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It’s time to boycott useless O2 because they hate their customers and destroy British jobs

(After yesterday’s rather serious blog, I thought it good to lighten up today. So here’s a story of “customer service” from one of so many big companies that really seem to loathe their customers)

It seems that O2 have got tired of their stupid customers calling them with problems and complaints. Also it appears that O2 thinks it’s too expensive to pay UK staff to provide anything resembling “customer service”. So, O2 have apparently decided on a policy of what they call “contact deflection”. The aim of “contact deflection” is to make it so difficult for customers to call them, that customers give up and instead either go to the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section or the webchat section on O2’s website. This wonderful “contact deflection” will worsen O2’s already pathetic “customer service”:

But “contact deflection” will save O2 almost £1bn over 10 years. Presumably much of that £1bn will flow into the pockets of O2 executives.

O2 have, it seems, signed a £1.2bn contract to outsource their pathetic “customer service” operation to Capita (aka Crapita). This will probably involve the closure of customer service facilities in Bury, Greater Manchester, and Glasgow by the end of 2015. Staff at O2’s call centre in the Dearne Valley will be slashed from over 2,000 to 730. Capita will also cut 145 of 725 jobs from the Leeds call centre in 2015, when a 2-year jobs guarantee from O2 expires.

In all, Capita plans to retain only around 1,370 of O2’s 3,700 UK staff due to be transferred at the start of the deal in July. About 500 of the 2,330 UK staff losing their jobs will be given other jobs within Capita. About 1,830 can go whistle Dixie.

A Capita call centre in Cape Town, that already handles some “customer service” calls much more cheaply than they are handled by UK staff, will be expanded from 200 to 660 low-paid employees. And a Capita centre in India offering support via web chat using extremely cheap Indian staff will also be increased.

It has been reported that staff of more than 5,800 worldwide currently “serving” O2 customers will be reduced to less than 3,000 by the end of Capita’s 10-year contract. “Discouraging calls, web chat and encouraging customers to use self-service option online are expected to account for half the almost £1bn that O2 will save. Sending jobs overseas and closing sites will provide a third, with the rest expected to be derived from productivity gains.”

If I were an O2 customer, I’d say “stuff you” and move to another provider – preferably one that supports jobs in Britain.

3 comments to It’s time to boycott useless O2 because they hate their customers and destroy British jobs

  • customer

    o2 thinks just because it has million of customers or so they claim that, they can do what ever they like. i am no different to the people who suffered abuse from o2, my contract got disconnected because i let out frustration on a employee because the staff ignored all my needs and was being rude, i made complaints about this several times in the past but i had to drop the complaint because i didn’t get a response even tho i was promised i would have managers etc ring me back but the staff noticed my frustration and not it employee poor customer service. as i moving to t-mobile which offer unlimited calls, texts and internet all for £28 a month and the best bit it a 30 days contract. o2 even took a payment off me for the bill i owned while they disconnected me and are charging me termination fee for the rest of the contract. now when i ring to talk about this matter the staff cut my call off, the managers refuse to speak to me and they keep lying about what they say to me and write notes stating what they advised me which they never did in the call. they also refusing me access to my account. to top all this off i was only 5 month away due to my upgrade. this hell of a company. recommend not to stay or leave when you can.

  • Charles Buckingham

    O2 are a complete failure. 3 attempts at getting the right sim for my iPhone, 2 monthly contract sims later, two number change processes later and I am still on a pay and go service but now I cannot text or use the web. In the meantime O2 have taken my contract payments whilst not providing me with the service! Additionally I am paying a fortune on my pay and go service because of my increased call volumes – the reason for my desire to change in the first place! What should have been free calls weeks ago have now cost me at least £40. I am tearing my hair out at the failure of customer services as they have consistently failed to provide any form of customer service, just screw up after screw up …..


  • Sue Smith

    I would actively encourage everyone to leave O2 as they are the worst company I have ever had to deal with. They promise and underdeliver. No one ever does what they say they will do. I spent most of Bank holiday trying to sort out their problem, got very cross, had promises of managers returning calls, of course they never did. After days of frustration, I ask you to move your account to a company that cares !!!! This company is totally rubbish at everything. They should be reported to the highest point of O2 i.e the MD. Does he know what is going on ?????? Shame on you O2, a disgusting disgrace.

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