February 2023
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Priests buggering choirboys, hospitals killing patients, MPs fiddling expenses, illegal wars – it’s always the fault of “the system”

Apparently the Church of England (CoE) has conducted a “full and thorough investigation”, which “left no stone unturned”, into why priests were allowed to bugger choirboys for so many years without being stopped and without being reported to the police. The conclusion of this “full and thorough investigation”, which “left no stone unturned”, is that “the system” was to blame. It seems the CoE’s guidelines, drafted in 1999, placed archbishops under no obligation to report concerns to the police or social services. So, the CoE has concluded that nobody was responsible for anything, even though common sense suggests that if you know crimes are being committed (particularly crimes against children) and if you’re a holier-than-thou well-paid, well-pensioned senior cleric, you should do something. The CoE has now admitted that “the guidelines will have to be changed” but no archbishops will be fired.

Funny that. Because the conclusion of the Francis Report into the 1,200 people who died unnecessarily (often caked in their own excrement or vomit) due to appalling care at the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust was also that all the deaths were the fault of “the system”. That’s why Sir David Nicholson, responsible for the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust at the time of the scandal and now head of the NHS, saw no reason to resign. After all, he wasn’t to blame for anything – it was that darned, pesky “system”. As Sir David helpfully explained, ““It shows in Mid Staffordshire, that that was a big failing in the whole system”.

And when we had the massive scandal of MPs fiddling their expenses, we were told that nobody had broken the rules and that all the abuses were the fault of “the system”. Moreover, we were promised that “the system” would be changed. In fact, “the system” was changed by the ludicrously-named Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) and rules on MPs’ expenses were tightened. But since then MPs, ably assisted by PM David Cameron and Speaker John Bercow, have launched a series of furious and successful attacks on IPSA to have the rules loosened again. The result is that MPs are now claiming on average around £40,000 a year more each in taxfree expenses than they did before the expenses scandal broke.

I can’t quite recall the conclusion of Hutton Inquiry/Whitewash into the Iraq invasion catastrophe. But I have a feeling that nobody was to blame there for things like lying, sexing up dodgy dossiers, starting an illegal war and killing over 100,000 people. Once again, it was all the fault of “the system”.

What are we going to do about this terrible “system”, that seems to force so many senior bureaucrats and politicians to do so many terrible things to cover up their own incompetence and greed, protect their own careers and enrich themselves at our expense? Why can’t we prosecute “the system”? Why can’t we put “the system” in jail? If “the system” was locked up, then our politicians and senior bureaucrats would no longer be involved in scandal after scandal after scandal..

1 comment to Priests buggering choirboys, hospitals killing patients, MPs fiddling expenses, illegal wars – it’s always the fault of “the system”

  • John Fields

    When I read of the top people blaming the system for all their wrong- doings,
    then how do I condemn people at the bottom of the ladder from fiddling
    the Benefit system, which, by the way , is wide open to abuse.

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