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Will Israel exist in 5 years’ time?

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I have little understanding of and, luckily for the world, no influence on what happens in the Middle East. But looking at the situation, I wonder if any of our leaders have the slightest understanding of where things may be heading either.

Has Israel missed a trick?

Israel must feel it is damned if it invades Gaza and damned if it doesn’t. If it invades, daily news broadcasts of dead Palestinians will make Israel even more of a pariah state in the eyes of much of the world. If it doesn’t invade, it risks being shown as weak which will encourage more attacks.

Personally, I think Israel has missed a trick. It should have given the world an ultimatum. It should have demanded:

  • all Hamas operatives leave Gaza and are resettled in another Middle East country
  • the whole Hamas 300 miles of tunnels is destroyed under UN supervision
  • all hostages are released
  • Gaza becomes a UN protectorate

In return, Israel would stop attacking Gaza and agree to peace negotiations. This would have put Israel on the moral high ground and taken away much of the international pressure on the country. After all, Israel’s critics would then be forced to justify the murderous Hamas remaining in Gaza and the Arab countries would have to justify refusing to resettle Hamas terrorists.

I believe Israel should have done this as the world has changed in the last few years:

  • the USA is led by a weak, incompetent and increasingly senile puppet president
  • the West is destroying itself with post-colonial guilt, ludicrous culture wars and its economically-suicidal Net Zero
  • mass open-borders immigration into the West by Israel-hating hordes has irreversibly and negatively changed the West’s demographics
  • the West’s Gen-Z are superficial, virtue-signalling and ignorant, have no understanding of history and have the attention span of an amoeba so there is no longer any natural constituency supporting democratic Israel
  • meanwhile a new power grouping – Russia. China, Iran and North Korea – all of whom want Israel’s destruction and ultimately the West’s collapse – is becoming the dominant power in the world
What happens next?

I fear the following scenario is more than likely:

Step 1: Israel invades Gaza with massive loss of lives on both sides. There are massive anti-Israel demonstrations in all Western countries putting pressure on politicians to distance themselves from Israel

Step 2: Hezbollah attacks Israel from the north and various other Islamic groups attack from Syria forcing Israel to fight on three fronts

Step 3: The West continues (half-heartedly?) to support Israel, so Iran shuts the Straits of Hormuz cutting off 20% of the world’s oil supply and 25% of the world’s gas supply as we move into the European winter. This causes economic chaos in the West and even more destitution in Africa

Step 4: The USA attacks Iran in order to re-open the flow of oil and gas from the Middle East

Step 5: In retaliation, Iran attacks Israel with a massive onslaught of missiles against Israel’s main cities. Turkey and Egypt come under pressure from their populations to support their co-religionists in a war against Israel and the West

Step 6: Who knows what happens next? The Samson option – nuclear war? But I suspect that none of our useless rulers have even thought this far ahead.

Will Israel exist in 5 years’ time?

Israel’s situation is made even more perilous because its PM, Netanyahu, is largely responsible for the failure to prevent the Hamas attack because he was intent on reforming the country’s laws to emasculate the country’s supreme court and thus became distracted from his main task – defending Israel’s security. Therefore Netanyahu is probably more interested in saving his own lousy career and reputation than thinking logically about where he may be leading his country. Moreover, as I have tried to explain in previous blogs, Israel’s existence hangs by less than a thread. The population of Israel is just 9.4 million including 1.7 million Arabs. The Arab world population is over 456 million. There are 48 times as many Arabs as Israelis. And Israel is rather small compared to the land occupied by our Arabian friends. The surface area of Israel is a mere 22,145 km² compared to a massive 13,132,327 km² for the Arabian world:

Although I support Israel as a beacon of democracy, enlightenment and economic progress surrounded by a massive hell-hole of ignorance, backwardness and hatred, I struggle to find reasons why Israel can survive as a country.

Sadly, I think barbarity will have won against civilisation.

Journalist ‘risking her life’

And to cheer us all up a little, here’s a Romanian journalist ducking down in fear for her life while reporting on the deadly Israel-Hamas war while people merrily cycle past:

6 comments to Will Israel exist in 5 years’ time?

  • david brown

    In the 1970s a a none fiction book -listed by the New York Times-as the best selling none fiction book -sold 15 million copies – it was called The Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsay.
    It claimed the Bible propecised Russia (than the USSR) would join a federation of middle east states in attacking Israel. The Western powers America Europe would be drawn into the conflict.Seeing both sides vulnerable the Chinese would send its own army of two hundred million. .

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t see any democracy at work here. If a country believes in democracy in my view it should also believe in a peaceful existence with other countries. Countries not directly involved in Ukraine or Israel should have been promoting peace talks, not funding wars. But we all know what happened to the peacemakers in the USA – the Kennedy brothers, Dr King and Malcom X.

    I wonder whether the Wests attention on Israel will provide China with the opportunity for to attack Taiwan.

  • Carolyn

    You’re doing amoebas a disservice here.

    While I totally agree with your action plan, I reckon finding the Hamas operatives would prove impossible. They’d just fade back into background and claim to be ordinary Gaza/Palestinian citizens. You’ll never purge them.

    I have always had a vague notion that “Israel” should have been set up in the USA instead of the Middle East. There are vast tracts of virtually unpopulated land in the USA , how many millions of acres does Bill Gates own?
    I admit I have never thought this out properly – it was just my alternative to the utter stupidity of parking the Jews in the Middle East.

  • Ed P

    Some say Iran has hypersonic missiles, donated by Russia. So, if it all kicks off, those aircraft carriers will be targeted and probably sunk, causing huge escalation, another Pearl Harbour, dragging the US into war (rather than hiding behind their proxies).

  • Alex Ruiz

    One of Snouts best essays and very logical. There is no way out, Israel is surrounded by massive evil, which the west funds with appeasement handouts and oil money.

    Carol, above, also makes a point I’ve often wondered about; why don’t the Jews do a deal with another country and get the hell out of the Middle East?

  • Megan62

    The problem is not Jews being in the Middle East. It’s Islamic intolerance. Islamic countries persecute Bahai, Christians, Yezidi, Hindus as well as Jews. The difference is that Jews – if they go down – will go down fighting, unlike the feminised countries of Europe, who are gladly giving away their culture and history for the sake of a few years’ more peace.

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