March 2023
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Is Britain collapsing? Literally?

Following the rather bleak posts of the last 3 days listing Tory, Labour and LibDem councillors with somewhat unpleasant backgrounds, I thought I’d lighten the tone today.

Here’s a short (2-3 mins) Youtube video of David Cameron raging over UKIP’s rise in the polls

And a couple of days ago there was a story about a 100 metre stretch of Dorset cliff collapsing into the sea

Here are a few quite amusing reader comments about the cliff collapse:

“Our Island is doing what our government doesn’t want to do………It’s putting more distance between itself and Europe. lol”

“With over 60 million on the island, it’s beginning to sink…”

“The whole country is literally falling apart”

“Maybe more landslides to report on Thursday/Friday……”

“Cliff Collapses Into Sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” “Congratulations & Jubilation” Damn, wrong Cliff”

“I never liked his music anyway”   “Poor old Cliff, but I guess he’s getting on a bit”

“I think the British Isles are sinking purposely before they have to bear the added weight of Rumanian and Bulgarian scroungers. All you have to do is go to Hyde Park and see the stench and garbage the few of them had left behind and you know what is waiting for us. Why oh Why can’t anyone do anything before it’s too late???”

“I am always amazed how many pathetic idiots can take a story like this and turn it into an immigration issue”

“Oh dear, the Empire’s gone, we’re in debt up to our eyebrows, everything’s been sold to the Indians or the Germans, nothing works, the weather’s a joke, Jeremy Kyle is always on the telly, and now bits are falling off poor old Blighty. Is it time to laugh, cry, scream or take up basket weaving?”

“Bet my car keys are underneath those rocks, can’t find them anywhere. It would be just my luck”

“I told a friend that I had read an article that said that 5 cliff walkers had been injured in a fall. He observed that it was an amazing coincidence that they all had the same name!”

“Pity Cameron and Co weren’t on it at the time”

“Wow, shale fracking is having an effect already – and it hasn’t even started yet. The Greenies will be delighted”

“This country is getting smaller while the population is getting bigger”

“Apparently Eric Pickles was walking along it a couple of days ago. Must have weakened it”

“Muslims take note…there is no point in taking over our country anymore, it’s falling to bits..!”

“Now Health and Safety will ban cliffs”

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