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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could vote to NOT have an MP?

A reader informed me that Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens proposed that there should be compulsory voting, on condition there was a box for “none of the above”. If the “none of the above” hit 30% then no MP would be selected for that constituency.”

This is an interesting idea. So let’s look at a couple of possible variations:

1. Perhaps there should be a place on the list of candidates called “No MP”.  Then if the majority of voters chose the “No MP” option, then that constituency would just not have any MP for the next parliament.

We could even develop this. Each MP costs us over £300,000 in salary, expenses, subsidised meals and drinks, freebie foreign trips and general troughing. What if voters had the option that if they voted “No MP” then £100,000 would be given to local charities each year, thus saving over £200,000 for that constituency each year – £1,000,000 over the 5-year life of a parlament. So, if 200 constituencies voted “No MP”, there would be an extra £100,000,000 for local charities and a £200,000,000 saving for taxpayers over a parliament.

2. Or there could be another possibility. What if there was a rule that if the voter turnout in a constituency was below 50%, then that constituency would lose the right to have an MP at Westminster.

Then you could still apply the rule that in each constituency with no MP, £500,000 is donated to local charities and £1,000,000 is saved for taxpayers for the life of the next parliament.

Of course, this is all idle dreaming. This would give us true democracy and it would make our useless, greedy, self-serving, thieving MPs work for a living.

In the meantime, it seems most MPs use their position to fill their pockets with as much money as they can.

Here’s how Tory Tim Yeo spends much of his time (click to see more clearly)

And here’s how Simon Reevell fills much of his time – working as a barrister:

3 comments to Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could vote to NOT have an MP?

  • I think that Simon Reevell has the right idea. The more MPs do outside Parliament, the less they can foul up our lives. I can’t help thinking that the avalanche of legislation and regulation comes from the fact that they have too much time on their hands. Why not return to the days when MPs weren’t paid at all, and had to rely on other occupations?

    Yeo, on the other hand, should be prosecuted for the death of every pensioner that freezes to death this winter because they can’t afford to heat their homes, along with the rest of the Warmist cabal.

  • time machine

    looks like tim yeo is a busy man. 9th may 17 hours work. maybe he can now sue someone for exceeding the working time directive fir excessive working hours.

  • John Fields

    Your article makes me realise that the whole rotten system needs to be
    abolished. What we could put in its place would make a good debating point!

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