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What contribution do Somali immigrants make to Britain?

To avoid any accusations of racism, all figures in today’s blog are taken either from the Office for National Statistics or from the Guardian – the bible of the bien pensants, professional handwringers and overpaid child molesters at the BBC.

There are an estimated 250,000 Somalis living in the UK. But the real figure may be higher as many Somalis with Dutch residence permits and passports are believed to have moved to the UK because of the higher benefits paid here compared to Holland.

Unemployment amongst Somali men is believed to be around 65%. As you’ll see from the diagram, this is many times higher than any other ethnic group. In fact it’s so far off the scale that I haven’t been able to include it (click on chart to see more clearly):

If we just play with a few imaginary figures: let’s assume that the 250,000 Somali population includes 60,000 men of working age and that of these, 65% (39,000) are each claiming about £20,000 a year in benefits (unemployment, jobseekers’ allowance, housing benefits, child benefits, council tax benefits and so on) for themselves and their families. If we could bring the unemployment rate for these Somali men down from 65% to the 15% for all black Africans, then another 30,000 Somali men would be in work  and we’d be paying around £600m less a year in benefits

The problems with the Somali community are not just in the high levels of unemployment. In our schools just 33% of Somali students passed five GCSEs, compared with 59% for students from other African communities and 80% for Chinese students.

The handwringing, socially-responsible, politically-correct Guardian blames the British government for the problems with the Somali community claiming it is responsible for “the immense harm caused by this continuing social dislocation” and “the figures for educational attainment of Somali students are shameful for a government which prides itself on its commitment to equal opportunities” and “the government needs to recognise the Somali community is a resource to this country, not a problematic burden”.

But a cynic might wonder whether the problems caused by high unemployment and low educational achievement amongst Britain’s Somalis could possibly maybe perhaps have something to do with the cultural attitudes of the Somalis themselves. After all, many other ethnic groups have come to Britain and even thrived here.

(Oh dear, nobody bought a copy of my latest book GREED UNLIMITED yesterday. Maybe that’s because I’m a nasty person who writes nasty things. Much better for people to spend their money voting on fixed supposed TV talent shows – hello Mr Cowell – than on serious things that will affect their futures)

130 comments to What contribution do Somali immigrants make to Britain?

  • Hashim

    One day its Indians getting bashed and called the worst Ethnic gruop in Britian. “They smell like poo, they don’t shower the older generation can barely speak English without that ringing accent” Another day its the pakis “Oh they smell, they all think they are handsome, no they are ugly… GOSH WHY DO PAKIS SMELL LIKE THAT”


    EVEN THE ETHNIC BRITISH PEOPLE GET THEIR FAIR SHARE OF BASHING!! “racists, drunkards, they think they so proviligged, white prvillige, Brexit, racist (THE LAST ONE *10000000000000000000000 INTERNATIONAL BASHING ON ENGLAND!)

    I am somali, so i have not witnessed or heard any hard hatred to Somalis only on the internet, VERY WIERD. I think I can find any ethnic gruop being bashed hard on the internet and called worst to be honest and their entire produce is basced on a couple of idiots they experienced in the past. Basically read above.

    In the schools I went to Indians and Somalis are usally top of the class, caraibeans at the bottom. People say how beutfiul Somalis look and how they resemble Indians

    Also other races get their good days too. Weird you can find any race getting bashed hard.

  • Hashim

    When I said read above, I really meant read older comments dones by people bashing somalis.

    Also when I said “weird you can find any race getting bashed hard” I forgot to say on the internet.

  • Real

    Its got nothing to do with racism,it’s the knowing your country is getting abused.

  • Sima

    Not racist. Every time I have come across someone Somalian I can honestly say they make me so angry. They are very rude, they push passed, spit near you, shout and talk, they ARE most of the time on benefits. What benefit cut nothing has effected them. Their children learn this behaviour and do the same, they refuse to learn anything good, disrespect every other ethnic group. My own personal experience aside this is what my 6 yr old son experienced. My son was playing football with his dad some 19 Somalian boys aged between 4-10 started on my son, first taking his ball then pushing the ball against my sons back, my husband told them to behave and asked what they are doing, they started on my husband a grown man and they are kids, they have NO fear of authority. The boy then sat near the goal and talking to his friends when the ball accidentally hit the boy because his dumb the rest of them came to start a fight then when my son was going to leave with his dad they started throwing sticks at him. This is the short version. A white boy came and said sorry and told them to back off which worked and then they started again. This is what my son witnessed his a British born Indian well behaved. We are Indian, a WHITE boy helped. WHITE and INDIANS are not racist. Now imagine this from a white persons point of view why they feel the way they do!!!!!! The SOMALIANS need to change, they refuse to work, scrounge of the working people and then have an attitude. How can 19 boys gang up on 1 child? Should we still stay quite? enough is enough no one wants to stop them there is no consequences for their action that’s why there is knife crime everyone is scared of being called a racist for stating the obvious. MO FARAH is one in a million he is a gem and these SOMALIANS have a role model and refuse to follow him shame shame. Send them back, we work hard pay taxes I hate paying taxes for people like that, they are taking my sons inheritance money and treating him in a threatening manner what if we stop paying for them and they have to live on the streets or go back to Somalia????????? would they still have such an attitude, we are seen as worthless in their religion but we are not worthless when paying for their upkeep and flashy cars? and no they have NO resemblance with Indians, we don’t do that hence why Indians are the most liked we are friendly.

  • Paul

    Thing is that it is NEVER those that actually need the help that end up in UK. The ones that need the help are still in Somalia because they can’t afford to come. It is only the criminals that end up coming for the free money, house, car, school, GP etc. They are laughing at those of us who are non Muslim whilst they take our money that we pay in taxes. We are refused health care, schools because the Somalians need it more. What do they actually learn from school because their behaviour shows something different, they are still uneducated, the parents need to go back to school, should learn English and stop their disgusting behaviour.
    Where is the justice?

  • Hassan weyne

    Somalis are an absolute f*ckery. I don’t like going to the masjid because older Somali men don’t work and beg. I only pray my salah and leave. And whenever i leave the masjid each Somali has a story to tell f*ck off. They tend to blame young Somali boys in gangs etc.they gossip drink tea and have no idea what the kids are up to. The Somali community is very weak in every way. The list is too long i can write forever.

  • ID

    LOOOOOL listen guys.. i don’t know why you guys are all fretting about Somalians. First of all isn’t every terrorist who happened to be on the news either from Algeria, Libya, Egypt etc. To every British person saying shit about Somalians, don’t you guys have chavs and a higher rate in drugs and alcohol abuse? Most of the Somalians you see today are from Holland just like me. I didn’t choose to be here, my parents did purely for the fact we have relatives in the UK and it’s good to have family around. You guys are acting like Pakistanis, Bengalis and all these white fuckers don’t claim benefits. I swear there are white familes with 10+ kids who make it on the news always?? You can’t judge every Somalian based on FIVE Somali guys who don’t work. I have 6 siblings and we have all graduated uni with a first. Some of us did pharmacy, business, law, sports science, maths and engineering. We all have a job in our chosen fields. I have seen many Indians commenting on this hating Somalians too, can you explain why? You got so much to say but you’re forgetting Indians are frowned upon too purely cos their English is shit and they stink which is facts. You guys stink up public places but we all keep our mouth shut aswell as our nostrils. I want every single one of you to go up to a Somalian and say this shit cos believe me you would never! Yes Somalians can be rude but you gave them a reason to be rude. We are the only ones who aren’t afraid and can stand up for what is right and you guys are simply just jealous. So be ill mannered, hate as muh as you want cos we don’t care. While you lots are killing your shit iqs by focusing on us Somalians so much we are getting further in life than ya’ll. To the dickhead who said Somalians hace an IQ of 60 lol okay scientist, did you work that out? Did you test the 250,000 Somalians in the UK? Oh to the Asians hating, aren’t you guys tired of the EDL? Don’t you guys hate it when they chat shit about you and your people? STOP BEING A HYPOCRITE BRUH you aint far from EDL yourselves. Everytime I look at the news a white guy raped a girl, a white person killed their own kids, a white person murdered his wife, a white person overdosed, a white person joined isis. No ones better than anyone, and the Asians.. when you lot are mentioned in the news its cos you’re terrorists, extremists, drug dealers, burglars, and you Asians fight like dogs so allow saying they came with 19 boys and started on your husband and son when Asians are known for that shit loool they can’t fight one on one like we can we aint afraid. You Asians bring a whole army to fight one person cos you guys are afraid. You start shot but can’t finish it, enough said.

  • Carole

    Somali people are disgusting, I was on a bus the other day and about 10 Somali girls were simulating oral sex in front of young children, decent Muslims, no they are whores. Lazy, they bring nothing to our economy, they breed like rabbits, just here for benefits. A group of about 6 youths tried to steal a mobile phone from my neighbour, they threatened him with a knife. They bring their violent culture to our country. Scum of the earth. Filthy dogs

  • Carole

    HASHIM, instead of going around in gangs terrorising people, why don’t you go to night classes and learn to speak English. What is a BRUH. Retard…at least 50 grammatical errors in your message, no wonder you can’t get a job. Go back to Somalia and become a Pirate…

  • Augustus Onassis

    Some of the talk on here about Somalis all being backwards, low IQ and quote “on the level of people with Down’s Syndrome” is not just incredibly patronising but, from personal experience, plain inaccurate. I have met many Somalis who are both extremely intelligent and conduct themselves with respect and integrity.

    A lot more than can be said for certain other groups in the UK, whose sole aim in life seems to be setting up fake road traffic accidents, breeding like rabbits and spreading vitriol about the “corrupt” West…

  • iman

    First of all i’d like to say that this is all a bunch off rubbish.I am somalian and have been living here all my life, and I have a right to live in this country, and if u don’t like that maybe u should leave

    Second off all u have no right to blame a whole country for the actions of others.I find it rude (and u were calling somalis rude)it just proves the point that u r jellous
    of somalis

    Third of all what makes u think u are any better?I find it hilarious how some ppl think they are better than others when they are not

    Last but NOT least how do u know that those ppl were somali they could have been from anywhere

    BOOM!u just got told by,ME!

  • Race and IQ

    The average IQ in Somalia is 68.

    This means that the average Somali is mildly mentally retarded.

    Worth repeating that this is the AVERAGE; half, therefore, will have an even lower IQ.

    One has to ask how bringing in people with an average IQ of 68 can benefit a country with an average IQ of 100? How does it benefit the autochthonous people of these islands? The answer of course is that it cannot and does not, and the same can be said for all African countries. Yet these questions are never asked in the mainstream media, for the small, rootless élite who run that know perfectly well what the answer would be.

    But we see the results all around us: education levels (see, for example, the atrocious levels of English on display here from the various Somalis), crime, unemployment, the general deficiency in manners and morals. Briefly stated, Somalis lack the ability to live in a civilized society. So why on earth have we allowed them to live in ours at our expense?

  • Sara

    Im not entirely sure how I came across this thread, however now that I am here I am obliged to leave a comment. I’m somalian, born and bred in England; and although I can understand some people’s opinions regarding somalians, everyone is entitled to an opinion BUT you have to remember that you cannot generalise a whole race based on a few people that have wronged you or that you have come across. My family is educated, I’m a social worker, my husband is a teacher and my brother has a Phd in Finance. I myself I have 3 children and my husband and I both work full time & do not even qualify for any help not thay we need it (Alhamdulilah). There are plenty of educated somalians out there and who aren’t on any benefits. Stop the ignorance! Have a great day 😉

  • I lived in America, as an exchange student from Malaysia, i couldn’t imagine how horrible and terrifying propaganda you all exaggerating , based on my experiences, frankly i would say in every single community has it’s own black ships but i would loudly say that Somalis are amongst the most hospitable and smartest people that you can ever meet with, in Minnesota alone it’s un unaccountable for the shops they opened, for food factories they are working, i eould say your so injustice to fake accusations you blaiming to the race,moreliky you may be illinformed, or just some kind of islamphobai. And it will probably better if you can understand that you are the who is destabilizing their own nation by Funding so called terrorist ISIS , so that you can steal simply their resources,

    Please for the People who have yet have integrity and for the somalis, these are nonsoness, racist, ill informed, hate of Islam,

    I have been

  • M James

    My wife and I were forced out of our house by a racist woman and her six kids by different men.She slept in bed all day, did not take any of her six kids to school. Ignored her baby’s all by different Somalian men. Caused rubbish in our garden. Took in Somalian lodgers as well as her own nieces in a semi detached house. Spat at us, kept us awake all night for seven years. The local council took no notice of us nor could the police as she was black. We were eventually forced out our home just to get some sleep as old age pensioners. This family were getting £1.000 a month rent and all the benefits. She went everywhere by taxi. We paid a mortgage and went to work every day dead tired. Even our councillor did nothing over the colour of this lazy good for nothing. I will always hate these people for what they did to me and my wife in our country.

  • Black Rose

    I don’t know how I got here but now I am I have to say I have never had a good experience with a Somali. I got racially attacked by 3 men and a woman because I parked outside their house on a public road to pop in the shops. I was told I was white shit, we whites think we run the country. I said nothing about race to them because parking my car has nothing to do with race. The filth that spouted out of their mouths. If I did run the country things would be very different. By the way I called the police needless to say nothing was done. That’s one experience. I am goth so I dress a little flamboyant from time to time and since I live in a free country I figure why not. I have had numerous somali women particularly hack at me spit at me ECT. Im stuck in London looking after my mother who is very ill, when she does pass on I’m moving the rest of my family to Cornwall. I feel like a foreigner here and while I enjoy other cultures I’m finding it very lonely here.

  • Ali

    Our neighbourhood (northwest London) was one of the first to welcome Somali refugees in the 90s – since then, crime has spiked, and drug use is soaring. Now the new Romanian immigrants are making it worse by buying drugs from Somali dealers.

    Worst of all are the Somali parents. They haven’t a clue what their kids are up to, and they hardly ever attend parents evening at school.

    This has nothing to do with Islamophobia. I have no problem with the Pakistanis, Turks, Malaysians etc. I cannot think of a society that has made me want to leave my neighbourhood as much as the Somalis.

  • jake1010

    there’s a lot of truth is these facts, but people will jump to the racist accusation. From the chart you can see people from Islamic background tend to rely more from benefits. I believe education is only a small part of it and equal opportunities is another outdated lame excuse. Cultural differences play a big part here, as Muslim culture (not saying treatment) restriction for women working has an effect, leading to higher birth rates and thus larger £ claims being made. Its the way of life in these Islamic nations, but will burden the social security. Unfortunately due to these resources being strained disabled people are now being deprived from basic help.

  • […] zu, obwohl letztere Statistik auch die mehrheitlich muslimischen Somalier mitzählt. Diese weisen mit Abstand die höchste Arbeitslosigkeit aller Migrantengruppen auf, Schätzungen beliefen sich 2013 auf bis […]

  • Simon Yip

    I have only ever met a few Somali youths but I can say that the 3-4 I have met here in Yorkshire have been very decent and good young lads. I know that we all have our own experiences but until I see the bad behaviour of Somali people with my own eyes I will have to say that I think they are no worse than most, and a lot better than many people.

  • Osman Duale

    Crazy how people put others in boxes. I’m a Somali British leaving in France. The Britain I knew is not what I read here. I knew a tolerant and hospitable people back in the 90s. Somalis are not worst than any other ethnic group in the UK. Better watch out for those who have a vested interest in dividing and setting communities against each other. We share not only this great country but the whole planet. Time to see the truth guys & girls. Let there be love in this world. Enough blood has tainted this earth for the wrong reasons.

  • Geoff Tipps Rotherham

    Get fucked ya cunt

  • Luke Harrison

    The statistics speak for themselves. I hate Somalians because they take the piss. I make no apology for that.

  • nick aUSTIN

    somalis are enjoying their life in england,most of the working age men are taxi drivers driving new cars,even the the women are driving their cars when the men are sleeping during the day.have seen loads of somali women driving new mercedes,bmws and even ranger rovers? wtf?
    claiming all the benefits u can think of,incom support,carers allowance,housing benefit,driving new ppl carriers on motability lol
    shopping trolleys at morrison,filled to the brim with bottles of 6 pint milk,fish and loads of veg.childrens lunch boxes over filled with haelthy food,and children given extra tuition like kumon.
    basically are pushing their children to suceed in education,and thus become wealthy,education is the way out of poverty!!

  • Safiya

    I can’t believe I’m actually responded to such and utter nonsense, first of all you people are so ignorant and narrow minded to go on a rampage about an entire race just based on few peoples actions… I bet it hurts seeing an ethnic minority doing well for them self? its absoluty sickening what some of you come up with and to think that I live around people like you that have this prejudice is really sad. How dare you generalize an entire community based on your theorys? and don’t even get me started on the other ethnic minoritys too that have posted on here , you too are labelled in and around the internet and here you are talking all that crap,do you think its fair for me to say that all indian/Pakistanins are child molesters..?
    My great grandfathers fought for this country and have contributed, sacrificed their lives so I have every right to be in this country . Secondly as a Somali I and every single family member of mine have and has contributed to the society too. So where do you get these statistics from? I love this country , every citizen has rights It’s a shame that some people have views like this as if their community’s are perfect .
    Please people be fair and be open minded ,you’ll live longer!

    To person/company who posted this article please explain what was your main narrative to post this ? Was your aim to further divide this country and it’s people? How does this informtion that you’ve posted help us ? Why don’t you use your voice to bring community’s together after all we all live in the same planet earth..

  • Thomas

    I am sick of the lot if it!!!! I think the most irritating part of it all is that, being a white person, I am regarded as being racist. However, if any other race abuses me I have to take it.
    The reply may be that ‘we’ have never apologised for what ‘we’ did in Africa, India, and all the other countries ‘we’ have “raped”, and that I deserve it. I am getting my own back, or “we didn’t start Slavery”!
    Yep, guilty your honour…..50 years hard labour.
    Or maybe if we just stop slinging crap at each other and had an honest discussion about how we feel, our insecurities, and our petty jealousies we might make progress.
    Or we can carry on like kids in a playground brawl to see who is the biggest bully!

  • Darran Clarke

    The terroris attacks in London and Manchester the last few years always brought the usual condemnation from the PM and Home Sec I and lots of other people would be interested to know how many foreign extremists have been deported from the UK the PMs’crackdown’doesnt seem to come with any will from the authorities to deport Pakistani extremists like Chowdary or Somali extremists like Yaseen+Hassan does leave you wondering if the promised crackdown is just political BS?
    If the authorities are afraid to act for whatever reason Its no wonder these extremists consider themselves untouchable!

  • Tony Maclean

    I was abused on Saturday evening by 6 Somalian women down my road,I was turning my car around and they started flicking the v sign at me, for know reason, and then filming me, for my reaction, when I got out of the car and their still filming, I asked what was with the abuse they couldnt give a reply, I said you come over here, we didn’t ask you, we dont want you, and your abusing the indigenous,your nothing but third world parasitic Somalian S**m, on reflection this was the re-action they wanted, as next evening I was visited by the police after claims I had racially abused them.However the dumb asses were unaware they had filmed themselves swearing at me before I had even got out of my car, so the police admitted it was provication,but next up was SUnday afternoon my wife went to use my car to take her son home when she noticed a Somalian man sitting in a car opposite our house, taking in the cctv,but when she went to pull away, he pulled out in front of her and blocked the road, with his hazards on, luckily she tooka photo, then managed to squeeze around him, to which he then followed her, slightly alarmed she pulled into a petrol station, he pulled up on the road beside it, she went over to him and asked if he was following her, which he said yes,eventually he pulled away, but after the police had finished with me, they said to her, we understand their was an altercation with your wife and a somalian gentleman who claims she racially abused him at the garage, total lies,she had told me about him following her, but I didn’t put two and two together, had I, the Police would have been taking me away, fortunately theu believed her as we had him on CCTV, wainting for someone to come out and then him blocking the road..They are nothing but liars,play the racist card every time, had the police not believed us, it could have changed our lives drastically, she works for a charity, she would have lost her job,. And then, because they live a hundred yards up the road, I am told not to go near them, not engage in any form of chat,and ignore them, otherwise I will be in we were both accused by this scum of Racisim which was proven false, but where the ones who have to “Behave”…The police said, Racism is a priority crime they have to investigate immediately, what a joke, they should have been arrested for perverting the course of Justice and wasting police time….

  • Mo

    I am a minority and I have lived in hayes all my life, i never saw a rat in my life until somalians moved into town, never seen so much anti social behavior, damn people shout late at night, play music really loud at night, honk their car horns at night, hang about doing nothing, fight each other, when you say anything to them they come out with your racist, no, you are just a inconsiderate scumbag with no manners. this is not the older lot, it is the younger lot, they are a waste of space. I am not racist, I am talking from experience, i used to live in hayes when i used to go out and was all white english and was called a paki but at least it was peaceful and i was never worried someone was going to stab me, the government has failed the normal people, everything i read from all countries that have received somali immigrants all complain, when more than 1 says something, it cant be them, its you. these young somalis should be deported back to somalia, if you are not adding to this society, i would rather my tax money pay for you to go back then pay for your rent, car, jail cell!!! these young somalis are the worst group of people i have ever met in my life, really let down my opinion of humanity. now granted I have met some amazing somali people, its just these scumbags who hang out on the street doing nothing need to be deported!!!

  • Abtin Asgarian

    I only came on here because of some of the terrible experiences I’ve had with Somali people.

    Particularly around the Wembley area, but generally they are very rude, very arrogant, very self righteous and they also seem have no class, the have a very low understanding of acceptable social etiquette in this country, presumably their behaviour is normal where they’re from.

    A few examples, kids on the bus behaviour like animals, no respect for anyone, not even the elderly. They’re happy to block a narrow road just to wait for whatever it is they’re waiting for, when asked to me I’m told to F*** off, this has happened several times, including twice by grown women with kids in the car. Very rude people, and because of the religious beliefs they don’t like this country and would never consider themselves British for as long as they’re Muslim, because they believe the two are incompatible (democracy and the rule of God cannot mix). So their only objective is to take what they can from the western nations and to basically build a 5th column within us.

    I’m not sure why our stupid government put us in this situation in the first place, now what do we do? A real nightmare of a situation we have on our hands. Our best hope is they assimilate over time, problem is that doesn’t help us much because look at the state of their country and the calibre of the best of their people, it’s not great and they’ve basically got nothing to offer.

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