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Russians have a lot to learn in the Land of Smells

I thought I’d start 2014 gently with a few travellers’ tales from the Land of Smells. Tomorrow’s post will be much more serious.

The background to the first two stories is that it’s only in the last few years that Russian tourists have been coming here and so most aren’t aware of some interesting local customs..

Russian tourist Vladimir Bodrov 28 found himself a beautiful “girl” on Walking Street and agreed “short time” with her for 1,000 Baht (£20). But on getting to a short-time room and taking his clothes off for his fun, poor Vladimir found that his “girl” had a certain appendage where a certain appendage should not have been. This made Vladimir quite angry and he thumped the ladyboy breaking her nose. But the ladyboy fought back and the police were called.

Following the incident, the ladyboy demanded that Vladimir pay her some of the 80,000 baht (£1,600) that he/she had recently spent on plastic surgery to make his/her face more feminine – plastic surgery which the angry Russian had somewhat damaged. Vladimir refused. The police decided to take no action and Vladimir returned to Russia, hopefully a little wiser in the customs of the Land of Smells. Here’s Vladimir and his ladyboy in the police station:

Evgeny Gerasimenko, 40, also was unlucky in love. He too chose a girl who was not all he/she should have been and had more things than a girl should normally have. Evgeny’s ladyboy did what many ladyboys here do to earn a living – she suggested Evgeny and her have a drink before boom boom, drugged his beer and made off with his camera and 10,000 baht (£200).

Here’s Evgeny pointing to the offending ladyboy who took him for a ride, but not the ride he expected:

But the stupidest tourist this year wasn’t a Russian. It was probably New Zealander Bernard John Griffiths 65. He too fell in with a ladyboy. Apparently they agreed some kind of commercial arrangement and Mr Griffiths went with the ladyboy to an ATM to withdraw money to pay for the “girl’s” services. The instructions on the ATM screen were, naturally enough, mainly in Thai. But there is always an option (written in English) letting you choose another language. Dumbo Griffiths didn’t notice this option. So the ladyboy, rather than showing Griffiths how to choose English, instead helpfully offered to take out the money for him. Griffiths gave the ladyboy his card and PIN number and the ladyboy withdrew the cash and gave money and card back to Griffiths. Then, as usual, the ladyboy suggested a drink before they went off to do happy happy. And, as usual, the ladyboy drugged Griffiths’s drink.

Griffiths told police they shared a beer together, but that he saw the suspect shaking his beverage before giving it to him. Asking why, he was told it was to clear the foam from the bottle. Griffiths took the ladyboy’s word for it and drank up, then quickly passed out in a corner and the ladyboy made off with the New Zealander’s wallet, visa card, a diamond ring worth 8,000 NZ dollars, a gold necklace worth 3,000 NZ dollars and the 10,000 baht cash that was withdrawn from the visa card prior to the drink.

Hey ho, life’s never dull in the Land of Smells

1 comment to Russians have a lot to learn in the Land of Smells

  • shortchanged

    Getting ‘conned’ by a ladyboy is, I can imagine not that hard, especially if a couple of drinks have been quaffed.
    However, the kiwi, was a right prat, and should not be allowed out alone, with all that bling on his person, whatever did he expect? Silly man.

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