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David Liar Cameron’s whopping EU referendum lies.

Yesterday’s blog was fairly long, so I’ll keep it short today.

Just before the May 2013 council elections, our great leader David “Tony Blair” Cameron hinted that he might possibly maybe conceivably consider bringing in legislation before the 2015 General Election about a referendum on EU membership at some vague point in the future, often referred to by the Spanish as “manyana”. This was a pathetic attempt (just like parading Kenneth Clarke’s insults of UKIP supporters) to try to reduce UKIP’s vote. Sadly for David “Tony Blair” Cameron , this didn’t work. Then, just days later, Cameron said he couldn’t do anything about an EU referendum because of LibDem opposition. Pity he didn’t think of that when making his claims of a few days earlier.

However, David “Tony Blair” Cameron still has a clear message for us all: “if we want an referendum on the EU, then we should vote Conservative in the 2015 General Election”

There’s only one small problem. Here’s a short (1 min 14 secs) but absolutely damning YouTube video of a Conservative Party election broadcast just before the 2009 EU elections. In it, the leader of the Conservative Party, a certain David “Tony Blair” Cameron, explains why we absolutely need a referendum on our EU membership and tells us that if we want a referendum, we should vote Conservative in the 2009 EU elections:

Was he lying to us then? Is he lying to us now? I don’t know. Enjoy the video!

And will he be making the same promise just before the 2020 General Election? No! Because by that time he’ll have lost his job as leader of the Tories, have retired from politics and will be earning a fortune (he hopes) working for one of the banks, hedge funds or the Big Four accountancies his government has allowed to avoid taxes for so many years.

Meanwhile, in that rotten hell-hole, our enemy Osama-Bin-Laden-protecting Pakistan, one bunch of venal, thieving, corrupt scum win an election against another bunch of venal, thieving, corrupt scum. Plus ca change.

3 comments to David Liar Cameron’s whopping EU referendum lies.

  • Paris Claims

    If we’re going to have a referendum ( not much chance) surely it would be a good idea to hold it before the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Romanians & Bulgarians? I post this opinion on Con Home quite often, and to be fair to the moderators they publish the vast majority of my anti Cameron rants, including the you tube link in your article. If you have some spare time perhaps your sharp wit might be appreciated over there too.

  • The yes no vote right now

    Should David Cameron continue his coalition with the Conservative Party.

  • Frank T

    Cameron does not want an in/out EU vote.
    Which is why it wasnt included in the Queen’s speech, delay tactics and spin.
    He wants to negotiate the terms only, and that’s the only option you will get on any so-called EU voting option.
    Well I want out, what’s the point in having a goverment, thats not allowed to goven, just as well send all the MP’s home, and let the nameless/faceless pen pushers in Brussels get on with it.
    Guess you can see where my vote is going at the next election.
    So Mr Cameron, better get your ass in gear, and put forward a real in/out vote NOW, before the next election, beacuse if you dont, your out.

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