May 2024

Are the Muslim Brotherhood really jolly good chaps like the Islamophiliacs at the BBC suggest?

Most news reports from Egypt, especially those from the Islamophiliac BBC, seem to suggest that the Muslim Brotherhood are really quite nice, tolerant, innocent, democratic, peace-loving people who are being slaughtered by the villainous Egyptian police and army.

So, here are just a few stories the British press have chosen not to report as they concern Muslim Brotherhood supporters persecuting and murdering Christians:

– Brotherhood clerics have been calling for their supporters to attack and burn churches because they claim the Egyptian Coptic Christian Pope is against Islam and the Christians are the enemies of God and all Muslims must get rid of the ten million Christians in Egypt, burn their churches, kill them and kill their Pope

 – In 24 hours starting on 14 August 2013, Muslim Brotherhood supporters attacked, looted and then burned 52 churches. Brotherhood Militias also burned many homes and shops belonging to Christians. Three police officers were killed by Muslim Brotherhood machine guns and 14 soldiers were injured.

– On 15 August, Brotherhood militias and Mohammed Morsi’s supporters set up road blocks on the corniche road in Alexandria city, Sidi Bishr Area, stopped all cars and checked passengers’ identities. As soon as they saw a cross hanging in the car of a Christian taxi driver, they dragged him out of his car. Then a mob stripped him, tortured him and stabbed him to death. The driver was called Mina Raafat Aziz.

– On 15 August, Brotherhood supporters set up roadblocks in Sohag City. Eye witnesses said that the Brotherhood militia wouldn’t let anyone pass till they had checked their identities. When they found one couple –  Naglaa Albadry 25 years old and her husband Magdy Adly 29 years old – who were Christians, they machine-gunned them to death.

– On 6 August, Muslim Brotherhood militia opened fire randomly on Christians going to church. Jessy Bolus Issa, a Christian girl, 10 years old was killed in front of the Angelic Church in Ain Shams Area – Cairo. Many other people – all Christians – were injured. Jessy was shot in the back and in the eye. Here’s a picture of Jessy:

– On 30 July, Muslim Brotherhood militia kidnapped the student Abadir Samir Makar 22 years old and tortured him in Assiut City – Upper Egypt.  Abadir was one of the eye witnesses who testified against some of the Muslim Brotherhood militia leaders in Assiut City, who killed three civilians on the 30 June just because they were participating in protests against Mohammed Morsi’s dictatorship.

– On 5 July, a Christian trader was kidnapped in Alsheikh Zowaid City. Seven days later, his body was found. He had been tortured and then beheaded. The victim was Magdy Lami 59 years old. This is Magdy Lami before he was killed:

And this was when his beheaded body was found:

Every time the Israelis kill Palestinians who are firing rockets at Israeli civilian homes, the British press is outraged. In fact, every time Israelis build a few houses on land they captured during the Six Day War (which the Arabs started as an attempt to destroy Israel) the Islamophiliac British press is outraged. But when the Muslim Brotherhood reveal their true oppressive, intolerant, murderous nature, there is absolute silence in the British press as it is politically-incorrect to ever criticise Muslims.

I would humbly suggest that the Muslim Brotherhood are not as tolerant, innocent and peace-loving as most of the Islamophiliac media suggest. In fact, I’m sure Muslim Brotherhood leaders were overjoyed when hundreds of their fanatical supporters were killed. That made the Brotherhood look like victims of oppression.

The Brotherhood had their chance. Morsi was democratically elected. But, instead of trying to rule Egypt in the interests of all Egyptians, Morsi and the Brotherhood tried turning Egypt into a version of Iran. Intolerance, repression, corruption, persecution, torture, rape and murder seem to be the only things the Muslim Brotherhood know. As Egypt rushes headlong towards civil war, many people are going to regret the day they overthrew Hosni Mubarak and handed power to the primitive, lunatics of the Muslim Brotherhood.

For more details of Muslims murdering Christians and for film of Muslim Brotherhood preachers calling for the total eradication of Christians, here’s a link:

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