October 2021
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The excuse the “pointf##king” Staffordshire police will use to avoid prosecuting Sir David Nicholson

There’s a Finnish expression which can be translated into English as “pointf##king”. Pointf##king is when you present someone – for example a bureaucrat or a police detective – with a mass of evidence proving one thing and they seize on just one tiny point of detail and f##k that tiny point to death using it to prove the opposite of the rest of your evidence.

A few years ago, I wrote to the chief inspector of Staffordshire police asking for those involved in the unnecessary deaths of about 1,200 patients at Staffordshire hospital – Martin Yeates, Cynthia Bower and Sir David Nicholson – to be prosecuted for Corporate Manslaughter. Of course, my letter was ignored. So I wrote again at the beginning of this year and now have received a reply from Det Chief Supt Laurie Whitby-Smith on beautifully-headed paper with Staffordshire police’s fine-sounding logo “Keeping our communities safe and reassured”.

In this letter, I believe I can already identify the excuse Staffordshire police will use to avoid prosecuting anybody for the 1,200 unnecessary deaths. Det Chief Supt Laurie Whitby-Smith quotes Assistant Chief Constable Nick Baker who announced, “Staffordshire Police will be reviewing information brought to light by the Francis Inquiry in order to identify whether there is any potential for criminal charges”. Assistant Chief Constable Nick Baker  then went on to say, “This is a very substantial report which we will link to what is already known by previous police investigations, to see if there are any additional investigative enquiries that are required”. Then follows a whole lot more bureaucratic blah blah blah.

But we already know that bureaucrats at the Department of Health watered down the Francis Report so that it concluded that no individual was to blame for the 1,200 unnecessary deaths as they were all caused by what was called “the system”. I fear that the pointf##king Staffordshire police will ignore all the evidence of Corporate Manslaughter and use this one tiny point – “the system was to blame” – to avoid any prosecutions of the three main people involved – Martin Yeates, Cynthia Bower and Sir David Nicholson.

If just one or two patients had died unnecessarily in a private hospital, our leaders would be howling in outrage and the police would be crawling all over that hospital. But in the case of the 1,200 unnecessary deaths in Staffordshire, the ruling elites are doing everything they can to avoid taking action and protect their own. I may be wrong. Who knows?

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