June 2024

Why some of the scum running the NHS should be fired and prosecuted

This was Paul Steane before he went into a NHS hospital for a minor operation:

Unfortunately for Paul Steane his local hospital was the George Eliot Hospital (GEH). The GEH is one of the hospitals a recent report classed as one of the worst in England for excess death rates.

Shortly after being discharged, Paul suffered Acute Renal Failure (from dehydration – not being given enough water to drink) and had to be readmitted. He was probably discharged too early because the hospital was “hot-bedding” – getting patients out as fast as possible to free up beds to meet government targets on A&E waiting times.

Then followed a series of further blunders. To save his life, surgeons had to cut open his throat and insert a tracheotomy (a tube put into his throat so he could breathe):

Because he wasn’t looked after properly, he developed a blood clot and his feet became rotten from lack of blood flow:

So he had to have a leg amputated.

Finally, in constant pain and unable to walk, talk or breathe properly, Paul Steane took his own life to free his family from the burden of having to look after him.

The GEH denied any responsibility for Paul’s suffering. But a nurse, outraged at how the family were being lied to, sent Paul’s wife, Amanda, a copy of a blood test done just before Paul was first discharged,  The blood test showed clearly that Paul was about to suffer Acute Renal Failure and should never have been discharged.

The GEH first claimed that no blood test had been done on Paul on the day of his discharge, so there were no indications that anything might go wrong. When Amanda showed this incriminating blood test result to the GEH, it claimed the results had been lost and fought for years to deny the catastrophic series of blunders which led to Paul Steane’s death. When the GEH finally admitted liability, all those involved were promoted out of trouble and one key figure in the scandal may soon end up in a very senior NHS position.

This whole horrific story of negligence, lies and cover-ups is described in horrific detail in a book I published WHO CARES? by Amanda Steane. At the time (2007) a Sunday Times journalist was interested in covering the story. But apparently their editor said it wasn’t important – pity really, many thousands of lives could have been saved if that editor had realised the scale of the disaster in the NHS.

Since Paul killed himself, tens of thousands of patients have died unnecessarily in our filthy slaughterhouse hospitals and not a single person has been fired and not a single person has been prosecuted.

If anything like this had happened in a private hospital, our politicians would be screaming for those responsible to be punished. But when it’s the NHS, incompetence, dishonesty and blundering are always rewarded with promotion.

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