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You’d better buy some good insurance – crime in Britain may be out of control

Recent revelations have shown us that our good honest police (probably encouraged by the politicians) have been fiddling the crime figures for years to make it look like crime is falling, when it actually may be spiralling out of control.

I’m no statistician, but I’ve been playing around with the figures the police do report (which hugely underestimate the real level of crime) and come up with some quite unpleasant conclusions.

Even if we were gullible enough to believe the police’s fiddled figures, that would still give us about 2,961,776 crimes committed in England and Wales each year. Here are the main categories of these 2,961,776 crimes (click to see more clearly)

This means that an incredible 56,957 crimes are committed in England and Wales each week:

This is almost terrifying – over 1,000 sex offences each week, over 8,000 vehicle crimes, about 10,000 burglaries a week and an astonishing 15,800 violent crimes each week.

Maybe it’s time to buy some awfully good insurance.

6 comments to You’d better buy some good insurance – crime in Britain may be out of control

  • right_writes

    There is an old socialist maxim that “every new law creates a new class of criminal”…

    The rate at which the “new” socialists (communitarians) pass new laws, and the nonchalant attitude to the discussion of new ones each year, is mind boggling. So even disregarding what you say David, the idea that crime “is down this year”, is utterly preposterous.

    It is very strange that in their excitement at the prospect of saving the human race by stopping children smoking in cars, or stopping people looking at things on screens etc…

    They forget to deal with real crime… The sort of stuff that you list above… The stuff that ordinary, real folk find really offensive, like burglary, or rape… (Ten commandment stuff)

    This sort of crime ruins people’s lives, but they hide that… Brush it under the carpet…

    Oh and of course, the most offensive crime in terms of “the community” must be without a doubt, debilitating taxation, and they are experts at that.

  • Paris Claims
    Do crimes like this get recorded?
    Or are they looked into (AKA ignored)

  • JT

    The police have long since stopped trying to stop crime being committed. How many patrol cars do you see on the motorway these days, but how many speed cameras? How many Bobbies walk a beat when there are snooping security cameras about in our town centres. Football matches are now patrolled by police cameramen who spend the whole afternoon filming enjoying themselves – the last person that I saw thrown out of a football ground was a chap in a surgeon fancy dress costume. He refused to remove his face mask and was thrown out despite being well behaved.
    Senior police are now cowards driven by stats. They are happy to let crime occur as long as they capture it on camera and then turn up mob-handed to arrest somebody at the crack of dawn, preferably with even more cameras.

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