July 2024

Did Hamas do more damage to Gaza than Israel?

Wednesday blog

I’m a bit busy as I’m trying to edit a book which has been supposedly translated from Korean into English. I suspect that the publishers have used a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) all-whizzing all-dancing translation programme. The result is over 300 pages (80,000 words) of gibberish. Why I suspect this is that a couple of months ago I got a message from Amazon Kindle pointing out that there was one typo in my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS. Clearly Amazon Kindle are not employing people to read through every book published. So Amazon Kindle must be using some kind of AI proofreading programme. The reason I believe that a proofreading programme is being used is that the suggested changes to my typo are much more gramatically incorrect than the original typo.

However, the fact that these translation and proofreading programmes, although not yet perfect, are now starting to appear does suggest that once the West has lost most of its manufacturing jobs to China and India and Vietnam, the next phase of the West’s impoverishment will be the loss of millions of white-collar jobs to AI.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep my blog going while I do the rewriting of the book I’ve offered to clean up.

The Crazy Water fun park

Here’s a nice photo of people enjoying themselves at the Crazy Water fun park:

But where do you think the Crazy Water fun park is? Some Spanish holiday resort? Somewhere in Greece? Or maybe even Florida or California?

Actually, it was in Gaza. You remember Gaza? That’s the place the lefties and the BBC and Queers for Palestine keep telling us is the world’s worst concentration camp.

Because I’m pushed for time, I’ll leave it up to the brilliant Simon Webb to explain what has really caused the Gaza disaster. And it’s not Israel:

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  • A Thorpe

    I agree about AI. The first person I heard pointing this out was Yuval Harari. He might say different things when at WEF meetings but what he really thinks is entirely different. I’m concerned that we will find all the existing search engines closed down and we will have to use AI which will give us only approved annswers.

    I read a view about Hamas saying they were created by the USA to oppose Arafat and now they have lost control of it.

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