December 2023
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Don’t bother visiting Paris – a dirty, dangerous East European slum

Paris used to be a wonderful place to visit

But it has now been over-run by East European beggars

East European pickpockets

And East European muggers

After January 2014, this plague of locusts will move to London and most other major British cities.

Thanks Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg

(If you have any friends living in France, please send them a link to today’s post so they can see the image foreigners are getting of their once wonderful capital city)

5 comments to Don’t bother visiting Paris – a dirty, dangerous East European slum

  • Paris Claims

    You forgot to give a mention to the “yoots” and their regular Car-B-Qs, and the koranimals praying in the street.
    An old joke springs to mind after reading your article

    Q/ How many men does it take to defend Paris?

    A/ Don’t know. It’s never been tried.

  • Karen Watson

    To our dear French neighbours,

    Like you, our country is under attack. It has taken a long time for our people to wake up, but they are waking, just as many French men and women are. A vote for Marine Le Pen is a sensible step toward a brighter future: one in which France regains its sovereignty, controls its borders, and whose government works in the interests of its people, rather than the global so-called elite. The days of the extremist anti-white anti-Christian pro-EU usurpers are coming to an end. Let’s work to make the transition to representative democracy as smooth as possible.

  • David

    Why is this thanks to Cameron and Clegg. Bulgaria entered the EU in 2007 when Blair was PM. He signed the enlargement treaty years before. There is no way round the free movement of people within the EU as long as the UK is a member.

  • hk

    hello, yes we have just spent 4 days in Paris. The government needs to work out how to move beggars on from the doorways, every corner, especially outside of stores, and even on trains, they move through the carriages begging. Most people are compassionate, but i would rather give money to a registered charity that i knew was doing good work, than a beggar who may be a professional, not be poor at all, or who refuses to work. I too found Paris very dirty, lots of graffitti, the underground has terrible conditions, rubbish, people jumping over the turnstiles to avoid paying their fares, paint peeling from the ceilings. Of course, this was all along with absolutely beautiful architecture, art and food. Sadly, I think the above turns people off and the
    Government needs to be aware people do not want or need to be accosted constantly by people who refuse help or work

  • John

    Those beggars are not Eastern European you morons! They are gypsies! What a bunch of tools you people are.

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