July 2024

“Evil little runt” Bercow helps our corrupt MPs steal even more of our money

The (IMHO) evil, self-serving, amoral, greedy, little runt Speaker John Bercow seems to be doing his best to help our rapacious, corrupt MPs steal even more of our money with his attempts to neuter the body that is meant to oversee MPs’ expenses claims.

IPSA (Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority) was set up after the MPs’ expenses scandal. We should be careful – just as countries calling themselves “Democratic Republic of Wherever” seldom are democratic and countries called “The People’s Republic of Wherever” are usually brutal dictatorships – so British bodies called “Independent” seldom are.

Ever since IPSA’s formation, MPs led by David Cameron, John Bercow, Adam Afriyie and Tom Harris have led a series of assaults on IPSA to ensure MPs could steal more of our money without being caught. So successful have our MPs been in watering down IPSA’s rules and increasing their own allowances that in the year before the 2010 election they claimed about £130m in expenses, yet last year this had shot up to nearer £150m.

But this is not enough for our greedy, self-serving, hypocritical, lying, thieving MPs. They want much more. They now plan a two-pronged attack on our money. On the one hand they want to increase their salaries from around £65,700 a year to somewhere between £85,000 and £92,000 a year. On the other, they want further loosening of the rules on what they can claim. Also they want to have their expenses claims exempt from Freedom of Information rules so we can never again find out how much they are stealing.

To achieve this, MPs need an IPSA that is even more subservient to their greed than the current body and so Bercow has forced current IPSA board members to reapply for their jobs in the certain knowledge that the stooges he has put in charge of the application process will reject any applicant not sympathetic to permitting our MPs to get much richer at our expense. Peter Oborne has an excellent article in the Telegraph explaining what Bercow is up to:

Sadly, there is nothing we can do to stop this new attack on our money by our utterly corrupt, hypocritical, self-serving, thieving MPs. But as our MPs appear on the media justifying bigger salaries and bigger expenses, please remember we don’t need 650 MPs any more. With the EU and the regional assemblies making most of our laws, 200 MPs at Westminster would be quite enough – after all, the US only has 435 members of Congress for over 250 million people.

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