February 2021
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There’s no financial crisis – for Britain’s bosses! But for the rest of us – things are grim

The Government and the Tory press are trumpeting their fairy tale that Britain’s economy is on the mend and we’re all going to be rich and happy.

That’s certainly true for Britain’s bosses. Even as the performance of the companies they head up has faltered, their remuneration has ballooned (click to see clearly)

But what about the rest of us? There seem to be more people in employment. But average worker wages have been falling since the 2007/8 financial crash (click to see clearly)

This is has led to a situation where 15 years ago, British chief executives were paid about 69 times as much as the average worker. By 2009, the average CEO was pocketing over 150 times as much as the average worker (click to see clearly)

This chart only goes up to 2009. But the figures for 2012 are: chief executive pay reached a delightful (for Britain’s bosses) £4,450,00 compared to worker pay of £26,500. This means CEOs are now getting 168 times the salary of the average worker.

So, Britain’s bosses can party all night as they stuff  their bank accounts with ever-increasing amounts of money. But for their employees, life is getting increasingly hard.

What was that about us all being in this together?

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