all (apart from Cameron, Miliband, Clegg, Mandelson, Clarke etc etc) agree with that.

(by the way, if my blogs make you angry and raise your blood pressure, then I suggest you take medical advice before reading what I’ll be writing tomorrow)

4 comments to The ideal future for the EU explained in 2 minutes 43 seconds

  • Paris Claims

    A couple of questions….
    What is Hannan doing in Cameron’s conservative party?
    Why has the eloquent Mr Farage kept silent on matters concerning the Religion of Peace?

  • Mike

    I get so angry when I read these articles, not with you Craig but with the selfish morons who have betrayed us.

    Cameron, “Do the right thing” Dave is determined to destroy our Nation. The reality is that we are beginning to live in a stealth concentration camp where the guards are immigrants and the unemployable and all run from Brussels.

  • Peter

    Paris Claims says, “Why has the eloquent Mr Farage kept silent on matters concerning the Religion of Peace?”

    Nigel Farage on Islam in the UK

    UKIP Nigel Farage MEP – Full face burka is oppresive to women and a symbol of divided society

    UKIP Pat Condell on the left wing pricks at the BBC & Guardian

  • shortchanged

    Thanks for the warning David, I shall take a couple of Paracetamol and have the paramedics on standby.
    I read about the Suisse Government and the restrictions they intend to impose. But this begs the question, why can’t the spineless politicians do the same in this country? I have come to the conclusion that the government want’s migrants to come here so their friends in business can sell more and profit more, and if these migrants draw benefits it doesn’t matter, we taxpayers foot the bill, if the bill is too large, impose more taxes, and so on. As it not occurred to anyone that most of the migrants that do come to work, send as much money ‘home’ as they can. Just ask Federal Express the Post Office etc which countries the money is going to.

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