October 2023
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African and Asian kleptocrats celebrate as British police and soldiers are fired

This week, our useless government announced that another 3,000 troops are to be fired as part of its plans to reduce our military by 40,000.

I estimate that the government will save around £2.6bn from sacking 40,000 troops and 32,400 police.

The news of the latest redundancies must have caused great joy in the gilded palaces of Africa’s corrupt, kleptocratic dictators and in the luxury mansions of Pakistan’s and India’s venal, tax-avoiding ruling elites.

Why? Because by making these 40,000 troops and 32,400 police redundant, our government will be able to afford the increase on April 5th this year in our foreign aid budget of £2.6bn from £7.9bn a year to £10.5bn a year.

Repeated studies of the effectiveness of foreign aid by the UN (documented in books like Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo and The Bottom Billion by Paul Collier) show that around 80% to 90% of all aid to Third World countries is lost due to corruption and incompetence.

Yet, even though our government knows this, it continues to decimate our armed forces and police to enrich utterly corrupt, brutal Third World elites.

Here are some judges in Africa – they look remarkably content

And here’s a cartoon from a newspaper in Pakistan

Oh, and while cutting our troops and police to save money to give to Third World kleptocrats, our MPs are busy organising increases in their own pay and taxfree expenses. What has happened to our once great country?

2 comments to African and Asian kleptocrats celebrate as British police and soldiers are fired

  • shortchanged

    Bring back Guy Fawkes, he will have lots of help, me for one. How can we rid ourselves of these ‘fat cats’ who clog the arteries of our society, how about an enema to start with?. I include the BBC in this, what a waste of space they have become. I’ll stop now, have to watch my blood pressure.

  • John Fields

    I like your last sentence best. I have come to the conlusion that the word ‘politician’
    and the word ‘moron’ are exactly the same. I am beginning to feel like a passenger on the Titanic!

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