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Lies, damned lies and statistics

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Is this why they gave their lives?

I was watching part of the D-Day ceremony on GB News yesterday and noticed a story on the ‘breaking news’ strip below the main image. Seven men had just been convicted of rape against two underage girls in the 2000s. I noticed that three of the seven were called ‘Mohammed’ and the other four had ‘exotic’, possibly slightly foreign names like ‘Yasser’, ‘Abid’, ‘Tahir’ and ‘Ramin’. So I think we all know which multiculturally-enriching community they came from. As for why it took so long to prosecute these multiculturally-enriching men for offences committed decades ago, I assume it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that a Mr Keir Starmer was Director of Public Prosecutions from 2008 to 2013!

Around 1,200,000 mostly Third-World multiculturally-enriching people came to the UK last year under the fake Tories’ open-borders policies. There were around 1,000,000 the year before. Only about 150,000 troops took part in the D-Day landings. So what we are now seeing is a real invasion of our once great country. And this invasion by mostly hostile hordes has been facilitated and even encouraged by our treacherous, WEF-adoring, UK-hating political, media, business and academic elites. In my ignorant opinion, this was not the kind of future for Britain for which so many young men gave their lives in the last two world wars.

As for defending British freedom – is this the kind of freedom so many young men fought and died to protect?

Lies, damned lies and statistics

Now on to the subject of today’s blog

As I’m sure you know, an unholy row has broken out between the fake Conservatives and the tax-them-till-they bleed Labour over Sunak’s claim that Labour’s policies will increase tax on every household by over £2,000. Labour have accused Sunak of being a liar. Of course he’s a liar. He’s a politician. Moreover, he’s a politician trying to gloss over 14 years of his own party’s incompetence, stupidity, treachery and failure. So you’ve got to be a pretty brazen liar to try to get away with that.

But what I find mildly amusing is that the biggest lies in the election campaign so far have actually come from Labour. Those lies concern Labour’s claim that their wonderful new GB Energy will lower our energy bills by squandering tens of billions our money on expensive, unreliable and intermittent solar and wind power.

As I have shown in a previous blog and in an article I wrote for The Daily Sceptic on 31 May 2024, wind and solar power are much more expensive than power from cheap, reliable fossil fuels. Wholesale electricity prices are currently £65 per megawatt (MW) – about half from fossil fuels and the rest from renewables including wind, solar, hydro and nuclear. But we are paying £102/MW for fixed offshore wind, offering £246/MW to operators for floating offshore wind, £89/MW for onshore wind, and £85/MW for solar.

The amusing aspect of this is that the fake, lying Tories are so committed to the economically-suicidal Net Zero that they don’t dare expose Starmer’s GB Energy lies as that would get people asking the Tories why they were imposing Net Zero when they knew it would massively increase energy bills. The fake, lying, worthless, hopefully soon-to-be-extinct Tories seem to have been hoisted by a massive Greta-shaped petard of their own making.

What fun this hopeless, boring election campaign between two lying, UK-hating, WEF-controlled political midgets is turning out to be.

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  • Stillreading

    I am beyond appalled by the demeanour and almost ceaseless articulation of downright lies by Sunk and the Kneeler. The other “mainstream” lot aren’t even worth naming. At last, however, we have Nigel Farage leading Reform. I was intending to swallow my distaste for Richard Tice and vote Reform anyway, as I am sure were millions of others, but with Farage taking the helm, there is just the slightest glimmer at last of genuine light at the end of a long, dark tunnel of Tory destruction and disillusion. As for the D Day commemorations yesterday, I am old enough to remember the dark days of WW2 and how desperately my mother and all the adults I knew (almost all women, since only very ill or old men were around – the others were away in the Armed Services) encouraged each other to keep their spirits up while praying that the enemy would not invade our shores. My mother told me later that she knew “something big was about to happen” because living where we did, on the South coast, she saw the planes and gliders heading over the Channel. All this sacrifice of young life for what we have now – political leaders many of whom seem to dislike and despise both the electorate and the actual geographical landscape of our once great Nation. Politicians whose main ambition is evidently to ruin our farmers and cover our beautiful landscape with solar panels and ghastly wind turbines, all in the name of the idiotic “Nut Zero”, while peopling the country with immigrants from cultures totally alien to that of the indigenous inhabitants. Back to D Day – could there have been any sight yesterday more deplorable than that of our Paratroopers, who after having parachuted into Normandy in tribute to their forebears who did the same thing 80 years ago to aid in the liberation of France, being forced as soon as they landed to queue in a field in order to have their passports inspected by the French Douane! I was enraged – still am! Eighty years ago, Courage, National pride, a welcome into France as their saviours, today children being taught to despise our heritage, a welcome into our country for those of a culture which would destroy ours, free board, lodging, mobile phones and NHS care for those of that aforesaid alien culture, a shameful forced submission by members of our Armed Services to the diktats of the EU and the Micron. (And if anyone remains in doubt, Sunk’s premature departure from Normandy yesterday demonstrates both his failure to even begin to understand the group mentality of the traditional Tory electorate and his fundamental contempt for all things English!)

  • A Thorpe

    A big thanks to Stillreading for that view. I doubt that Sunak would understand.

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