July 2024

Corrupt communist Barroso finally gets his revenge on Britain

The utterly corrupt Portuguese communist Jose Manuel Barroso and the other unelected corrupt eurocrats who run the EU really loathe Britain. They need us in the EU, because we are stupid enough to pay around £20bn a year to the EU mainly to be handed out to French farmers and bankrupt, corrupt Club Med basket-case countries. But they hate us because Britain, with its long tradition of freedom and democracy, is the only country where people dare criticise the eurocrats’ dream of creating a single European superstate run by unelected kommissars rather than elected governments.

The eurocrats have worked hard to destroy Britain’s identity by flooding our country with over five million immigrants in the last 15 years. But this disaster is nothing compared to their latest plan.

You probably haven’t heard of the “DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on measures facilitating the exercise of rights conferred on workers in the context of freedom of movement for workers”.

This new Directive coming from Barroso and his cronies, deals with the rights of 500 million EU citizens to the following: “access to employment, working conditions, social and tax advantages, access to training, membership of trade unions, housing and access to education for children”.

The key items in the list above are probably – social and tax advantages, housing and access to education for children. “Social and tax advantages”  actually means “benefits”.

If this Directive is implemented, all 500 million EU citizens will have equal rights to claim benefits, housing and schooling in Britain at British taxpayers’ expense. Moreover, the EU Directive will make it illegal for “access to social advantages made subject to conditions which are more easily met by nationals than by EU citizens (e.g. a residence condition)”. Basically EU citizens will no longer have to prove they have been resident in the UK for even a couple of days before they can demand benefits, schooling and housing.

The Directive also makes it easier for any groups – trade unions, NGOs, charities etc – to take our government to the European Court of Justice if a single EU citizen doesn’t get full access to benefits, housing and schooling.

This will be a catastrophe for our economy and our way of life. If, as I have estimated, around 2 million people move to Britain for benefits, free housing, free schooling and free healthcare, this will cost us about £60bn a year in addition to putting intolerable pressure on our limited housing stock and struggling schools and hospitals.

Of course, we don’t hear Cameron and Clegg and Miliband saying too much about this Directive, because if people knew what our leaders were up to, there would be outrage and a flood of support to UKIP.

You can see this ridiculous Directive here:

They must be really laughing in Brussels as they finally destroy what’s left of Britain and turn us into just another region of their EU superstate.

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