March 2019
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Sadly, the EU is not a joke

Probably over 10 million people in in the EU have lost their jobs since the start of the EU debt crisis bringing the total number of unemployed in the EU to a staggering 27 million. That’s 27 million people, most of whom want to work, who cannot have the self-respect of knowing that they can support themselves and their families, who have nothing useful to do all day, who are stagnating and ignored by Europe’s worthless, overpaid, over-pensioned leaders.

In some countries with youth unemployment at over 50%, many young people’s lives have been destroyed as they will never get the jobs for which they have studied or trained. But at least the EU’s blundering economic incompetence has given some work to one group of people – cartoonists.

Here are some views of the wonderfully successful Greek bailout (click on pictures to see more clearly)

And here are some more:

And mighty David Cameron’s promises to reform the corrupt, wasteful, Stalinist EU:

And the increasingly desperate efforts of the EU’s political pygmy leaders to hold things together:

And the utter hopelessness of their feeble efforts:

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