February 2023
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Let’s fire loads of police and soldiers! And give the money to the most corrupt people in the world!

One of the few promises our lying PM David Cameron has actually kept has been to increase foreign aid to 0.7% of GDP. This meant that in April this year, our foreign aid budget leapt by an astonishing 33% from £7.9bn last year to £10.5bn now. Just this increase of £2.6bn would have been enough to pay the salaries of the 32,400 police and 40,000 military who are being fired to save money.

As if that were not enough, let’s look at who gets this money. The table below shows the main recipients of our aid money, the amount they get and their position in the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index. On the Index countries are rated from 1 (Denmark) meaning the least corrupt to 174 (Somalia) the most corrupt country in the world (click on picture to see more clearly or to print).

As you’ll see, the most corrupt countries in the world get the most aid. Is that smart? And some countries – Pakistan and Russia – have absolutely no need for our aid at all. As for giving hundreds of millions to Hamas……expletive deleted.

Every year, the world’s worst kleptocrats deposit at least ten times as much money in offshore tax havens as their countries receive in Western aid. So, if we could just reduce corruption by 10%, there would be no need to give any aid at all. And if we could reduce corruption by 50%, these countries would have five times as much money as they receive in aid and most of the world’s poorest countries could start climbing out of their self-inflicted poverty.

Study after study after study by the UN and various aid experts have shown that at least 80% of aid money is lost through incompetence or stolen by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and their business cronies. Maybe we should stop all aid and help these poverty-stricken hell-holes stamp out corruption? Or is that an unreasonable question?

4 comments to Let’s fire loads of police and soldiers! And give the money to the most corrupt people in the world!

  • Paris Claims

    We should include all the welfare benefits hovered up by 3rs world immigrants, also. That would give a far truer reflection. I’ve heard a suggestion that the Foreign Aid budget should be used as repatriation compensation to rid ourselves of the invaders. Too generous by far.

  • Rod

    DFID ought to be closed down immediately. The only “aid” we should be sending these countries is contraception and condoms. Just as an example, back in the 80’s during the time of Live Aid, the population of Ethiopia was 40 million and they could not feed themselves. Today the population has grown to over 80 million! So why are we responsible for their stupidity?

  • John Fields

    I am astonished that part of my tax is going to Hamas. This ia a terrorist
    organisation whose sole aim is to wipe out the Jewish people, and erase
    Israel from the map. I despair of what England is becoming under these

  • right_writes

    Isn’t it great to see our friends, Pakistan up there?

    Obviously their strategy works, and works well.

    Hi Dave, this is Pervez here, if you give us two billion of your quids, we will only slap you around a bit, and we won’t kill as many of your soldiers, or corrupt quite so many of your thick teenagers as we did last year…

    Keep it up MacNero (anag), you’re doing a fine job!

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