April 2024

Congratulations to Argentina’s beautiful President Kirchner – she wins a place in “Corruption All Stars”

Argentina’s delectable leader once again threatens the Falklands to distract attention from her government’s corruption, economic mismanagement and general incompetence. But perhaps we should congratulate Mrs Kirchner. She’s high up in Kleptowatch’s top “Corruption All Stars”

It’s difficult to know just how much of her citizens’ money the lovely Mrs Kirchner has stolen. Some say it’s less than $100m. But others believe that somewhere around $650m went “missing” when Kirchner and her now dead husband Nestor ran one of Argentina’s provinces (Santa Cruz). The money is reported to have passed through the Cayman Islands to personal bank accounts with Morgan Stanley (Luxembourg) and UBS and Credit Suisse in Switzerland Due to bank secrecy laws, we don’t know who these personal accounts belong to, but one can make a fairly educated guess, can’t one Mrs Kirchner?

If they can steal $650m just from one province, heaven knows how many hundreds of millions more the Kirchner family have looted since they moved into the presidential palace.

Amongst Kleptowatch’s “Corruption All Stars” are the leaders of such earthly paradises as Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nicaragua and Kazakhstan. So the fragrant Mrs Kirchner has certainly got some pretty stiff competition in the corruption stakes. 

Luckily for Kirchner, most Argentinians are so stupid that she’ll get away with her grand larceny and attempts to divert public anger against Britain and away from her own utterly venal and sickening administration that is ruining her country, but making her and her cronies very rich indeed.

Kirchner tries to prop up her misrule by ranting and raving against British “colonialism”. But it doesn’t seem to have occurred to her that, if she’s so against colonialism, then she and all her Latino and ex-Nazi countryfolk and all the other tinpot Latino South American rulers should bugger off back to Spain and Portugal and Germany and hand back their countries to the indigenous people. That would be a good way to end colonialism. How about it, Frau Kirchner?

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