March 2023
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It’s frightening – only 6% of Brits understand that our national debt is increasing under the Coalition

When thinking about Britain’s future, “6%” may be the most important number you need to know. Why?

Because in an opinion poll, people were asked: “Which of these statements do you believe to be the most accurate?

A) The Coalition is planning to cut the national debt by £600bn between 2010 and 2015
B) It is planning neither to reduce or increase it
C) The Coalition is planning to increase the national debt by £600bn

Only 6% gave the correct answer: C; 49% thought the Coalition was planning to slash national debt; 14% said it would keep it the same and 31% didn’t know.

So why is this so important? Because only around 6% of voters understand that our national debt will rocket under the Coalition. Because only 6% of voters understand that the Coalition is hardly making any cuts to public spending. Because 94% of voters don’t realise that by the 2015 election, Britain will owe around £1.4trn and to all intents and purposes be bankrupt.

And if 94% of voters don’t understand that there is no money left, then many will believe Ed “borrow-borrow-borrow” Balls when he and Miliband claim they can save our economy by borrowing more and more and more.

With only 6% of voters understanding that our debt is increasing, Labour are virtually guaranteed a landslide victory at the next election. That will lead to a crisis in investor confidence, a huge increase in interest on government debt and a collapse in the value of the pound. To stave off national bankruptcy, Miliband and Balls will launch punitive tax raids on our savings and pension funds. We have about £3.5trn in savings and pensions. By 2016, the Miliband/Balls government will owe close to £2trn. “Go figure”, as the Americans say.

It’s truly  staggering – only 6% of Brits realise that a deficit means debt increases. God help us!

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