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Brrrrrr, I’m freezing. It must be due to man-made global warming

Here is the famous “Hockey Stick Graph” of global temperatures over the last 1,000 years, which the well-paid, well-pensioned members of the IPCC and the politicians use to justify bleeding us dry with “green taxes”, wrecking our countryside with pointless windfarms and destroying our economy with their futile attempts to reduce carbon emissions (click on charts to see them more clearly):

Here’s a view of global temperatures for the last 415,000 years – a slightly longer period than the hockey stick’s 1,000 years – based on ice-core samples;

Oh, look! Compared to several periods in the past, the earth isn’t actually that hot. And here’s a chart showing global temperatures have been flat for the last 13 or so years:

And here’s just one of the measuring stations the warmists use to support their thesis that the earth is warming:

As you’ll see, it happens to be positioned near the outside sections of two air-conditioning units. And, what does that mean? Well, these will keep the temperature measuring point nice and warm, however cold the winter.

And here’s sad-looking polar bear:

Of course he/she is sad. After all, due to man-made global warming polar bears, which have been around for 200,000 years, will soon be extinct, won’t they? Well, not exactly. About 30 years ago there were only around 5,000 polar bears left, now there are over 30,000. In fact, there are so many in some areas that there isn’t enough food for them all. The ever-increasing number of polar bears would be very surprised if you told them they would soon go the way of the dodo.

5 comments to Brrrrrr, I’m freezing. It must be due to man-made global warming

  • Paris Claims

    We’ve had to turn on the central heating a couple of times this month in “sunny” Bournemouth

  • Natalie Drest

    What few people seem to take on board about this CO2 mumbo jumbo, is that there is nothing new under the sun… It all just gets converted from one form of stored energy to another… depending on what is useful at any one particular time.

    Today’s plastic bag ocean is tomorrows housebuilding material…

    As you demonstrate from your charts, there is more to this than meets the eye… It is only that one form of stored CO2 happens to be called the human bean, and it is possibly one of the most arrogant phenomena the earth has ever seen.

  • SenseWillPrevail

    1. “Compared to several periods in the past, the earth isn’t actually that hot. ” Compared to several periods in the past, London isn’t today on the Equator, so isn’t as warm now as it was then. Compared to several periods in the past, Egypt isn’t a shallow ocean, so it isn’t today as wet. What’s you point?

    2. The picture of your measuring station shows a tatty Stevenson Screen. Meteorological instruments (including screens) are checked regularly – at least once a year – and a screen in that condition would totally fail the standards. There is of course nothing to stop anyone buying a second-hand screen from Ebay and using it for personal fun use. Show me reporting station number, and then I’ll believe this is an officially used system.

    3. Some of the 19 sub-species of bears are increasing, possibly due to reductions in commercial hunting or melting ice allowing fish populations to thrive, both to the bear’s benefit. However, the polar bear is classified as “Vulnerable” by the the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group, based on the likelihood of a decline in the total global polar bear population of more than 30% within the next 35 to 50 years.
    If a doctor told you today you have cancer inside you, would you ignore it just because you can’t see it and it isn’t painful right at this moment?

    4. Long-term graphs are irrelevant. What they are showing you is sometimes we orbit closer to the Sun and warm, and sometimes we orbit further away and vast areas get covered in ice. Whta has that got to do with human survival today?

  • Laurie Williams

    Boris believes in ocean levels rising and wants an airport in the Thames estuary.he also believes that because there are less fires in London response times can be lengthened, the man is an incompetent oaf.

  • Harry Does Geology

    Seriously with this? First of all, you’ve shown a zoomed out version of the temperature map where we are. If you actually look at it, we are dramatically increasing the global average temperature. This is NOT normal in the current time period we are in.

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