June 2024

The world’s many failed states – when will someone dare tell the truth?

Here are the 10 worst failed states in the world:

  1. Somalia
  2. Congo (D. R.)
  3. Sudan
  4. South Sudan
  5. Chad
  6. Yemen
  7. Afghanistan
  8. Haiti
  9. Central African Republic
  10. Zimbabwe

Oooohh, look. They are all either in Africa (or run by people from Africa – Haiti) or Islamic or both (click on picture to see more clearly)

And here are numbers 11 to 20:

11. Iraq:  12. Cote d’Ivoire: 13. Pakistan: 14. Guinea: 15. Guinea Bissau: 16. Nigeria: 17. Kenya: 18. Niger: 19. Ethiopia: 20. Burundi

Oooohh, look. They are all either in Africa or Islamic or both.

And here are numbers 21 to 30 – no, you probably get the picture by now.

This list is telling us something. And it’s not that most of these countries need to be impoverished, famine-blighted, violent hell-holes. Although that’s what the politically correct and our grasping, overpaid, over-pensioned charity bosses would have us believe. Most of these countries should be wealthy, either from agriculture or from their natural resources. But they’re not. I’d like to suggest some reasons why these potentially rich countries have turned into corrupt, violent cesspits. But, to do that, I’d risk the wrath of the politically correct.

It’s a pity really. Instead of pouring aid into the pockets of the utterly corrupt African kleptocrats and religious fanatics who are destroying these countries, if we faced up to the real reasons they are hell-holes, we might be able to start solving their problems (click on picture to see more clearly)

But that would offend the sensibilities of the politically-correct. They would rather that tens of thousands are slaughtered each year and the lives of hundreds of millions are blighted, than face up to the real reasons for so much completely unnecessary human suffering and devastation.

5 comments to The world’s many failed states – when will someone dare tell the truth?

  • John Fields

    Another gem. Your blog is the main reason why have given up reading
    crappy newspapers. I have said it before, and I will say it again, your
    readers should buy your books so that these rays of truth can keep coming to us
    each week. Thank you Mr. Craig.

  • Paris Claims

    Take a look at Detroit, similar demographics, similar results. The white race is vanishing, doesn’t bode well for the rest.

  • Paris Claims

    Hope you don’t mind, found this comment on Irish Savant’s site last week. As many people as possible need to read it.

    You think you are a good parent: you keep your kids clean, well-fed, healthy, you comfort them when they are upset, you send them to school to learn, you provide them with everything they need. Except for one thing: you do not provide them with a future. Whenever you vote LibLabCon you are voting to destroy your child’s future, because you are voting for mass immigration which means that your children will have fewer opportunities and a much higher chance of being raped or beaten or murdered. When your grown-up child asks why they have just been beaten up and robbed by an immigrant gang, will you answer that it is because you voted for it?
    Stop being a bad parent: act now to protect your child’s future. Vote for a political party who will stop immigration and reverse it. Put your child’s future first.”

  • Brillo

    We have paid for so many water wells in Africa I’m surprised it hasn’t sunk. Give a man a fishing rod etc. Trouble is it doesn’t work in Africa we just keep buying them fishing rods, I mean Rolls Royce’s

  • Professor Richard Lynn see has an interesting article Intelligence and the Wealth of Nations. His best example the Jews who tend to have high IQ not one per cent of the worlds population they have won some 25& of Nobel prizes in the field of science.

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