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Old people are bad for Britain – immigrants are good for Britain

The OBR (Office for Budget Responsibility) has just come out with a report claiming that Britain needs about 140,000 immigrants a year. The OBR is a supposedly “independent” body, costing us more than £2m a year, which conveniently always predicts the economy is growing just as Chancellor Osborne produces his fanciful budgets. And every single OBR forecast has been laughably and predictably over-optimistic.

Well, now as Britain faces a tidal wave (or even tsunami) of immigration from Romania and Bulgaria, the OBR has (conveniently for our leaders) produced a report full of supposed “facts” and “figures” supposedly “proving” we need more, not less immigration.

One chart in the OBR propaganda/report (delete as appropriate) pretends to show that old people cost us lots of money (click on chart to see more clearly)

Another “useful” chart laughably claims that the higher immigration is, the lower our future national debt will be (click on chart to see more clearly)

The OBR report implausibly claims: “Our sensitivity analysis shows that overall migration has a positive impact on the sustainability of the public finances over our 50 year horizon. Under our central assumption of 140,000 annual net inward migration from 2016 the public sector net debt to GDP ratio reaches 99% by 2062-63, while assuming zero gross migration increases the net debt to GDP ratio to over 174%”.

Well, that’s alright then. Open up the borders and let them all in.

But could it be that the OBR report is just a little biased? Or even a bunch of lies?

Here are just a few counter arguments:

– Old people work for longer and are healthier for longer. So the OBR projections of the cost of an ageing population are plain wrong

– Immigration has led to an increase in criminality – a third of all crime suspects arrested in London last year were foreign nationals, according to new police figures. Just over 72,500 foreigners were held by the Metropolitan Police and questioned about crimes ranging from fraud to murder.

– We’re going to need an awful lot of new houses, schools, hospitals and prisons to cope with a new wave of immigration. Where are we going to find the money to build and staff them?

– Unemployment is much higher amongst certain immigrant groups than it is amongst the ethnic British population and the desire to work is much lower (click on chart to see more clearly)

No doubt the head of the useless, politically-correct, sycophantically-obedient OBR, Mr Robert Chote, will get a nice big bonus this year for grovelingly doing his masters’ bidding. But as for the OBR’s forecasts and reports – you can either use them for lighting the barbecue during the “wash-out summer” forecast by the equally useless Met Office or else just chuck them in the garbage.

(A wonderful day yesterday – am amazing two people bought copies of my latest book GREED UNLIMITED – I’m £5 less poor – yippee!)

2 comments to Old people are bad for Britain – immigrants are good for Britain

  • Paris Claims

    As a mortgage broker I poke my nose into peoples finances. Lenders these days want proof of income. I can confirm that every muslim I have dealt with is milking the system for every penny. £200/£300pw in benefits is common. I rarely deal with them these days, but I’m in touch with other brokers who do, and they confirm the same. Most are self employed in cash businesses, declare a pittance to the revenue, pay no tax, but receive a raft of benefits. Many cannot fill out a form, even if their lives depended upon it, so I can only assume someone down the mosque does it all for them. I’m also led to believe that the army of Roma Big Issue sellers “work” 2/3 days per week and that entitles them to working family tax credits, housing benefit etc etc.
    The very last thing this country needs ( apart from more socialism) is more third world immigrants.

  • John Fields

    I cannot remember anyone telling me that I was bad for
    Britain when I was a teenager in the North Atlantic!

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