July 2024

Why are we throwing 20 million young people on the scrap heap? To protect the jobs of the euro-elite?

There are probably about 20 million young people (aged 18-29) without jobs in the EU. In Greece 55% don’t have jobs. In Spain it’s 53%. In Italy – 35%. The EU – 23%. Britain – 21%. Meanwhile in the US it’s just 17% and in fast-developing Asia an incredibly low 9%.

This is a problem most of us don’t see in our daily lives. But it’s catastrophe whose consequences are incalculable. With depression/recession in Europe likely to continue for at least another five years, we will have around 20 million people with no chance of ever getting decent jobs and having reasonably satisfying lives. Because, if economic growth does return, the new jobs will go mostly to the next cohort coming out of education. leaving those currently unemployed bypassed and without any hope.

What are our leaders in Brussels doing about this? Not much. The key concern for eurocrats is fighting to increase their pay and pensions as the EU economy collapses around them. And what does the corrupt, wasteful, buffoon Barroso propose? More Europe! – more power to the unelected, overpaid, incompetent, self-serving EUSSR komissars, more stifling unnecessary rules from Brussels to make employing people in Europe even more expensive, more money to be squandered by eurocrats on grandiose but worthless self-aggrandising projects, more energy taxes which will destroy European jobs but ‘save the planet’ from the fantasy of global warming, more bureaucracy, more corruption, more waste.

We’re moving into a four-speed world. At the top are the Asian countries, forging ahead of Europe, creating their own free trade area – a common market without the corrupt, wasteful political baggage of Barroso, Van Rompuy and their Brussels bureaucracy. (Just one small example, even in countries like Thailand, every schoolchild will have a tablet computer). Next will be the US and South America.  Thanks to the shale gas revolution, the US will once again become competitive and will return to 2%-3% or more annual growth. Moreover, the US will turn away from a declining Europe as the US understands its future lies with Asia. Then there is Europe – struggling to create growth, suffocating under the weight of EU mismanagement and crushed by the unaffordable burden of welfare spending where everyone believes it is their human right to have two large flatscreen TVs paid for by the few people left in work. At the bottom, as usual, will be the hopeless basket cases of most of Africa and many Arab countries where stupidity, intolerance, venality, religious fanaticism, incompetence and greed will ensure human suffering on an unimaginable scale while those responsible become billionaires.

How much longer are we going to allow the corrupt, wasteful, self-serving euro-elite to wreck so many young people’s lives while filling their own pockets with our money?

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