March 2023
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The rise of greed in Britain and Harry Enfield explains the banking crash on “Dragons Den”

A reader sent me the following comment “Having read your fantastic blog for quite some time, and being 86, death holds no fear for me, because I  have come to the conclusion, that, with very few exceptions, every bastard on this planet is out to screw me.”

That really makes me seem like the most miserable, cynical person on earth.

I try not to be too negative, but I think there has been a dramatic change in morality in Britain over the last 30 years. And perhaps I notice it more than many people because I lived abroad for 20 years till about 6 years ago.

When I grew up, in the public sector and even in business, there were many people who felt that their jobs were not just a way of accumulating as much money as possible. Instead many had a sense of duty and got satisfaction from contributing to whatever organisation or company they worked for. As I describe in my latest book GREED UNLIMITED, I think that basic morality and decency have gone. Whether in politics, business, banking, the BBC or in the public sector, greed seems to have taken over from a sense of duty and a job well done. So, we see politicians, business bosses, bankers, BBC executives, council and NHS bosses all avariciously filling their pockets with as much of our money as they can and none of them (hello Sir David Nicholson) giving a damn about the damage they do to other people while feathering their own nests. At almost all levels in almost all organisations, whether private or public, we have become a shameless society. And that’s why we see so many scandals in so many areas with the guilty always avoiding any remorse or punishment.

Are they all just lying, thieving, selfish, hypocritical, self-serving, arrogant scum?

I also have the impression that the British sense of decency and fair play still lives on in countries like Australia and New Zealand. And there is something similar in Holland and some Scandinavian countries. But sadly it has almost completely disappeared from Britain.

Anyway, to lighten things up a bit, here’s a short (3 minutes) YouTube clip from a Harry Enfield show where Enfield explains how the banking crisis happened and how taxpayers were left to foot the bill for the bankers’ greed and incompetence Enjoy.

3 comments to The rise of greed in Britain and Harry Enfield explains the banking crash on “Dragons Den”

  • Paris Claims

    Another explanation

  • “If you understand the dominant philosophy of a society, you can predict its course.” – Ayn Rand.

    What you are seeing is the inevitable outcome of the dominant philosophy this country has been following for decades.

  • John Fields

    Mr. Craig, I want you to feel that you are doing a first class job.
    For without you many of us would be living in ignorance of
    the crap that is going on around us. Forewarned is forearmed. Thank you.

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