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An article on The Daily Sceptic website

Wednesday blog

I have an article on the excellent Daily Sceptic website today:


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  • Stillreading

    A great article and as one responder wrote, it should be compulsory reading for the Westminster lot who govern (aka control) us. The hypocrisy of the Net Zero lot is unbelievable – except that it has been flagrantly manifest throughout the COP28 jolly. Sunak, Cameron, KC3 all flying in separate oil-guzzling private jets in order to publicise their Net Zero credentials, a Tory MP flown from Dubai to England yesterday (more private jets) just for the useless Rwanda vote, then flown straight back again to Dubai so he could enjoy the final day of the jamboree. If we didn’t know it to be true, we’d just assume it was a fiction invented to amuse the hoi polloi during the Pantomine season! While the “end of the world” doom mongers such as Al Gore (whose carbon output for a year is about the equivalent of a lifetime of one of us UK serfs!) and Obama and John Kerry and the rest continue to construct multi-million dollar mansions on acres of American beachside real-estate, I think we can assume that they are being just a little economical with the truth when they tell us that because we rather like to be warm in winter, and would relish seeing our once proud Nation re-assume the manufacturing predominance it once enjoyed, a rising sea level is about to wash us all away.

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