February 2024
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Why did I waste my life making other people rich? Why was I a sheep, not a wolf?

As I look back on the wreckage of my time on earth, I can’t believe I was stupid enough to spend much of my life making other people much richer than I would ever be. I sit at home, unable to work because I’ve been blacklisted by the management consultancy ‘profession’ for exposing how consultants rob their private-sector and public-sector clients in Rip-Off and Plundering the Public Sector and unable to sell any books because the vast majority of people would rather spend their time watching the X-Factor than reading and their money voting for talentless karaoke singers rather than buying books. That gives me plenty of time to look back on how I wasted my life.

Of course, I’m to blame. I was stupid enough to slave away so others could become wealthy on the back of my work. But I wonder why my father didn’t sit me down when I was younger and explain that there are only two types of people in the world – the sheep and the wolves. The sheep are those who meekly go out to work each day, earning enough to survive but never enough to be free of financial worries. The wolves – politicians, public-sector bosses, private-sector executives, lawyers, bankers, financial advisers and suchlike – live off the sheep, feasting on them, living in luxury thanks to the work of the ever-obedient, unimaginative, docile sheep.

If there’s just one message to pass on to our children, it must be this – in life you can either be a sheep or a wolf. And if you decide to be a wolf, the earlier you choose your path, the more likely you are to be a successful wolf. There is no middle way.

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