March 2023
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Can you tell the difference between Brits retiring to Spain and East Europeans coming Britain?

Following yesterday’s blog, a couple of readers reminded me that “some imbecile of an MP (could have been a minister) recently compared Brits who owned a holiday home in France or Spain to the Romanians and Bulgarians who are going to enrich us all with their presence”.

The “imbecile” was LibDem MP and Home Office minister Jeremy Browne.

So, I thought I’d set you a test today. It’s a tough one, but hopefully a few of you will manage it. Can you tell the difference between Brits retiring to Spain and East Europeans coming to Benefits Britain?

Here are some Brits in Spain (click on pictures to see more clearly)

And here are some East Europeans coming to Britain (click to see more clearly)

If you can tell the difference, then you’re probably smarter than Jeremy “imbecile” Browne. Or are you? The imbecile costs us taxpayers around £300,000 a year in salary, pension and expenses. The imbecile will have a generous, inflation-linked pension paid for by us for the rest of his useless life. You or I would have to put over £50,000 a year into our pension fund to get a similar pension to the imbecile. The imbecile can probably fiddle his taxpayer-funded expenses as much as he likes. The imbecile can pay one or two members of his family as much of our money as he likes to supposedly work as his assistants. The imbecile can be as useless and incompetent as he likes and still keep his well-paid, well-pensioned job. So who is the real imbecile? Jeremy Browne or the people who pay for his multimillionaire lifestyle?

The reader went on to remark, “Yes, we can all visualise middle aged Brits snaring wild birds on the Dordogne, begging in the streets and scuttling off with man-hole covers under their cardigans. How can they come out with such crap? They must really think the electorate are thick. They have good cause, because the vast majority of those who vote, still vote for the LibLabCon Party”

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2 comments to Can you tell the difference between Brits retiring to Spain and East Europeans coming Britain?

  • Jeff Walmsley

    I have a friend in the Danish FBI. He said they are already monitoring buses full of Eastern European Criminals arriving in Copenhagen. These bus tours cruise the local housing areas giving advice on how to steal from houses, how to avoid the police and other useful information. He said it is going to be a really serious problem. The Eastern Europeans are famous for being particularly ruthless towards people. Oh well-off to Asia.

  • Paris Claims
    The Americans are even thicker than us!

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