October 2021
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A miracle has happened in Britain! A miracle! A miracle! 500,000 people have been cured! A miracle!

I’m not a religious person. But I have to admit that it seems that a miracle has happened in Britain – 500,000 of the sick, the lame and the handicapped have suddenly been cured.

About 20 years ago, there were 1.1 million people claiming Disability Living Allowance. By 2012 this had almost trebled to 3.2 million people. This huge increase in the number of “disabled” people meant that Britain was paying about £13bn a year in Disability Living Allowance – about twice as much per head of population as countries like France and Germany.

As the Government has gradually tightened up the checks on whether Britain’s 3.2 million “disabled” are actually disabled, a great miracle has happened. At least 500,000 “disabled” have been miraculously cured and have decided not to claim Disability Living Allowance anymore rather than having to face a medical check to see if they are actually disabled. This is truly amazing. Either it’s a miracle that so many people have been cured or else many of Britain’s “disabled” were actually just lazy, greedy, feckless benefits scroungers.

Of course, with hundreds of thousands being checked, there will be cases when people who really are disabled are declared fit to work by some overzealous bureaucrat or just due to bureaucratic bungling. And these cases, will be eagerly seized upon by the Guardian and the BBC to prove that the government is taking money from the poor to give to millionaires. But bleating from the Guardian and the BBC should not be allowed to cover up the fact that for at least one million healthy people, Disability Living Allowance is just a way for them to scam money off British taxpayers.

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1 comment to A miracle has happened in Britain! A miracle! A miracle! 500,000 people have been cured! A miracle!

  • John Fields

    My late wife was crippled with osteoarthritis and had been assessed at home for the
    disability pension, successfully. She was frightened of having to face a medical panel.
    How many of your 500,000 are genuinely crippled but have the same fear as my wife.
    As an 86 year old, I loathe these Tory bastards who make it so hard for some, yet
    lower a tax rate to make the rich more wealthier.

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