October 2021
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Our lying leaders desperately try to cover up the fact that they’re impotent EU stooges

The Tory press are gushing over the upcoming sale of the Royal Mail and hyping the fact that we can all buy shares. Though the sell-off’s cheerleaders don’t mention the fact that we’re being sold shares in something we already own. Meanwhile, the left-wing press (Guardian and Mirror) are apoplectic over a great national institution being flogged off to the private sector.

When asked why his government was selling off the Royal Mail, our lying leader David Cameron said, “because it’s the right thing to do”.

What none of the press, nor Cameron, nor Cable, nor Clegg, nor Miliband ever mention is the real reason the Royal Mail is being flogged off – to comply with a series of EU directives on the liberalisation of the European postal services market

“The purpose of Community policy in the postal sector is to complete the internal market for postal services and to ensure, through an appropriate regulatory framework, that efficient, reliable and good-quality postal services are available throughout the European Union to all its citizens at affordable prices. The importance of postal services both for the economic prosperity and social well-being and cohesion of the EU make this a priority area for Community action”

Originally EU directives allowed countries to keep basic letter delivery, what the EU called “reserved areas”, out of the private sector. But Directive 2008/6/EC amended the initial Postal Directive (97/67/EC) as amended by Directive 2002/39/EC by defining 2010, and for some Member States 2012, as a final step in the process of gradual market opening.

“According to the Directive, Member States must abolish any remaining reserved areas by 2010, with the possibility for some Member States to postpone full market opening by two further years as a maximum”.

So there you have it – by 2012 at the latest, our Government had to start the process of selling off the Royal Mail to comply with EU directives.

Now there’s an amazing coincidence. Because, when asked why the government was legalising same-sex marriage (SSM), David Cameron said, “because it’s the right thing to do”.

All the other party leaders supported the legalisation of SSM as did most of the newspapers. But again nobody mentioned the real reason Britain and France were rushing to legalise  SSM – a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights.

Our leaders and the sycophantically-obedient press on both the Left and Right never mention the real reason for the Royal Mail sell-off and the legalisation of SSM because they know that if people understood these were being forced on us by the EU, there would be an even more massive surge in support for UKIP. There is a conspiracy of silence amongst the establishment about the EU’s role in forcing these two unpopular policies on us because they’re all afraid that UKIP could threaten the LibLabCon Party’s lucrative hold on power.

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