February 2021
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Why are travellers’ rights more important than taxpayers’ rights?

This is just a small story from Poole in Dorset. But I believe it reflects what is happening all over Britain. The rights of those who obey the law, work and pay taxes are being trampled into the dirt as political correctness leads our masters to grovelingly give in to the “rights” of violent, criminal, benefits-scrounging parasites who refuse to obey the law and refuse to contribute anything to society.

At a time when they’re cutting services to people who live in the area, Poole Council has just voted to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds setting up two permanent sites for supposed “travellers”. The reason they’re doing this is because if they don’t, the travellers will come here anyway and just set up illegal sites. So, instead of enforcing the law and clamping down on illegal sites, the Council gives in to people who break the law. (click on picture to see more clearly)

I’ve only come across travellers once – when my wife and I were out cycling one Sunday. It was an absolutely terrifying experience.

The reaction of one resident to Poole Council’s decision probably sums up how millions of us feel (impotent rage?) as we see our taxes being squandered on the worthless, the criminal, the spongers and the disruptive:

“Tonight’s decision was the wrong one! Last time the gypsies came to Creekmoor, crime rose by 78%. My sister, a single mother in the area, was scared for her safety as each evening she heard gunshots from the illegal camp. Furniture and other items were stolen from neighbours’ gardens and the local farmer’s field was left in a mess.

This will not benefit anyone in Poole – this proposed site is on the main thoroughfare into the town from the west – what does that say to tourists when they see travellers as they come into the town? Let me also make it clear that this is not a ‘temporary’ site. This is permanent and ongoing. We have been told by our local councillors that phase one will include 12 pitches, and the next phase more than 20 (something they omitted from this evening’s meeting.)

This will cost Poole tax payers more than £250,000, with further money being required to maintain the site in the coming years, a crazy move when we have just been told that our bus service is being cut by £100,000 as Poole Council have insufficient funds!!! Poole already has a permanent traveller facility at Mannings Heath which was smashed and ruined. Poole is already doing more for the gypsy community than others.

This site will prevent the fire service from further expansion, local businesses will block their car park access for their protection and will subsequently close the agreed access for the fire brigade to cut across to Creekmoor and Broadstone, increasing callout times by 3 minutes. This evening was a perfect display of scared councillors passing the buck, with the attitude of “it’s not in my ward, so we’ll vote for it to ensure it never is”.

The most insulting thing of all, is that the local residents were never consulted, despite telling the press to the contrary. Is it legal to press ahead with proposals like this without consultation? We live in an era of democracy, but have fallen far from that tonight!”

4 comments to Why are travellers’ rights more important than taxpayers’ rights?

  • Paris Claims

    I’m not sure why they pander to the “travelling community”. It’s not like they even bother to vote.

  • Mike

    Nice to see someone used the “G” word. How about the “P” word and no its not parasite. Clue: Sounds like a fish.

    I would agree that they had human rights if they behaved like decent human beings but they don’t.

    Its about time HMRC took an interest in their taxable income.

  • Gorjabasha

    We could say the same about you gorjas. Maybe if you stopped murdering, raping, stopped your binge drinking and that “holier than thou” hateful British attitude Gypsies might consider treating you gorja scum with respect.

    Respect is a two-way street, you’d do well to remember that.

  • Gypsy Lad

    Ah, shame you gorjas can’t do anything about it, isn’t it? lol

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